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So... Astral Chain is GoTY


Oct 27, 2017
OP is clearly wrong, the GOTY is Luigi's Mansion 3 :D

I'm currently at 1)Sekiro..............2)RE2 Remake..3)Astral Chain..4)Zelda: LA

But I'm a third of the way through Luigi's Mansion 3 and am blown away, its climbing. I don't think it has a chance to unseat Sekiro for me, but it might do so for the others, it's like I'm playing a polished pixar movie.


Oct 25, 2017
Gotta be honest, I dropped Astral Chain. Good action, but too much other stuff in between. I much prefer the more Bayonetta style games from Platinum that just keep the linear action rocking without letting up.

Edit: agreed with the above that Sekiro is far and away the GOTY despite its lack of replayability. Also agree that REmake 2 gets the silver.


Oct 26, 2017
I was hyped through the moon for this (as a lot of you know) and in the end it was a solid game. For one, the visuals are superb.

The gameplay, however, waa janky enough for it to ruin some of the experience and sadly the story ended up bring trash.

The combat worked well and when it wasn't janking about, it was marvellous.

8/10. I think Cuphead on Switch or DQXI S are in the running for my GOTY


Oct 25, 2017
Took me about 25 hours to beat the main story. After that there's a post game with like 70+ challenge missions with zero story, so there's no real incentive to keep going unless you like the combat and want to see what else it can offer.
Not that long, It took me I think 20 hours to beat the main story line, wasn't even rushing it.
Oh ok, gotcha. More content is always good, that’s great for those who are able to dedicate a lot of time to a single game, especially a very good one, but I cannot justify spending too much time on one, save for a few exceptions like BotW, but those don’t come often.


Nov 2, 2017
It´s a solid game and I enjoyed it, but it´s not GoTY material for me personally. Nice soundtrack, good combat but the missions ... not so much. After the story I had no motivation to start the challenge missions, did one and focused on other games.


Oct 29, 2017
What the fuck? How long is it gonna take me to finish it? I don’t want to spend more than 30 hours on it.
I quit my first playtrough and started over at around the 20 hours mark, simply because the game only really clicked on me at that time.. Felt the need to start over since i was more comfortable with combat and wanted to change dificulty setting to pt standard.
My second playtrough took me around 30 hours. took my time and experimented a lot with the game...
Now im still playing after beating it because im doing missed red cases, and trying to S+ rank most of them and doing post game missions as well.
There's still a bunch of stuff to unlock at the armory and my legions skill tree are not fully unlocked.

And it hasn't been a pain. I really enjoy the game's gameplay and the mood that it transmits me...
Its not a perfect game (first playtrough bad pacing, some camera problems, 30fps, movement - im not a fan of how long it takes for your character to start dashing, story wise I couldn't care less-im 41 - find hard to relate with teenage anime drama).

Its a fun game overall and probably the best I played this year.


Oct 25, 2017
Started continuing the game today again after not having touched it for a while with a lot of other games releasing. I don't think it's my personal GOTY, but it's certainly up there. The combat flows so darn nicely and the possibilities are insane. Too bad I suck at the combat!
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Oct 25, 2017
Just beat this very recently. Good game with a ton of hype moments, inspired idea for the combat system, but got too much holding it back to be my GOTY, namely the lame story and the silent protagonist. The latter in particular just makes me sour on the story even more, as they were so many moments where your avatar would painfully try to emote without speaking. It just never worked.

I'd also agree with those saying it's not even the best Switch game this year, as Three Houses for example was a lot better tbh