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So Football Manager. Is it good?


Apr 11, 2018
I'm really trying to figure out how to handle the money side of things in the lower leagues. My squad depth is absolute garbage I need to get some players but I'm not allowed! My wage budget means I can't pay any more players. Well I need them. What am I supposed to do, sell or loan players out then bring in better ones?
What team? you basically haemorrhage money in lower league football. The board usually invest a significant sum once a season anyway so don't worry too much about it.

Honolulu Blue

Oct 27, 2017
For Lower League Management;

1.) Utilise loans
2.) Promote and play youth
3.) Look at free transfers
4.) Sell anybody you get decent offers for

At that level nobody is irreplaceable, and it’s totally possible to get by without transfer fees. Bring in a couple of loans where you can and use youth to fill gaps in the squad and/or first team.


Oct 27, 2017
If you like soccer/football, it's amazing. I can't imagine it being very fun without being a rather hardcore fan though. The joy of Football Manager is bringing in young wonderkids from around the world and building up your academy with regens, etc. and seeing how they develop. It lets you learn about the best young players around the world which is really enjoyable if you actually care about the sport.

If you don't, it seems like the entire process would be a bit tedious. I signed up for the PC Game Pass since it had FM19 and I hadn't bought it yet. Hopefully it gets FM20 too! Bit weird not playing via Steam though after all these years.. I miss the hour tracker.
is FM19 on game pass again? I went to play it last week after downloading it, and was told by the launcher it was no longer available. I only had the option to buy showing.

That would be great if I could play it there though.


Dec 19, 2017
Yeah, I just figured out today I should stop buying mediocre free transfer players and loan good ones instead, for my VNS team. Not a great long term plan, but we're going to play sexy football now.