1. Psychotron

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    I want to get out of the way that there is currently no evidence of a widespread issue, but that some members here and on reddit have reported the same problem. Console powers on for a while, they turn it off. They turn it back on a while later and it’s dead. I would like to see if there’s a common link such as console position, whether it’s wall plugged or surge protector, etc. See the stories below and others feel free to share as well.

    Again, this thread is here only to save some Era members the heartbreak of a dead console over something as simple (possibly) as where it’s plugged in. THIS IS NOT A WIDESPREAD ISSUE (at present) NOR SHOULD WE ASSUME.

    Update: I’ve been using my Scorpio all night with no issue. Gears in 4K HDR is jaw dropping, as is the 1080/60 mode.

    Update 11/9/17: Some people have reported that switching the power cord has fixed their console. It's not working for everyone but it's definitely worth a shot. See the link below.


  2. Ibuki


    Electronics have defective units? Color me shocked.
  3. 60EffPeeEss


    All hardware has a failure rate, so gonna need to give it a bit to pan out before news gets made out of it.
  4. R dott B

    R dott B

    Hmm...That's strange.
  5. Pif

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    What would this be called?

    Red Ring of Death is quite hard to beat tbh
  6. Doctor_Thomas


    Pretty much this.

    I think Microsoft learned harsh, harsh lessons about this that I doubt they'd repeat. If there's defective units, they'll crop up. Best not to panic, it'll be replaced.
  7. tumour_love

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    also skate 3 doesnt run very well. possibly deserves a thread as well.
  8. TheBeardedOne


    Hopefully it's just a regular failure rate type of thing, and those who've been affected will have no problem getting replacement Scorpios. I hope they won't have any more issues.
  9. bananafactory


    Not to diminish how much this sucks for the owners but faulty electronics arent new. PS4 launch had a lot of duds as did XB1 and increased visibility of social media can make it seem worse

    I believe 5% is an acceptable failure rate so with 1 million owners you could still be looking at 50 000 faulty units.

    Microsoft has a pretty good support system so hopefully those affected are taken care of.
  10. Mullet2000


    That really sucks for the individual users, but it could happen to any piece of electronics
  11. Expy


    Some deffective units are expected, but there can't be that many of these devices out there yet, but from what you said there are a few reported cases of the same behavior... strange.

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  13. That much power could not be contained in such a tiny box.
  14. X1 Two

    X1 Two
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    Wonder if those affected used the One S power cable or the one that comes with One X.
  15. Mbolibombo


    We're probably going to see the doom and gloomers coming right out. Just like for the Switch earlier this year with the "flood waves of faults" and the bricked PS4s before that etc etc..

    There are going to be faulty units. It's going to happen to some people.. sadly. But that's how it is.
  16. TheBeardedOne


    They're supposed to be the same.
  17. TAJ


    That still haunts me. My launch 360 died more times than Jason Voorhees.
  18. Bjones


    FYI don’t plug it into a surge protector. It has a built in surge protector like the Xbox s.

    My Xbox s wouldn’t power on the other day because of this and i had to unplug it and let it sit a min to reset the internal power supply.

    Not saying that’s the situation here but it may help some people.
  19. Kill3r7


    I will never forget getting home only to find out my PS2 was a dud. My brother and I had to wait until January to get a replacement.
  20. tolkir


    Crowbcat video with +10 millions of views is coming.
  21. Mondy

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    Red Ring of Death MK2. Microsoft really can't make quality hardware worth shit
  22. Morgan J

    Morgan J

    mine died :( I bought It from an swedish online store where kids are the support team. And they have closed down the chat so I can Only mail them. suuucks!

    Thinking of sending it to MS instead(already talked to them they said its ok and are sorry for my situation)
  23. ApeX


    I dont own a one S, so I used the one that came with the One X.
  24. Theorry


  25. My PS4 Pro died on me trying to play UC4 day 1. After I dicked around with it for 2 hours I returned it and got a replacement. No big deal I say, but it is annoying as heck. I'm patiently waiting for UPS now and hoping I don't have to go through similar fuckery.

  26. Bear


    Sooo... one guy had this problem?
  27. k0decraft


    Might be, I'm wondering if they should have kept the power brick. It might not be 'sexy' but it wouldn't have the unit so crammed.
  28. Yung Coconut

    Yung Coconut

    Sucks for this guy, but it's also not like the Xbox One X is some miracle piece of hardware that won't have a single defective unit come off the line. I'm sure a few people will be unlucky. Hopefully I'm not one of them.
  29. Hesemonni


    A bit early for that?
  30. Keikaku


    Anyone try the towel trick yet?
  31. Emka


  32. Kasey


    Sucks for you seeing how excited you were for the upgrade. They've patched away performance issues in BC in the past so there's that to look forward to.
  33. Theorry


    So surge thing?

  34. No one man should have all that power.

    /s I’m so sorry lol I had to.

    Sucks for day one fans. Every launch has its duds.
  35. Polioliolio


    The more complicated these machines get, and the cheaper they produce them, the more likely this is to happen.

    After 2 ps3s died, I had enough of that. If my ps4 dies, I'm not buying another. I want to get a switch sometime soon, but if these things don't hold out for several years, I'm not buying another if it goes belly up.

    How are switches holding up by the way?
  36. "If you write it, they will come"
  37. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
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    For their sake, I hope that Xbox One X early adopters like games developed by Remedy...

    .. more specifically: Quantum Break

    I don't know how the RRoD began, which Xbox was Xbox Zero and what not, but I think it was much, much, much more widespread than this. So it's probably nothing. MS put a lot of care in developing Xbox after 360. They have a great track record and I don't think this Xbox should be different
  38. Mondy

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    Exactly. Gifs are all good but sound it out in words and it may as well be the front page of a newspaper
  39. Every piece of electronic has a small chance of failure no matter the make/hardware. Maybe it is to do with surge protection or something.
    As long as it just stays in the minority then it shouldn't be an issue.
  40. Wolfman


    Amazing feat of engineering.
  41. ScopehJ


    I doubt Microsoft would allow a Red Ring of death v2...this is probably a small isolated problem with a few units maybe. However if its not and more people start reporting issues ...god damn its gonna get rough
  42. Yung Coconut

    Yung Coconut

    Xbox One X has a surge protector built in,. If he has it plugged into another one they might not be playing nice together? Especially if it's a cheap one. Shrug.
  43. Salty Rice

    Salty Rice
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    Hope for Microsoft this isnt gonna be a widespread problem or its gonna be a nightmare for them.
  44. Yung Coconut

    Yung Coconut

    Amazing feat of drive-by shit posting.

    lol come on people.
  45. Shao Kahn

    Shao Kahn

    I miss the good old "My *Console* has died and I'm trying to cope" threads.

    Stay strong, amigos.
  46. Derrick01


    It's a little premature to be saying that.

    My launch day PS4 had a broken disc drive within 30 minutes of using it. Why can't Sony make better hardware?
  47. ZhugeEX

    诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    This happens at the launch of every single console.

    Wait for a couple of weeks to see if this is widespread.
  48. jelly


  49. TripleBee


    Failure rate is all that matters. Anecdotal experiences are worth less then nothing (especially considering half of them are probably fake on top of it).
  50. Boots The God

    Boots The God

    Some shitting the bucket is expected with new hardware. Just hope it doesn't get out of hand