1. Lady Murasaki

    Lady Murasaki
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    There is also that kind of situation of people [usually older] that make jokes with no intention of anyone laughing.

    And I am the only one who laughs.

    What are these people into? What is the point of making funny comments and wanting people not to laugh at it?
  2. ahoyhoy


    This is me at least 5 times a day. Christ it's exhausting.
  3. Sometimes i think and worrry about if i did well in a conversation lol as if did i use the right words, should i have said something else etc.

    It's dumb but yeah.....

    No this is not just when i love/crush on someone or a important conversation but normally ones too.
  4. Xavillin


    As someone who says things without really thinking about it first, this happens all the time. I once told a girl her cooking was bad right in her face, and that kept me up several nights.
  5. Ventilaator


    I did the "You too!" thing once.

    To a doctor who was wishing me a fast recovery.
  6. Too real. D:
  7. ZixlerBavala

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    My doctor and my family seem to think that I have above average hearing, yet I can't follow a conversation when someone talk to me in a low voice. How does that work?
  8. All the time. Like almost daily at least one shit memory will pop up in my head.

    I always remind myself that my cringeworthy memories are hard won valuable lessons. But fuck my brain just won’t stop reminding me how I earned them. And sometimes I really doubt it was worth it. And time makes little difference, I’m about as embarrassed by memories that are 20 years old as I am from ones that are 2 years old. I have a deep, disabling anxiety of how people perceive me, which wasn’t helped by bullying, and which feeds on those bad memories as like “see, there’s proof you suck and everyone laughs at you.” I know it’s irrational, can’t help it.
  9. takriel


    So you asked your friend "Who sleeps that early, haha?", and your friend didn't answer. Upon rereading this conversation, you suddenly felt the urge to ask your friend to please answer the question. They did, and now things are awkward between you.

    I don't get it. Did you think you've hurt your friend by asking the question, because you think they have depression or something and thus need to sleep early?
  10. Raptomex


    Waitress: "Do you want soup or salad?"
    Me: "What's a super salad?"

    All my friends laughed at me. She then said "it happens all the time". I really wasn't embarrassed at the time. I was more annoyed that she said it happens all the time because I'm assuming it doesn't. I fucked up, that's it. Thinking back, it was kind of awkward I guess.
  11. ZixlerBavala

    Member OP

    You should have seen the way the conversation went. I'm not posting it here (I I'm not comfortable with it, I would have to translate it and I would also be infringing on his privacy) but I behaved myself in a very cringey, awkward way. I regret it immensely although I did get relieved when he gave me an answer.

    I don't think I've hurt him. It's more like I weirded him out by putting him on the spot for a question like that.
  12. John Kowalski

    John Kowalski

    Making jokes just for yourself is great
  13. Yaponchik


    Never change
  14. I fucking love all the photos in this thread
  15. Catalix


    Not sure why this made me laugh the hardest of all the comics in this thread, but good lord I have legit tears in my eyes right now.
  16. Stencil


    I tend to say things in conversation that I find witty or funny and conversation generally continues without people laughing. Sometimes people catch it and laugh and that's good, but mostly I just say those things for myself. I doubt anyone really says a joke and thinks "good, no one laughed, I can continue the conversation as planned."

    Also, about your college friend and the trans conversation, you should reach out to them and explain that you didn't mean to laugh. They'll probably think "oh I had forgotten about that, but sure" and you'll feel better.
  17. Amnesty


    I've come to just assume that I will say something that could seem dumb at least some of the time I'm talking with people. I kind of accept it now. You come across more charismatic if you say what you're going to say without really sweating it. You have to take risks like that if you want to have any charm. It's still tricky though, you have to be aware of what you're saying too, to an extent, like learning what kind of things not to say.

    For me, the ones that creep up later are when I'm near a conversation, like say coworkers are talking about a movie they saw and then I take the opportunity to ask what it was. I get that 'was I being rude?' feeling.
  18. J_Viper


    I’m dying
  19. JaeCryo


    I worked 9 hours the other day and was tired and hungry. So I ate, and walking out of an IHOP at 3 in the morning, I brushed off a panhandler pretty rudely. Didnt even give him time to talk more than 4 or 5 words before I scolded him for thinking that someone leaving an IHOP at 3 am would be feeling charitable.

    Probably couldve been nicer about it but I honestly wouldnt have given him money even if I was in a good mood.
  20. JB1981


    Let the past die, kill it if you have to. It's the only way to become what you were meant to be.
  21. Unit 333

    Unit 333

    It's worse when as soon as you receive your change the cashier becomes unaware of your existence and immediately serves the next guy.

    This also happens when I haven't finished bagging up shit, so the next guys stuff intermingles with mine. GIVE ME A SECOND OR TWO FFS
  22. Red Liquorice

    Red Liquorice

    My life... and the reason I try to bite my tongue from opening up in conversation.
  23. Galkinator


    Overthinking |OT| The thought that never went

    Yeah I'm guilty of this as well, our brains are dumb and sadistic.
  24. Plywood


    Everytime, always.
  25. Kaveman


    I appreciate you.
  26. Chopchop


    Having a stutter is like Fuck You difficulty for social interactions.

    Ordering food? You have a very simple sentence like "I'll have combo A" formed in your mind, and then when the server comes over, you suddenly freeze up and try to cram out some nonsense like "I'll have c-c-cc-c-c-cc-c-... I'd like t-t-t-t-t-t... Uh, I'd l-l-l-l-l- c-c-cc-c-combo.....". After a while, the server always gets that polite awkward look while they try to wait for you to get out something intelligible. When you finally manage to communicate something like what you wanted and the server leaves, you wish you were dead.

    I hate seeing that polite awkward expression. It's not their fault or anything, but I'm so sick of seeing it.

    I've done this exact thing before. Don't feel bad, it's a common joke for a reason. I try to tell myself that the people who work at jobs like that probably see that mistake on a regular basis, and think nothing of it.
  27. potam

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    I'm not even gonna post the details, but the first time I asked a girl out in person after my divorce.

    I'm a shy/awkward person around strangers as-is. Like seriously it was fucking bad. I probably came across as someone with a severe mental illness (although...).
  28. Felt


    I've made plenty of mistakes in social situations. Yeah they were gut-wrenching sometimes, but no they don't bother me years later. Even if I make one now, I just don't give a fuck. I just don't care about stuff as I get older, and I think that's true for most people.
  29. Blitzrules240


    Let's just say I got the word Kitty and Kiddy mixed up in a conversation and chimed in "Oh yeah, I've seen that vid, it's hilarious" and both my classmates looked at me in complete disgust.

    So apparently someone got busted for looking at child pornography and I thought they were talking about a web video entitled Kitty Porn and well...THAT WAS A MISTAKE.
  30. Goldenroad


    There was one that was eating me up forever. I wasn't even hitting on this girl or anything, but I was just talking to her at a party and some guy came up and like repeated back what I said to her and was like "jesus man, that's so stupid"...and I've seriously like blocked it out to the point where I don't even remember what I was embarrassed about anymore, but it was literally almost two years of thinking about that on an almost daily basis and I'm sure nobody else even gave it a second thought.
  31. potam

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  32. Uncle Classy

    Uncle Classy

    I've gotten to a point in life where I've accepted the fact that I'm an awkward fucking weirdo, so social faux pas don't really faze me anymore.
  33. Kapus


    This hits way too close to home lmao.

    I have trouble interacting and talking with people when I actually want to. When I’m at anime conventions I usually hope to make some friends because I pretty much have none, but I’m so timid that talking to people becomes really hard. :’)
  34. AnonTechnica

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    Just get drunk and then go back to bed.
  35. Spike Spiegel

    Spike Spiegel
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    Stop giving a shit guys, seriously, it helps.
  36. ZixlerBavala

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    but what if you're not old enough to drink