So anyone else "falling apart" after their 30's?


Oct 25, 2017
36 and looking younger then I was at 26 when I got married. Wife and I laughed about it when we watched our wedding video.

No medical issues as of yet, balding a bit but now that I cut the hair short I think I look better then when i was younger.
I'm eating better and got involved in spartan races where I do a race about every 3 months so I think it helps me mentally to have a goal always in sight to work towards and then the physical benefits of better eating/exercise.

Kunka Kid

Oct 27, 2017
Sorry if I missed this, but are you overweight?

IBS and a lot of other stomach related issues can be helped by losing weight if so.


Nov 2, 2017
That sucks man. I'm 34 and I'm feeling great, never been better. I workout regularly and try to watch my weight. My lower back sometimes gives me issues but nothing major. I recently got a life insurance policy and they gave me the highest rating possible for my health. 👍 I do get acid reflux as well but that depends on what I eat and I take Omeprazole which works great.


Oct 27, 2017
Yeah, I've been gradually changing my entire lifestyle to fit around my aging body. I rarely play video games anymore, I use computers far less, I eat better, and I am outside and moving and dancing and doing yoga and gardening (all active things) much much more. I'm happier for it, overall.


Oct 25, 2017
My hair's a bit thinner (still good coverage but not as much freedom in how I can style it as I used to have) and I can't get by without sleep like I used to, but otherwise I'm probably fitter than I've ever been (started running marathons in my 30s) with no significant maladies.

But I spent my teens and 20s sat around eating and playing video games, so an improvement isn't that surprising.


Oct 25, 2017
Since my 30s? Man, shit started going downhill at 25.

I was heading on this path but thankfully course corrected it last November. Feel like I turned back the clock at least 5 years. No more joint pains, no more back pains, no more severe and random headaches, no more digestive problems, no flare ups with cholesterol/blood pressure - nothing.

I'm 28 going on 29 BTW.
How'd you manage to course correct?


Oct 25, 2017
Elf Tower, New Mexico
38. Was diagnosed with RA and sjogrens at 34. More recently they also suspect of have ANA Negative Lupus.

I feel like I'm 80. My god damn hair is falling out from the chemo and I can never stop taking this shit.

The Albatross

Oct 25, 2017
For the most part I'm hanging in there.

I'm 35, relatively new dad. A lot changes. I still play basketball 2x a week with people who are as mcuh as ~15 years younger than me, and I'm fine, but I've gone from being an asset on all of my teams to kinda being in the middle or not good. Like I'm the guy that the other team can put their bad defenders on now, which hurts sometimes. Still, maybe 2 or 3 games a season I can rattle off a really good game again. I've started shooting from distance, something I never did from 20-33, and now I'm not a bad 3 point shooter, in one of my leagues I probably average 30-40% from three because it's not as intense and I get a lot of open looks. In my other league where it's more intense, I only rarely shoot 3's, maybe one every couple games. But I'm trying to add that.

Heartburn was one of the worst things for me that came with age, but daily prilosec helps that.

Over the last 8 years or so I've gained about 20ish lbs, I used to nominally be around 200lbs (6'4"ish), and was in pretty good shape (never ever cut or buff, but not fat either). Now I'm usually around 220-225 most of the time.

I'm affected by injuries longer now.

I have horrible, horrible athletes foot that I have to treat every day or it's insufferable and literally like almost debilitating. THis sounds crazy, but it's the worst and nothing OTC works other than this random shit I found on AMazon that shouldn't work but it does.

WIth a baby, my sleep is fucked, but we're in a better place now than I was just amonth ago. My daughter didn't sleep through the night from age 1 year to about 14, 15 months... And I was always the one to get up and take care of her. I got serious with sleep training about a month ago and now she's sleeping like a dream for the most part. But, for a while, I Was getting almost no sleep... would rarely sleep more than an hour or two at a time, and it's still a problem for me. I'm naturally a light sleeper and probably wke up every hour or so at night, but I'm much more rested now and less affecte by it... for some time I was getting eye twitching throughout the day which was a sign (for myself) that I wasn't sleeping enough.

I had some health issues in my late 20s, developed hypothyroidism, have had some busted knees, ankles, and shoulders, and I have back pain from stupid shit. Injuries linger with me longer these days, but I'm holding it together for the most part.
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Oct 30, 2017
40. No major health issues but damn my body doesn't recover like it used to. Back in the spring I was trying to get back into running and strained an arch. Same thing happened five years ago and I was fine after staying off it for a week. This time I had to get wear a brace for over a month.


Oct 25, 2017
Long Island
35 now, and other than less hair & more gray hair than usual, I feel the exact same as my 20s. No weight gain, no pain anywhere.
I think the lack of alcohol probably help when I look at all my 30-40+ colleagues and their fat belly dreaming(and telling others about it) about their beer or wine one hour before their shift ends.
Ehhh I haven't had alcohol since I was 21-22? It don't matter, if shit is going to go down it's going to go down.


Oct 28, 2017
I’m more tired than before at the end of the day but a lot of that is due to my current job. Other than that I don’t feel any different than I did at 26 or so. No physical or medical issues.


Oct 27, 2017
I just turned 30 and have yet to experience any type of joint pain or really any health issues at all.


Oct 25, 2017
Im 31 and feeling just sluggish and tired all the time now. Gonna have to cut down on alcohol and start exercising again


Oct 30, 2017
I'm not so concerned about my body falling apart right now.

I'm more concerned about my mental health especially when my parents go.
Long story short I'm working a full time job while being a carer which leaves very little time for socialising or finding a partner.

I can feel my brain teetering on the edge but I pull myself together
T002 Tyrant

T002 Tyrant

Nov 8, 2018
Must be somthing in the water they started putting in the 80s.
There was a rumour that our home town was part of a mustard gas experiment that ran way past WWII and into the cold war where they would paint the post (mail) boxes (the red British kind) in paint infused with mustard gas or some kind of chemical used in chemical warfare in our town to see if they could make a town resistant to the toxic effects with low and prolonged exposure, but the experiment was scrapped.

HOWEVER, that's just local folk law the same is the rumour of a secret military base out in the woods nearby because of our town's ties with the British and US military (and my sister saw an unmarked military patrolman out in the fields with an assault rifle one day). Again all just rumours and no solid evidence.
Oct 25, 2017
I'm 28 about to turn 29 and started to hit the gym when I noticed the first signs of me getting unhealthy.

I've been feeling pretty great lately now that I started a routine and have been losing weight.


Oct 27, 2017
34 and feeling 24.

I honestly was looking for this line. Your lifestyle choices may be catching up to you. Sometimes it takes a while to build up before negatively affecting us. It is likely you needing to change your diet more than hitting the gym.
Yup, I'm 36 but other than when it comes to running, I feel 30 :)

Also, yeah at the second comment. Lifestyle choices gonna catch up to ya!


Oct 25, 2017
El Paso
Im turning 32 in about a month and I actually feel better now than I ever have. That's due to better sleep, regular exercise, well balanced-vegetable based diet, and having lots of activities to do.


Oct 25, 2017
I don't notice much differences other than thinner hair and my skin look more saggy and less "fresh"

edit: yeah like the post above me, I'm more active and feeling better than ever before, and I'm in my late 30s


The Fallen
Jun 10, 2018
I've also noticed that working out isn't nearly as effective on my physique as it was a decade ago. If I worked out this much at 23 I would have been ripped.


Oct 25, 2017
New Jersey
I’m 33 and I’m in a much better place than I was in my 20s. Started taking care of myself and made a bunch of new friends and picked up a ton of hobbies.


Oct 25, 2017
A delicious dish

It's normal OP. Once I hit 30 I realized I had to make sure I got out and exercised regularly, had to start taking vitamins, and really watching what I eat. It sucks but taking steps toward better health will make it less painful.


The Fallen
Jun 10, 2018
Think some of that is related to red meat? That's probably the one thing that's been rough with me being the same age.
I don't really eat much red meat. More chicken and fish than anything. I think it's seasonal allergies resurfacing because the E.E. seems to get worse in the spring and summer.


Oct 27, 2017
Yep. Got my IBD diagnosed the year I hit 30, though I'd had symptoms since childhood. My legs started hurting a couple years later.

Partly genes, partly bad lifestyle.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm in the same boat.

Developed plantar fasciitis last year. Need special orthotic inserts in all my shoes. Wake up with massive foot pain, sometimes during the night.

More random aches and pains, probably related and above.

Nasty headaches, I've had them before but they're worse.

I used to never get sick now I'm sick all the time during flu season.

Stress, depression and anxiety seem much worse or I'm coping much worse.

Wife got hit with a diagnosis of RA at 43 as well. She feels like she's 80.


Oct 27, 2017
Massachusetts (USA)
43 here. I'm generally doing pretty good. I get tired easier, I guess? Other than that I'm in good health, have a full head of hair and generally look younger in appearance. Good genes? I dunno, but I have a feeling this train will end sooner than later. I'm enjoying it while I can. OP hang in there. I had a stint in my mid 30's where I started gaining weight etc.. I realized I couldn't eat like a 20 year old anymore and drink a bunch of soda all the time. I made some slight modifications to adjust for my metabolism change and have been fine ever since. Listen to your body. Things will always change throughout your life and you will have to adapt or pay the consequences. Random aches and pains will come and go (or stay). All you can do is try to treat your body nice. Like my grandma always tells me: eat less, move more and drink lots of water!!

1000 Needles

Oct 25, 2017
Mid 30's and my body definitely rebels against bad eating habits more often than it used to, though that's to be expected.

I have been making an effort to drink more water over the past year or two, and it has helped somewhat.

Body did try to go rogue and kill me a few years back, but that's in the past.

Mental health still going strong for the most part. I am currently grieving the death of a close friend though, so it's taking its toll, both physically and mentally, but I know that's just a matter of time to work through.

All in all, just a natural part of the aging process. Takes more work to counteract as it goes
Oct 25, 2017
Also, even though I am boasting about my health and overall feeling now, I would not have said the same even a year ago. I just have really turned things around big time in the last year. It is never too late to change things, whether you are 30 or 60. My changes were intermittent fasting and keto lifestyle. I have also been exercising for a good part of the last year but I think that is secondary and resistance training the last 3 months since muscle is great for aesthetics, long term health and longevity.

Yup, I'm 36 but other than when it comes to running, I feel 30 :)

Also, yeah at the second comment. Lifestyle choices gonna catch up to ya!
I have seen a lot of people say they were athletes in their 20s, exercising heavily, playing sports, being active, but when it comes to diet they just ate whatever they wanted, drank several times per week, downed sugary sodas and then they wonder why their health goes downhill, even if they do maintain the same level of activity. The shit just builds up, especially inflammation caused by eating unhealthy. Aging also lowers our coping mechanisms I think, food intolerances become more of an issue.
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Oct 27, 2017
New York, NY
boy did I learn in my early-mid 30s that everything I knew was wrong. I started falling apart and then realized that I needed to stretch a whole lot and that helped some (not all) of my issues.

I'm able to run in half marathons and shit now, which has helped out a lot of my other challenges - the training has helped keep a lot of things in check.

But suddenly in the last few years, I've realized a dairy allergy and a few other internal things that makes eating a lot harder. Coping with that shit...
Oct 27, 2017
I was in terrible shape in my 20s and was carrying around 400+ Lbs, Ive lost a ton of weight now since i hit 30 years old, im 31 now and at 230 Lbs, i am as healthy as I have ever been in my life. I had to get knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus recently, but other than that i feel like im in the best shape of my life.

But suddenly in the last few years, I've realized a dairy allergy and a few other internal things that makes eating a lot harder. Coping with that shit...
I relate to this, i used to love Milk and cereal, i only recently also discovered that my milk tolerance has gone to shit because i get dhiarrea instantly if i drink any.


Oct 26, 2017
It started for me this year with my Crohn's diagnosis at 23. I hope it doesn't get worse from here, at least when it comes to diseases...


Jul 17, 2019
I crashed and burned hard at 28 into alcohol and depression, so now at 37 my body is a trainwreck. But I kicked my other issues, so the long climb back begins.

My early thirties were definitely when my issues came to a head, but they had all been present in my teens and twenties. I guess that was the decade my body said "Fucking fix this shit or get out of here."


Nov 11, 2019
34. The only thing I noticed is that I need more sleep and that I get small injuries easier from the gym. Otherwise, I think I look much better.


Oct 27, 2017
I think I’m holding up okay for someone who literally gets zero exercise

anxiety has been a bigger issue than usual lately (which, to be fair, could probably be improved with some damn exercise)


Oct 27, 2017
I had a health scare in my mid/late twenties. I completely changed the way I eat and exercise, dropped a bunch of weight. Now in my early/mid thirties and I've never been in better shape, honestly. Learning to take care of myself has been one of the best things about getting older.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
33 here and probably, no easily, am in the best shape of my life. Lost a ton of weight, hired a physical trainer and am at the start of my career. Also In a much better place mentally after I lost weight. Much more confident, more focused.


Oct 25, 2017
My “check engine light” came on during my 20s due to how unhealthy my lifestyle was (overweight, high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc - my diet was terrible and I was not active at all) - which caused other issues like cramps and stuff but not to the point where any medication was required

Nowadays in my early thirties I am healthier and have more energy than I had in my 20s

I lost over 50 pounds compared to my 20s , my blood work (cholesterol , sugar, etc) is normal and blood pressure too

I eat healthy now (only eat meat foods during holiday event and weekends)

Compared to what I used to eat....

Early to mid 20s
-Meat like beef everyday
-No veggies or fruits in diet
-Fast food almost everyday
-Junk food everyday like candy and chips
-no exercise
-Drank soda
-Drank coffee
-3-5 meals a day
-Consumed a average of 2,500-3,000+ calories per day

Late 20s to early 30s (current)
-Only eat chicken breast most of the time as far as meat is concerned but only on weekends (Sat and Sun)- special occasions I eat beef like for Christmas
-Fruits and veggies consist 75% of my diet nowadays
-Rarely eat fast food, would say once or twice a month at the most and even then it’s limited (avoiding beef, etc)
-no processed junk food, maybe a bag of chips for movie night that occurs once or twice a month
-No more coffee or soda, haven’t touched them in almost 5+ years
-I only consume water, skim milk or almond milk
-Minimum workout between cardio and stretches for 30 min a day - during weekends it’s 1-2 hours
-2 meals max
-Consuming average 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day
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