1. Thatguy


    I think some sort of competition element could be fun. Maybe a tournament where teams take on a timed challenge and the fastest time wins prizes. I don't like the idea of the hunters fighting each other though. Not in this game.


    Nah.. no shitty pvp mode. It needs something like “Raids”.
  3. dlauv


    This game can't come to PC quickly enough.

    Hopefully this broadens some perspectives about Japanese game viability. Country of origin isn't what's important so much as content, and Xbox is very multi-player oriented.
  4. HStallion


    MHO has 8 man raids though they look a lot like your typical MMO RPG boss fights and less like MH for my liking.
  5. cakely


    I find the split between versions interesting and it's germane to the thread topic.
  6. TheZynster


    PUBG did increase to #3 most played, fort nite battle Royale is still beating it however, along with call of duty.....

    Glad monster hunter is doing well on Xbox, it’s my main platform with the X out and I want more Japanese games damn it
  7. NoMoreTrolls


    Great news! All that doomsaying about the lack of community support seems overblown now, doesn't it?
  8. UltraGashInferno

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    I like seeing a game like MHW kick this much ass.
  9. MrCarter


    I think this is the first time Xbox fans got the taste of MH on Xbox consoles so I’m not too surprised. Capcom’s strategy was really smart here.
  10. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    We won’t because NPD doesn’t show digital sales. This is showing that MHW is currently beating PUBG on the Xbox store.
  11. I've been loving Monster Hunter World so far (matchmaking aside) so it's good to see lots of other gamers picking it up on Xbox.
  12. Fuhgeddit


    This is great because I had thought it would sell like shit on Xbox (based off comments on the internet lol)
  13. MrCarter


    If someone said to me two years ago that a MH game would overtake Destiny, I would have probably laughed in their face.
  14. NarohDethan


    I contributed to that :D cant wait to play.
  15. Aldi


    It will be interesting to see if Sea of Thieves takes the top spot given that its a GamePass game.
  16. Synth


    Sure, splits can be interesting... but it actually doesn't have anything to do with this thread, because this thread doesn't concern any other platform.
  17. ScopehJ


    was hoping it would be MHW or DBFZ, glad the community is embracing the game. They get a lot of stick for only playing shooters so nice to see the change
  18. I wonder if the store team could get a "most downloaded" category going. Sure, it might be redundant given that "most played" typically covers that area but I would like to see the ratio of downloads to games actually being played, especially since first party games are now hitting game pass.
  19. SgtCobra


    Without numbers I don't know how good this is, and this is US only too. Congrats to Capcom though.
  20. Rychu


    It’s awesome that 3 of the top 5 games are
    - Monster Hunter: World
    - Monster Hunter: World — Deluxe Edition
    - Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I hope this leads to more Japanese games coming to Xbox in the future from both Bandai Namco and Capcom. Next we need to get KH3 in the top 5 paid Xbox One games to get more support from Square Enix. I have no problem with exclusive deals, but what I don’t like is multiplatform games that don’t come to a platform because of a stigma that it won’t sell well. FFXV sold well on Xbox, it may not of been top 5 paid but it probably sold over 1M units if we go off the split percentages. That may be small compared to the multiple millions PS4 sold but 1 million isn’t an insignificant number.

    The same can be said for Switch and western games and developers. “Oh Nintendo gamers only like kid games and games from Japan.” That’s simply not true when you look at how much DOOM and Skyrim sold and with Bayonetta 3 coming out.
  21. Ardiloso


    Even without marketing, beta and promotion the game overtake a juggernaut. And some people talking how the game would bomb on xbox. So much crows served with the recent games on the platform.
    I'm wondering how long to PUBG take back it's position.
  22. AV_Fanz


    I'm so glad to see MHW doing so well. Japanese games are making a huge comeback these couple of years.
  23. Chettlar


    But Xbox players don't like Japanese games because they only likes shooters
  24. ElBoxyBrown


    I got crow to eat.

    In all seriousness I was only a little worried about the Xbox community but I can rest easy knowing it has a future.
  25. ganaconda


    This is great for Monster Hunter, but not like PUBG got "dethroned." This is based on recent sales, so you would expect the latest big game to always be on top. PUBG being on top for that long is pretty insane, especially considering it's still in Game Preview.
  26. Novocaine


    Especially on a western-centric console!
  27. Frozenprince


    Jesus Monster Hunter is a megahit.

    The future is bright.
  28. jelly


    Good news for the types of games Xbox players are playing. Hopefully it means more dev and publisher support.
  29. Theorry

    Member OP

    True. But PUBG is selling at such a quick rate and is digital only really and then for MHW to take the first spot even if its for a week is just good stuff. Especially when people said the sales wont be good on Xbox.
    Wich was imo always weird. :)
  30. Moai


    So japanese players can create a gamertag on us marketplace and buy the game, then play with their gamertags, right?
  31. Not surprised. It’s what most of my friends list is playing atm.
  32. Nada, just change store regions and they'll have access to the US storefront. No need for another Microsoft account.

    Actually buying something is a different story. Out of region players might need to buy MS Gift Cards to be able to buy something.
  33. Prine


    Yeah, they've literally gained a new audience across consoles, their next game will be on par with the top games this gen, brilliant move by capcom to go console/pc
  34. Samsquanchewans

    User Permed at their request Member

    define "fine" 15-20 fps surely aint "fine" on my end plus the input lag. the drops occur especially when you're moving from town to town. (ie. Pochinki to the Bridge to the Military Base)
  35. bsigg


    The word of mouth and the amount of friends I see playing on Xbox for Monstrt Hunter has been tremendous
  36. TheGhost


    I just discovered the gathering hub today, never bothered to go up there, I've been farming the same monster I struggled against solo for the past hour and having a blast. This game is a lot of fun when playing with others.
  37. Feels good to see Monster Hunter get it’s due. Would have never thought it would overtake PUBG at any point on the Xbox sale chart.

    I know multiple people who were avid Destiny players on Xbox who dropped it for MHW.

    Game deserves all this success, 20+ hours in and I’m looking forward to the next 200+
  38. TheZodiacAge


    Yeah cause a 90/10% Split in favor for the PS4 WORLDWIDE is really insane and gangbusters.This is a huge difference.
    Those 10% would have bought a PS4 more than likely or waited for the PC Version if it wouldn't have release on the Xbox.
  39. Nah now it’s switching over to” Crash trilogy won’t sell on the Xbox due to its audience”
  40. ZER0


    I would say that the stereotype to certain extent was true in the past, but it seems like it's shifting which is nice.

  41. But wasn't the consensus that by the holiday, Crash was supposed to be on the Xbox? What happened?

    I mean, it's Monster Hunter which is in line with modern RPGs so the aspect of the game appeals to all gamers on both consoles. I wouldn't put MHW in the same vain as FFXV or even something like turn based like Persona which aestically looks more Japanese than MHW. So Imo, until more common Japanese games make it to Xbox, im still going to sit with that until mostly proven otherwise.
  42. But it’s not though. Shooter games do well everywhere not just Xbox. And if you check the top 10 most played games you see 2 Battle royals games, 2 first person shooters, 1 open world(GTA), 2 sports(Madden &2k), 1 action adventure(Monster Hunter),1 kids game(Roblox), 1 survival game(Ark)

    Call of duty and destiny are gonna be popular everywhere. If that’s saying Xbox players love shooter then everybody does. The only genre that is lacking on the Xbox is JRPG
  43. SirVilhelm


    That's my feeling. It's nice that monster Hunter is charting number 1 but pubg has the legs.
  44. Deleted member 17491

    Deleted member 17491
    User requested account closure Member

    Happy to see it up so high despite the lack of a beta and the Sony marketing deal.

    Haven't been able to play much yet. But so far I'm enjoying my first foray into the Monster Hunter world.
    Don't worry this doesn't mean that people will stop posting "PS players have better taste than Xbox players" type posts.
  45. Zeta Ori

    Zeta Ori

    Mind explaining this bit?

    I'm 90 hours into the game and I'm drawing a blank on how MH: World is in any shape, way, or form similar to titles like Assassins Creed: Origins, The Witcher III, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, or Fallout IV?

    The game is selling well on Xbox because it's good.
  46. Quest structure, fighting to get more gear, crafting, leveling and progression systems. There's a ton of overlap with current RPGs today. The biggest difference with this compared to the games you listed is this one is more made for multiplayer purposes a la games like Destiny.

    And why are people expecting that this game wouldn't have sold period on the Xbox? Come on now. That's a very disingenuous statement considering it's a game that has been exclusively on a handheld for years before moving over to consoles.
  47. rahzel


    Depends, the people saying the player base would be dead on XB1 were definitely overblowing it. But most people were saying the player base would be significantly higher on PS4 and that the game would survive longer on PS4, and that much is probably true.

    The game shipped/sold 5M and I would say that at least 75% of that is on PS4, probably higher. We already know it sold ~1.3M in Japan FW (and rumored to be 2M including digital), and 72% of sales were on PS4 in the UK, XB1's second strongest market.
  48. jbug617


    Amazon Japan is selling US copies (via Prime)

    There is also a unofficial bundle for the S and the X on Amazon Prime
  49. Zeta Ori

    Zeta Ori

    Ok, what?

    The gear, leveling, and progression systems are radically different than any of those modern RPG's. There's no individual leveling, no skill trees for your character to unlock or XP systems unlike every game I just listed. Progression is tied directly to your ability to understand and react to the monster in front of you and your gear, and getting better gear means getting better at the game one way or another.

    There's no trash mobs for you to farm for XP to overcome your challenges with numbers instead of skill.

    Quest structure is probably the closest you can argue MH gets to a typical RPG, and even that is a ways off. I mean you spend a couple minutes walking around a map after accepting a quest from your handler, and then the better part of an hour fighting a single enemy.

    To sum it up, Monster Hunter is a very Japanese game in it's design, (even with the changes World has made) so pointing to similarities with a more popular western focused genre to explain why it's doing so well on a particular platform kind of sells the game as less than it is imo. It's not doing good on Xbox because it's "less Japanese" than a game like Persona 5. It's doing good on Xbox because it's a great game, and I believe it's just that simple.
  50. Starlatine


    Good to see even with this good launch people will not drop the "Xbox don't like japanese games" and how "everyone knew it would sell well because it's not japanese enough" now

    I was worried Era stopped being Era for a second