So... how did you get to ResetEra?


Oct 25, 2017
Chapter 1: The fall of giants

I'm one of the lucky ones who managed to get in through the initial invite waves. It was super hectic getting there though.

It all started around 4:00. I had been switching between doing a project and browsing GAF for some mental cooldown. At this moment I was browsing GAF and it was going fine for 10ish minutes until the site just went down all of a sudden. Not knowing what happened I shrugged and switched back to Visual Studio to continue work. Queue up 3.5 hours later I go check up on GAF again. I go to Off Topic and start skimming through the thread titles. I'm none the wiser for the first quarter. I continue onto the second quarter and something in the back of my mind doesn't feel right about the thread titles I am seeing. Make it to the third quarter and it kicks in "Holy shit the site is under attack".

Seeing this and thinking I would be able to attend another chapter of GAFs comedic history, I start opening threads. "It's odd" I think as the pages were taking slightly longer to load, but not out of the normal. Last Page opens and all of a sudden my joy from being part of something utterly hilarious turned into abject horror as people are cursing out he-who-must-not-be-named. I refresh the OT and all of a sudden the account suicides began to roll in. Still not knowing what the hell was going on I dove through all the account suicides and manage to somehow get a gist of what was going on after the 20th or so thread. I had learned the Moderators jumped ship and the community revolting because of the actions of a deplorable. Thankfully the community began to coalesce around a single two-three threads at this point and through more stable conversation I was able to get the rest of the picture.

It was at this point when the website started to show the signs of being able to crash again, slowing down worse than during E3. What happened next was unlike anything I had ever seen. When this happened people started throwing out Discord invites overboard like liferafts. People begging for invites and rushing to quote the few hidden invite codes. It was at this moment I knew GAF was dead. From one of these major threads I managed to get into FakeGAF where I seeked GAFuge in these initial waves. I then quickly rushed to my community threads. I got Toronto-GAF. I looked at Canada-PolitiGAF and we didn't have one. The site got even worse loading wise, I got AnimeGAF after several minutes of page loading and post quoting. Looked at RWBY GAF, a discord was created but not posted, people were asking for invites, I tried posting a request... but everything went offline as I hit the submit button.

The site was officially dead

Chapter 2: Lost as sea

Having gotten into 3 discords, I was one of the lucky ones. Through AnimeGAF I managed to find my way to all my Anime-related discords. Through TorontoGAF I managed to meet up with my fellow canadians and get into the Canadian Deals Discord and we managed to create the Canada PolitiGAF discord and through a miracle capture 90% of our membership through posting our links to various discords. Through FakeGAF I managed to get into the NeoGAF discord where a good amount of the moderation staff had taken refuge. It was at this point the :Eggplant: rose from the ashes. Rumours of a new site beginning to form were going around openly and eventually it was all confirmed.

Things then stayed some-what stable for a couple days as development occurred. People ranted about the guy behind this all. Jokes were had. Eggplant was being farmed en-masse. It was stable, but we all knew things couldn't continue like this. Discord is good as a communication platform, but not when you have thousands upon thousands of people in a single server.

Chapter 3: Piracy

With rough waters always comes Pirates. These in the form of 4chan, Voat and everybody who NeoGAF pissed off in the past or were politically opposed to a mass of "Liberal-types" creating a new home. The raids on the discord channels became far more frequent. What was at first driveby trolling turned into our enemies secretly sending out invites to the servers to build up an army of attackers.

Just as the sun started to lower and dusk began to fall. Thats when they attacked. In but a moment cries of panic ensued as one discord was hit. Then another. Then another. As each community ship was attacked. Defences began to be shored out as invite links were revoked. A Voater somehow managed to become a moderator of the Main discord and used the opportunity to generate unlimited invites for people to get in and wreak havok. When the dust settled, every community was cut off from one eachother-invite wise and the only way information was moving was from people who had managed to get into the discords moving the information to people who could no longer get in.

There was a moderation purge to deal with the back-stabbing agent and things calmed back down

Chapter 4: ResetEra

Eventually the name of the new site was announced as "ResetEra". People rejoiced. And eagerly awaited for invites to the new site. Multiple times as the invite window kept on slipping. GAF came back online and people rushed to throw themselves onto their swords and inform GAF of what had happened and what was going to happen. Eventually after a couple days invites opened and a new era began.

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Oct 25, 2017
I was just away from GAF for a few hours and as i came back all hell was loose. People making cryptic posts about sexual harassment and EviLore, there was talk of posts getting deleted and users getting banned for posting about EviLore. It was just confusing and It took me a while, until i figured out what was going on. The site was not functioning well at that time. Because of that posting was very time consuming, if possible at all. But as i figured it out, i decided to leave. Just that i had no idea where to. GAF was really my only internet home. So i was basically stranded. I then heard talk on GAF about a forum with ex GAF members named The Bore. So i went there but didn't stick around for long, because it was populated mostly by people who were banned from GAF and were bitter about it. So got back to GAF searching for altenatives, that was when i saw a post mentioning that we should quote it in order to get an invite link to a GAF discord. It took me a long time to quote the message, because the servers were going haywire. That's how i got reconnected with the community. Thinking back it was absolutely chaotic. But in the end we made it to a better place.


Oct 27, 2017
Lurked on GAF for years, joined in 2011 right around the whole Project Cafe hype. After the death of GAF, couldn't find a discord invite, so have been re-reduced to junior member status. A bit disappointing but I'll deal.


Oct 31, 2017
The thread on the Manafort indictment was stuck on the same page for several days over at GAF.

It was 60+ pages here.


Oct 28, 2017
Lurked on GAF for a few years, particularly in the excellent Destiny community forum. I had signed up for registration but unfortunately was denied so I stayed lurking.

When the site went down I thought it was a technical hiccup and didn't think anything of it until I checked other gaming sites and found out the reason soon enough.

When GAF resurfaced I found out about this place and was astounded at how quickly ERA came into being with such a large membership. I don't do Discord so I waited, hoping open registration would happen soon and it did. I feel happy I was approved so quickly and it just feels right to be here.


Oct 25, 2017
I left GAF because I was tired of the hivemind over there. While this place is great, slowly it’s turning to what GAF was toward the end of its run. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks


Nov 7, 2017
Regular poster on GAF for 7 years. When everything was going down I had the opportunity to join a couple different communities on Discord but passed (very busy week and was not going to be around much). I bailed on GAF the day it went back up and peaked in once in a while to follow the progression here (once it was up). Two weeks of not posting which was not a big deal as I was swamped and have gone longer than that.

Once everything settled down I registered. Amazing that I got approved in less than 24 hours when it took over a year at the other place.

Torpedo Vegas

Oct 27, 2017
Lexington, KY
I lurked the other place for years never had an account. It was down one day. It came back up and everyone was saying go to resetera, so I did. I read a couple days then signed up. It was super easy.


Oct 27, 2017
Google Chrome

I left GAF because I was tired of the hivemind over there. While this place is great, slowly it’s turning to what GAF was toward the end of its run. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks
Yep. I really didn't expect anything different, I mean, this place is mostly made up of all the people that left Gaf. That place is dead now and discussions move at a snails pace so naturally even more people flocked over here.

Feral Gingy

Oct 30, 2017
Someone made an account suicide thread in the old place and posted "see you at ResetEra"

Before that I had no idea about a new place being ready to go live already.

This place is a miracle.


Oct 25, 2017
heard they opened up and were giving out codes to sign up so i asked to be let in to a discord group and got the code and signed up.


Nov 2, 2017
Entered by open sign up and had the account verified just right now, so, Hello everybody!

Discovered resetera in an online gamers magazine talking on the NGAF greatshitstorm, and I decided to come to resetera and say, hi.


Oct 27, 2017
I happened to try to load up the other site one day and it said it was down for maintenance. Odd, I thought, but whatever, I guess I had just missed something.

Boy was I more right than I initially thought.

I didn't get a Discord invite, by the time I even learned that everything was burning to the ground, it was too late to get an invite. Best I could do was wait for the other site to come back up and for any news from a couple friends here and the Internet or whatever was left over there at the other place.

See, I had only just become a regular member before all this went down. I didn't really know anyone that well. Only recognized them. I eventually got into contact with a more senior member who let me know what was going on and to keep an eye out for ResetEra. I waited a day or two, and then this site was up, but no open registration :(.

I waited a little longer, tried seeing what was going on over at the other place, and couldn't shake off the feeling that no matter what, it was never going to be the same. I always planned on joining ResetEra, but I knew quickly that it was my only hope of trying to replicate the old feeling I had over at the old stomping grounds.

As soon as open registration began, I signed up and linked to my old account. I was surprised how quickly they let me in, only had to wait a day, despite me only being a member a short time before and not really posting all that often. Thanks to whoever approved me by the way.

All in all, I'm glad I jumped ship. This place is great. I'm thankful that we came out pretty intact from that debacle. I also plan to post more too. Not as much lurking.
First post!

Lurked ye olde site (which shall remain nameless) for a few years after seeing the name on yet another forum I used to frequent, so I figured I'd take a look.

I honestly never gave much thought to registering there due to the absolutely ridiculous turn around time involved; though in retrospect I see now from the cratered remains that it was in fact a necessary evil and that the decision was justified. I liked the look and feel of SLAENT during the forced interim, but figured with my currently packed schedule I'd be better off waiting for the replacement hangout to show up and surely enough, it feels like a nice change and looks fantastic.

The irony of it all is that the very first forum I was part of many years ago also splintered after a litany of issues, leaving hundreds of users scattered to the wind and unable to find a suitable replacement at the time. New homes usually mean that old friends never come around much anymore and sadly the lot of us drifted apart over time. Back then, that newer place was like the wild west. You either got chewed up by the populous at large leaving you to rot, or you toughened up and became respected enough to hopefully find your place among the best of them in turning the great wheel together.

One can perform miracles with these special places if they are so inclined.

While I'll be mostly content to just hang out in places that key into my various interests, it will certainly be nice to finally get to interact and converse with a few spirited individuals that have made my weekdays a little bit brighter for the past couple of years.

Thanks for having us here, ya filthy animals. Cheers.