1. I wonder if the xbo storefront counts the digital codes that come in the box version of pubg as digital sales. If so... their high digital position may be a little misleading
  2. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
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    It does not.
    Otherwise heavily bundled games would be constantly very high on that list.
  3. pswii60


    That really gives me some fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  4. Cladyclad


    I need numbers. Most hardcore gamers Buy digital. Now we need to see how the casual Xbox fan bought the physical version. That’s the big test
  5. Dre3001


    Glad to see Monster Hunter have this type of success and completely dominate all platforms.

    The series has been good for a while and im glad its getting the recognition it deserves finally.
  6. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I

    "but but japanese games dont sell on Xbox"...
    Yeah so much for that.

    Already have 60+ hours in this game. Its soo good.
  7. cakely


    Is that actually happening in this thread? This thread seems to mostly consist of "So much for MHW not selling on the Xbox" posts.
  8. ghostcrew

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    How often do the Xbox 'Top Paid Games' charts update? I often check them but never sure how up to date they are. Just wondering when we're likely to see a change.
  9. captainraincoat

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    Well from my time looking at the lobbies I see 2 to 3 pages of almost full lobbies in mhw when you search on xbox...but when I look at the ps4 you get about 2 pages but most are under 5 players.

    Could be the sleeper hit on the xbox....the matchmaking is fixed now so it's great
  10. Ardiloso


    Yes. We never see Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 despite them being heavily bundled.
    Maybe it's the new 20 kids sharing an account.
  11. The Wraith

    The Wraith

    I bought this on both consoles. Both of my friends lists on each platform has a healthy population of players. I’m surprised at the amount of people on my Xbox friends list. Although hearing about the mass Destiny 2 exodus into Monster Hunter makes sense as all my friends who played Destiny 2 on the Xbox are now addicted to MH. I’ve had to help a lot of them out lol. I’m just doin’ gods work.


    I just want 4-man raids or a 4-man 8-Monster Grand Prix. I dunno something neat..
    they have the success now, now it’s about keeping it going.
  13. You aren't really proving me wrong here. Two things doesn't make the game unidentifiable with the current slate of multiplayer RPGs. And if you want to be real, yes, you do need to farm things to get things for your gear, which is what Investigations are....so it's again incorrect to say you aren't grinding something...These are all apart of this games progression system. You don't get everything you need in the game from a single story quest and say that's enough to move on to the other. Also, your gear determines your classification level so it counts. Isn't that the reason why there's the different between low rank and high rank or why you can't do certain levels because your skill level isn't high enough to do them? There are still some restrictions here. There is no skill tree for your personal abilities but you still have a weapon trees that you definitely need to update to fight bigger and better monsters. All of these functions are in the modern RPG. They just do it in very different ways, but again, it's not foreign to the current gamer which is why it is also doing so well including the fact that its not on a handheld which allows the game to be more high scale than ever.

    I'm not taking away from the games success on this platform, I'm just saying that it isn't what most people would even consider "Japanese" when most games these days offer the same type of systems. I'm happy that this game is successful period, I just think it doesn't exactly shield or remove the "stereotype" that Xbox gamers are indifferent to JRPGs. Obviously more JRPGs are need on the platform to pretty much smash the myth, but I just don't think Monster Hunter is disproving that. I definitely agree however, MHW is doing good more on the fact that its a really great game and that's it.
  14. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    That’s it. We’ve hit peak ridiculousness. There’s nowhere to go from here.
  15. There isn't because it's an opinion. I'm not treating it as a fact. I know opinions are allowed here regardless if you disagree...and I'm assuming that's what your comment is since it isn't telling me anything outside of a reaction.
  16. Soony Xbone Uhh

    Soony Xbone Uhh
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    Dark Souls does great on Xbox, too.
  17. Synth


    It's a very weird opinion to have however, and an extremely weak one for arguing the point you're trying to make. The Monster Hunter / Phantasy Star Online style sub-genre of games is so inherently Japanese that many games of their style never make it over (including Phantasy Star Online 2 itself). Couple that with the fact that both of these series had prioritised handhelds over home consoles precisely because their market was considered so predominantly Japan, and I don't see how we're now suddenly arguing that the game is less "Japanese" than the types of games that have been finding mainstream (hell, system selling) successes globally since the 90s.
  18. I believe most played updates on Friday and Top paid updates every Sunday
  19. HenryEen


    35 hours and just gotten into Rotten Vale. Addicted to SOS responding, help.

    Considering the entries before 4U and Gen are bomba in the west and the fact that the 3DS games sold 16 millions+ combined despite re-using assets from PS2/PSP, nah.
  20. Warbear

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    This seems like good news for Monster Hunter on Xbox, I do hope it carries on and wish success for other Japanese games that may appear on Xbox in the future.
  21. I don't think it's weak at all. All I'm saying is from a gameplay perspective, it's just not what I think most people consider Japanese. The characters, the look of the game may be, but I do believe that when people think of a JRPG, they aren't thinking about Monster Hunter in that mold.

    It's not like I'm saying I'm right or anything or even trying to argue that what your saying is wrong....I'm just saying that I don't think the game is giving that vibe that it's a JRPG and this is what will stop Japanese devs from bringing more of their games to the Xbox.

    Anyways, I'm gonna leave the thread because I don't want to derail it if that's what it seems like I'm doing.
  22. CoolestSpot


    Holy crap at a fighter getting that high
  23. Synth


    It's not strictly about being a "JPRG". I would agree that Monster Hunter doesn't fit the standard gameplay mechanics of JRPGs, which is why I cited it and games like PSO as being a somewhat separate sub-genre. The argument however, is typically that the Xbox audience is adverse to "Japanese" games in general, not strictly JRPGs which outside of Nintendo games are basically the most globally successful type of game Japan tends to produce.

    Guilty Gear / Blazblue? Xbox audience don't play Japanese games.
    Yakuza? Xbox players don't play Japanese games.
    Gundam Vs? Xbox players don't play Japanese games.

    ...and so on. It's never been limited to just JRPGs. Now here we have a game which people recently were laughing at Capcom's initial optimism (across all platforms), because it's a game that had not achieved notable success in West previously, and was being seen as a potential mistake to remove it from the handheld market, because that's where its near exclusively Japanese audience had always been. Now it's sitting at #1 paid on Xbox, and people are acting like it's Resident Evil.
  24. BlacJack


    One oddball extremely popular game atm doesn't really prove that, but it does give a small amount of hope. Historically it just hasn't been the case I'm afraid.
  25. Ardiloso


    Yeah but your character uses a sword like many western games so it no counts.
  26. IIFloodyII


    Congrats Capcom, I thought they might have done enough to kill this version before release. But seems MHW is shaping up to be a bit of a monster in the West.
  27. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    If you think about it, Taiko no Tatsujin isn’t what most people would consider Japanese because it uses a drum like Rock Band.

  28. headspawn


    If boil it down to the basics, it's pretty much just another brown/gray Dude-Bro game.
  29. JMY86


    Same here. I have played 60 hours on my X and maybe 3 hours on my Pro. MHW seemingly has sold much better than anticipated on Xbox which is great for the console and the game population. I have had zero problems finding anyone to play with on Xbox despite the dire sales predictions here...
  30. Imagining popping up in a Monster Hunter community thread a few years ago and telling people a MonHun game would be 1# on the Xbox
  31. Lethologica


    Great! Now if only the matchmaking worked.

    With the update a few days ago, it went from D.O.A. to maybe finds a room after 6-10 error messages for me. As well as dropping me from rooms randomly.
  32. Toxi


    Proving that the concerns about the lack of an Xbox community were unfounded.

    Also showing why Capcom needs to prioritize completely fixing the problems with the Xbox matchmaking.
  33. Sioul


    Well I think that we all agree that PS4 has bigger install base and that the game will be more popular there, but that's no reason to think that that the community will be non existent or that xbox players will not take it seriously like some people said.

  34. SteveWinwood


    is it by sale numbers or by revenue?

    i know steam is revenue, but i dunno about xbox
  35. SK4TE

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    It’s not surprising Xbox players love co-op games, it’s why almost every exclusive focuses on it.
  36. Nephilim


    So happy for Monster Hunter and Capcom. For some reasons i'm always a bit worried about the financial state of Capcom. This is a hit for them finally.
  37. Oh please, it's animu AF and widely known to be made in Japan. The only way it could be more Japanese is if it denied the existence of the Ainu and slowly rewrote history text books to make Japan look like the victim in WWII.
  38. c0de


    Wow, please continue to convince people that classic Japanese games are actually not Japanese and that's why they sell on Xbox. I mean, what?
  39. Ardiloso


  40. c0de


  41. Antiwhippy


    Dual swords basically make you run like Naruto and attack like Erin Jaeger.

    This game is weeb as fuck.
  42. krealian


    Seriously, it's Japanese through and through. From the cute cats, to the awkward conversations between characters, convoluted online system, unnecessary info dialogs ("connecting to Xbox live", "loading save" etc.) and weirdly small fonts. There might be Western games that share some of these problems but on the whole I attribute them to the game being Japanese. I heard these complaints from friends of mine who all used to play Destiny and are now addicted to Monster Hunter. It's successful despite being Japanese.
  43. Starlatine


    Stop using logic to disprove the narrative that japanese games always fail on Xbox

    Monster Hunter is as American as Bruce Springsteen flying with one hundred bald eagles it doesn't count
  44. DrDeckard


    So happy to see a japanese assed Japanese game do so well on the Xbox platform. Me and my friends did our part but would have happily bought and played on any platform it came too. Just wanted to show the one X some love. Impressive to see others must have thought the same way.
  45. Skeleton


    absolutely could had fooled me, I have been playing MH: World on xbox since launch and the couple times I have attempted to put down SOS flares or make a party I got absolutely nothing.

    I love the game but as for the multiplayer aspect it feels really dead.

  46. ghostcrew

    Spooky Moderator

    Not my experience at all. I've got over 60 hours in the game now and I've been playing with randoms, joining SOS callouts and finding people to hunt with no problem. Maybe there are still server issues in some locations but for me, it's been perfect. I'm finding the right people (and calling in help for missions) on Xbox faster than I ever did on the 3DS games. I don't think the new online implementation is perfect (i preferred the old way in a lot of ways) but it's certainly quicker and has a better chance of matching me with appropriate people for sure.

    Sucks that you've had no luck with it! Hopefully it improves. My tip would be to use the filters when you search for sessions/SOS flares. Specify that you want people close to your HR or, even better, a specific monster that you want to target. I get back tons and tons of results every time when I search with filters.
  47. DrDeckard


    COmpletely the opposite for me, where are you based? Every SOS flare i've fired I get three hunters involved.
  48. Skeleton


    I think one of my key issues is being from EU, but also maybe due to quests I'm on are fairly low at the moment.

    Which for me is fine, I'm a fairly capable hunter, it just would be nice sometimes to get a little help as diablos are a realllll pain, but still doable.

    Once I reach end game hopefully there will be plenty of people around to go on hunts with :).

    Thanks for your tips though, I have been using them to no real luck, but will keep trying for sure!

    UK I played all Saturday kept firing flares but nothing, I will check my NAT etc something doesn't sound right my end if everyone seems to be getting people.
  49. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves

    Pretty much. I think we should just accept that Xbox is a viable platform for any kind of game, from kirk niche indies to Japanese games, even if not always as big as other platforms for these.

    And if Ms play their cards right it could be even more viable with game pass.
  50. fiendcode


    It’s almost assuredly an exclusivity deal with Sony for the region. The PC version also isn’t releasing in Asia and this is literally Capcom’s only Xbox One game not getting a Japanese release.