So... how did you get to ResetEra?


Oct 27, 2017
First read about it on the old board, and that it was the place to go for the folks who wanted to bounce. So here I am. Looking forward to the future.
Oct 25, 2017
I didn't go on the other site for a few days, was surprised it was down when I did, and researched a bit and knew what happened.

Fast forward a couple days, site's back up, surfing threads and realized some people are asking for invites to flock to discord. Thought I'd join a couple starting with the SMT one to stay in touch with some of the members (ended up joining 6-7 in total).
And I joined here as part of the first wave. Shout out to all the mods and everyone for being so nice.


Oct 25, 2017
Norn Iron
I arrived from the other forum via the main ResetEra Discord group on the first night, then inspired by the kindness shown to me I spent the next night ferrying other forum users (including many from the 40K community) over via one of the other Discord groups while answering questions in the chat.

Goat's Beard

Oct 27, 2017
I usually lurked for the purpose of consuming gaming news. I followed the saga on Google and was very happy when I saw that an alternative was launching. I kept an eye out and luckily, I was approved so that I can post every so often.


Oct 27, 2017
Trough the open registration.

I didn't managed to get an invite to the discord after GAF went down, so all I could do was go back to my previous board to wait and hope that it wouldn't be too long until I could join too.

Turns out I didn't. Now I'm here it feels like coming back to a renovated home. Everything is fresh, yet familiar.


Oct 27, 2017
To tell you the truth, I needed to curb my /v/ addiction.
Words cannot entail the extent of time with which I wasted away within that cesspool of sorts.
Never did I ever even enjoy myself.
This, though? Promising, by all means.
A new home, one would say. At long last.


Oct 27, 2017
When the other site went down and I read why, I decided I could no longer be involved there. I then heard about how everyone was coming to this place and so I decided to follow and now here I am.


Oct 25, 2017
Heard about all the drama at GAF and started reading posts. I had never really gone there before. It looked like a good central place for gaming news, but I didn’t have a good vibe about the place after what went down.

Heard about ResetEra and jumped in feet first. I’m quite enjoying my time here so far.


Oct 25, 2017
Platy brought me here. She sent me the link, told me there was a tokusatsu and a socialism thread and here I am.


Oct 25, 2017
Destiny Era/ Golden Era Warriors clan.

Woke up at 6 in the morning to a bunch of notifications for discord. I'd missed the first the first code by half an hour.

I go to shower, look at my phone after, and sure enough there was another code.

So I scramble to register by which time the code was already done.

I managed to get in on the third one though. It was madness to wake up to all that, and possibly something against the Geneva convention to have to rush around like that before having my morning coffee, but it was thoroughly worth it.


Oct 27, 2017
Saw some of the meltdown of the old place, but wasn't involved with any of the Discord or other stuff. Found out about ResetEra through various new articles.


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Oct 28, 2017
I disliked how the former place functioned, and now that this place exists, it seems like it has potential to handle everything better than the former place did.

So, I signed up. Now here I am, typing this.



The Eggplant Queen
Oct 25, 2017
New York City
I embraced anime and pleased the eggplant gods in discord after being invited from waypoint thread... Thanks mysterous waypoint man!


Oct 27, 2017
A certain other forum that I was quite active on!

However, I didn't hear about it from there. I saw people going nuts on Twitter and saw someone's tweet about a new forum, which led me here.

It's nice to have something fresh, I think!


Oct 28, 2017
Cape Town
i've been lurking on GAF for like 5 years ( especially on the mediacreate and Formula 1 threads) and i planned to register this year before what happened ...happened then i just waited for the open registration on ResetEra so for me this is a new start in many ways , no lurking anymore


Oct 25, 2017
Was a member of the other site since 2012 but mostly lurked. Got on a lifeboat type of discord where the creator was in communications with admins from the bigger discords. We got verified and somehow made it on here either late in the first wave or early in the second wave.
Date of registration 2011

PUBG Discord
Got verified
Waited for codes
Codes out
Inputted work email
Waited for confirmation
None came through work server/ spam filter
Started stressing out
Chased mods, got a hold of one
He was so nice to edit reg info on my profile

Very stressful part of migration and few days overall.


Oct 28, 2017
I've been a lurker on the other site for more than 5 years and it was always the site that I first visited when I opened my desktop or mobile.The incident was deeply distressing for me and I really needed a replacement but none of the other forums clicked with me.I found waypoint and reddit but the community was scarce in waypoint and reddit was a huge mess.Huge applaud to the mods and admins for providing a new home.Another shout out to Toma and More_Badass for their topics were always my most visited threads,keep up the amazing work guys !

Oh and the key thing :D , I opted for manual registration and got approved today.


Oct 27, 2017
England is my city
I was a lurker over somewhere else with 90 something posts and 0.09 posts a day. I felt like I couldn’t post there as the general attitude against juniors. I feel much more comfortable here.


Oct 28, 2017
Was a junior member over there. I really wanted to join here once I heard about this place. I'm loving it so far.

The Masked Mufti

The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I was on the old palace (for about 2 or 3 years I guess) as eizarus. When it went down for days recently, I found out what had happened from the Destiny discord, and ended up seeing this as an opportunity to build a better community. (That place is insane right now, so I'm glad I made the jump)


Attempted to circumvent ban with an alt account
Oct 27, 2017
Open registration. Very happy with the fast approval. I had an account on the other forum, but < 1 post per day.


Oct 25, 2017
Was originally a GAF member that registered in 2013. When the place was going up in flames the afternoon of last Sunday, I jumped on the SalesERA discord when Vena provided a link.
Thanks to their and SL&ENT's hospitality, I was able to transfer over here pretty smoothly.

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Oct 25, 2017
I was already an unverified member of the NeoCRAFT discord channel. When the shit went down, I followed one of the mod's advice to get verified, then just happened to be sitting in front of my computer when the code for registering got posted. Less than 10 seconds later, I was a member.

Edit: And I had been at the other place for 11 years. I look forward to discovering what the next ten years here brings.


Oct 28, 2017
Orlando, FL
Caught a couple of odd posts in my Twitter feed, tried to access the forum, forum was down, did more poking around on I am!


Oct 25, 2017
Came from desperate need of a home, and was welcomed with open arms days after the Discord folks arrived..been ear2ear ever since - good people here!


Oct 27, 2017
As a confused immigrant refugee I set foot on many strange and foreign places, some friendly, some evil, there was SL&ENT, Waypoint, Giant Bomb, Reddit, Twitter, and many others that will not be named, all in search of information, any and all, to get a better idea of what was what. I also kept going back as Rome burned. But everything burns.
Then, I happened to check this site when it first opened to registration for half an hour to an hour?
I was happily sorting out the details of my paid email, but when entering the info it wasn't getting through.
Then going back to the main page, it looked like registration had closed while I was in the middle of entering my damn info!
Madness! goddamn my rotten, fucking luck.

Then I got in the second time registration opened.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
The day it all began posters on NG were posting about a discord link and I joined the many asking for an invite. One guy had posted the link in an email tag which I joined.
The link lead to FakeGAF discord where other NG refugees like myself were still figuring things out. A new chat channel was created in FakeGAF for NG discussion and server requests.
Then, the resetera discord server was created (under a different name) which I joined through an invite.
More community channels were popping up and being linked to. I joined one piece, cw tv/ dc tv etc and shared some updates on what was happening with fakegaf.
Then announcements were coming in that a team was forming to create a new forum.
A list of contributors were now visible in the reset era's discord server.
A weekend of confusion and the entire community looking out for eachother was amazing to see unfolding in the discord servers.
Community servers were now locking down to verify/vet current members in there with news that the forum would have an invite only opening (with normal registration open after).
PC VR community server wasn't locked at the time since the admin was away for the weekend so I ended up creating a new one for it and began vetting people into it via NG private messaging. In the process I became a community rep for pc vr alongside Aztech so now I was part of a council/round table of community leaders who had more direct contact with the admin team so I was now getting more information on the process that regular members.
So spent the rest of the week keeping a few discord servers updated and helping out other community leaders and vetting members to add to the pc vr discord server (as well as learning admin controls for discord).
On the day of the launch, community reps were given the first invites...I was eating dinner so missed this completely lol so I had to wait for pc vr server to get their invite code before jumping in.

Chaotic and amazing at the same time XD I had only joined NG this year around February i think so I'm still an "unknown" member (although I've been watching/reading NG for atleast 7-8 years), so it was a little surreal being able to be so involved that I was there alongside well known members that I recognise from my non-member lurking of NG (used to keep up to date on gaming news from NG for atleast 8 years i think). Was an honour to help out :)


Oct 25, 2017
Joined GAF's PS VR discord labelled as The Bunker somehow with all the other refugees.

I'm grateful it all worked smoothly. I've only had a PS VR for a few weeks, ironically enough.


Oct 27, 2017
I was so sad when Gaf died, it was one of my main sources of entertainment.
I couldn't join any discord server since it all happened so fast. I lurked around here until they opened registrations.
So happy to be here.


Oct 27, 2017
Watched the fireworks at GAF for a bit, then stopped going there altogether. Read about this place opening on Kotaku and waited for signups to open.


Oct 25, 2017
Bronx and Sweeney gave WrassleGaf the heads up on what had happened early, so 95% of us bailed to discord.

Then Serene got us in. Cheers to all.