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Solo is the most fun SW movie since RoTJ

Oct 25, 2017
Solo was one of the most textbook definitions of s mediocre movie I've ever seen. Wasn't good, wasn't bad, it just was. It's like it was made by a bunch of people whose only exposure to Star Wars was a brand style guide, and despite never having seen a previous film, they tried their damndest.
Dec 13, 2017
i honestly could not stand the direction for han's character in the movie. i don't know if the actor himself is bad, but the performance given felt atrocious, the dialogue was terrible, and that whole bit at the casino.

and i know how the relationship was supposed to go with him and lando, but wow was it delivered in the worst cheese acting/setup.

this movie borderline offended me and i'm not even a star wars junkie. i loved the last jedi.
Oct 25, 2017
While acknowledging its multiple problems and pointing out that most fun doesn't necessarily correlate to highest quality

I agree with you OP
I think Solo had more fun than any of the other modern era movies

It feels like it has more of that cheesy old adventure serial flavoring that george was originally going for
Raspy centipede ladies and black holes and giant space tentacles and droid uprisings and train heists and more
It doesn't take itself too seriously and that's the kind of wacky weird fun I want more of in my star wars movies

And in that brief imperial battle scene it did Rogue One better than Rogue One did
But also that solo naming scene is one of the worst scenes in star wars
Oct 27, 2017
It's also the worst Star Wars movie that goes to answer everything we never wanted to know like that Han never had a last name (even though he had a father!) and made dumb things like The Imperial March exist in the Star Wars universe.

I fully expect Solo 2 to introduce Coca-Cola and Dasani to the Star Wars canon.

Solo is weird in that the movie is fine and perfectly serviceable. Not great, but good enough. But every time I reminisce about it, for some reason (probably things like the above), it conjures up negative feelings. I even had a reasonably good time watching it but still felt "Ehhh" at the end.

But that's just my opinion, don't let it sour your love for it!
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Feb 9, 2019
I had low expectations for solo and was suprised that i liked it so much. Since disney took over the star wars movies are definitely force awakens>rogue one>solo>>>>>>>>the last jedi. I dont even want to rank the last one
Nov 8, 2017
I don't think it's a very good movie but I can get this opinion at least. It does have a kind of family-friend "fun" whimsy to it that the only other film in the franchise to have previously was RotJ.
Oct 25, 2017
Its a good movie. Probably the best of the new bunch after Episode 7. The problem is that it isn’t very exciting and doesn’t have an interesting premise.

But ROTJ isn’t fun to begin with soooooo
Oct 30, 2017
I think that's true. I'd also want to add that the other movies since RotJ have good and valid reasons for not being as fun.

The Prequel Trilogy

They fail every other measure of good storytelling, so why would fun factor be any exception?

The Force Awakens

Bringing Star Wars back to its roots with a very specific balance of drama, whimsy, and nostalgic references after the prequel trilogy knocked it far off course. A sustained lighthearted tone isn't the right note to hit when you've got to establish a new set of heroes and villains, and conclude Han Solo's storyline.

The Last Jedi

Establishing or further refining the dramatic and thematic foundations of the sequel trilogy, positioning Rey and Kylo for the final film, and cementing Luke's legacy in a meaningful manner by showing him finally overcome his demons and become a galaxy-wide rallying point for the next generation of Jedi and Resistance allies.

Rogue One

Following the crew of a suicide run to nick the plans of the defining superweapon of the Star Wars franchise, all for the hope that one day the Alliance might use them to destroy the Empire's planet-killing abomination. Portraying the Empire at the height of its might. Lending additional value and thematic resonance to Luke's victory against the Death Star in A New Hope.

Solo is garbage, but Rogue One is probably the worst movie I've ever seen.
These takes be piping hot.
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Oct 25, 2017
I could've done without the humans fucking droids conversation. I can laugh at the implication, but they really wanted to break it down.

And I thought Glover's performance was too much of an impersonation whereas I wish he made it more of his own thing like Alden. And the crying scene was just embarrassing.

The actual heist was kind of messy, but other than those gripes I liked just about everything about it. Music, Woody, villain, even Maul.