Some Xbox One X Consoles Dying After A Few Hours

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Psychotron, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Yung Coconut

    Yung Coconut Member

    No dude, it's over. It's already happened to a single person. Red Ring of Death Part Deux.
  2. Regret

    Regret Member

    Isn't this normal for every console?
  3. ManaByte

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    Remember the grinding disc drives on Day 1 Xbox Ones? The internet made it a bigger deal than it turned out to be. Stuff like this happens with new hardware.
  4. #54
    More than likely just defective units. Doubt this is widespread.

    holy shit that's a hilarious post.
  5. AegonSnake

    AegonSnake Member

    Exactly. The Pro had that faulty exhaust fan issue that got several of videos on youtube and threads on gaf and reddit, but in the end, it turned out to be a small percentage of overall units.
  6. Psychotron

    Psychotron Member Original Poster

    I tried to tell everyone I’m not hitting the panic button, just trying to head off issues before they happen. I’ll have my console in a few hours and if I can avoid a common thread between the members here, I’d like to do it. However, the shit posting has already started, so by all means lock it if people can’t be mature.
  7. Jom

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    There's never been a piece of Electronics that has had a zero defective rate. It's just that social media amplifies news of it now. I'm certain this is a non-issue.
  8. ApeX

    ApeX Member

    I wasn't using a surge protector.
  9. christocolus

    christocolus Member

    yup...also thanks, to Taco Bell some lucky gamers have had theirs for a few days now and also journalists got theirs about a week ago now..wouldn't we have heard something if this was a widespread issue?
  10. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Ah my bad. But it works now again?
  11. ManaByte

    ManaByte Member

    That's a good point. There were a decent number being used for over a week.

    I remember at the Xbox One launch even some journalists had the grinding disc drives.
  12. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    Not surprising at all it's new hardware. My launch PS4 died in less than 48 hours.

    Hopefully this isn't anything widespread
  13. Freddo

    Freddo Member

    I'm not the least surprised. All that power and heat crammed into a relatively small box with little airflow. After the whole RROD/YLOD thing a decade ago and considering what a vacuum cleaner my fat PS3 was, I decided I would never buy a >100W console again, preferably only <50W machines, but, eh, the only <50W machines we had since then are the Wii and Wii U. And I did buy a PS4 Slim a year ago, which is so cool, whisper quiet and stable.
  14. ApeX

    ApeX Member

    Nope, still dead last time I tried.

    I tried leaving it unplugged for a while before plugging it back in, but that didn't work. Also tried changing outlets, but that didn't work either.
  15. Yung Coconut

    Yung Coconut Member

    Have any external drives plugged in or anything? Cable box, Kinect, controllers, antenna etc. If so, unplug everything that isn't required and try again.
  16. bionic77

    bionic77 Member

    Thats the price of being an early adopter. I doubt it has anything to do with any real defect of the system.

    This will probably go away by next year.

    AAMARMO Member

    Are these Project Scorpio units?
  18. Edge

    Edge Community Resettler Member

    My Scorpio controller has huge gabs on the horns and that looks pretty cheap and not normal, someone here said it shouldn't be like that.



    But at least the console works. (I'm scared to turn it off for the first time)
  19. Morgan J

    Morgan J Member

    regular for me. I think its a small batch that is faulty and not widespread.
  20. ApeX

    ApeX Member

    Had an external HDD plugged in, but unplugged that as well and didn't plug it back in.
  21. ApeX

    ApeX Member

    Mine's a regular one.
  22. InsaneTiger

    InsaneTiger Member

    I'm sorry, I laughed when I read that, forgot about that line.

    Anyway, hope not many are affected by this and those that are can get replacements soon.
  23. psynergyadept

    psynergyadept Member

    this, it sucks to literally be that one in a million who gets a defective unit but it's not like it's another RROD situation.
  24. Jom

    Jom Member

    It's not going to be widespread. These devices are test run for thousands and thousands of hours. The only thing that could happen is like the RROD where testing doesn't catch it because it took a much longer time for the issues to pop up.
  25. christocolus

    christocolus Member

    How did you come to this conclusion? Many Journalist and some lucky gamers have had theirs for about a week now without issues.
  26. Jom

    Jom Member

    This thing has a vapor chamber. Heat is not going to be an issue whatsoever.
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    This scared me, so i just turned my Xbox One X down for 10 minutes and boot it up again.
    Gladly it's still working.

    Sucks for anyone who is not in the same boat, tho.
    Go and get your replacement form the retailer or have it fixed by Microsoft.
    Lets hope the problem is super rare and not widespread.
  28. ronaldthump

    ronaldthump Member

    The new RROD is the first thing I thought of.
  29. FSmallhands

    FSmallhands Member

    I feel for those with defects in the first days.

    I had 5 (!) 360 RROD
  30. bionic77

    bionic77 Member

    Nope. This is the first time a new piece of electronic hardware failed early adopters.

    In reality I think this is par for the course of any new release. Been that way every since antennae gate with the iPhone 4. Not going to change any time soon.
  31. ManaByte

    ManaByte Member

    At least they aren't exploding like the Note 7.
  32. sirap

    sirap Member

    This thread has got me shook. My XBX is currently being shipped to Malaysia. If anything happens to that unit I'm fucked.
  33. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    I picked one up today, played a ton of Assassin's Creed. Works like a dream - BUT - my Samsung 7000 series wouldn't recognize the HDMI with the XOneX for like thirty minutes. I had to turn everything on and off and reorder HDMI's, eventually it just caught it. I was worried the thing was bricked or something.
  34. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike Member

    As someone who worked retailed for a long time yeah it happens. 5% failure rate or something like that. It happens with new console launches specifically because so many of them end up being sold at one time. Had similar things happen with the PS4 and XB1 original. Hell my manager at the time (Gamestop) had the free PS4 she got from Sony busted due to the HDMI port being screwed up which was one of the problems with that system at launch.
  35. Vagabond

    Vagabond Member

    This is nothing like the RRoD situation. There were reports coming in even before the damn 360 launch. It was horrifying.
  36. Psychotron

    Psychotron Member Original Poster

    This happened to me with my Apple TV 4K. Odd thing is that it would only not work on one specific port. All others were fine. I did a factory reset and it worked again. Handshake issues suck, lol.
  37. BBQ_of_DOOM

    BBQ_of_DOOM Member

    I have an X sitting in my car waiting for me and this thread is easily the worst thing I could have read.

  38. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    Yeeesh. I feel you.
  39. Lakeside

    Lakeside Member

    My launch day PS1 died within 24 hours. My launch day Xbox cut rings in all of my disks right out of the box, including DVDs we played. I was so snake bitten by those that I'd order 2 of every launch console for a while.

    Oddly my launch day Xbox 360 lasted forever. Shit happens.. flying solo on this one.
  40. Stewarto

    Stewarto Member

    It’ll be fine man
  41. ManaByte

    ManaByte Member

    Yea I remember the HDMI thing. I was super careful plugging mine in.
  42. Psychotron

    Psychotron Member Original Poster

    Don’t let it bother you. It’s still extremely limited. I just want to know if there’s things we can do to prevent an issue, like the surge protector thing. I never knew you weren’t supposed to use one.
  43. gcwy

    gcwy Banned Member

    Pretty sure similar threads were made with Pro and Switch launch. Hope it's not widespread.

    Wow. How bad was the YLoD compared to it?
  44. hibikase

    hibikase Member

    Not really news. That can happen to any complex piece of electronics.

    I bought my PS4 six months after release and it was DOA.
  45. BBQ_of_DOOM

    BBQ_of_DOOM Member

    Which is a good call, IMO.

    I did that surge protector dance with the One S, and my plan here is to literally swap box for box. Hoping for good juju with that.
  46. mechaloaf

    mechaloaf Member

    This is really not what Microsoft needs right now. PS4 is already dominating and now this? I remember tear downs of the Xbox one showed they put in a massive heat sink, much bigger then it needs to be just to prevent another red ring scenario. Sucks for them.
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    When I went to gamestop to pick up my X someone was bringing there X back cause it wouldn't recognize the hdmi or something like that. Mine has been almost perfect so far. Won't load gears 4 for some reason
  48. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike Member

    When she told me over the phone at the time I legit had to put the phone down for a second and laugh because every ASM I knew was super jealous of the managers getting free systems at launch but she had to wait like 2 weeks for a replacement to come in XD She was very unhappy.
  49. BBQ_of_DOOM

    BBQ_of_DOOM Member

    There was a closed box return at the Best Buy I tried before I went to Target. Sales associate wouldn't disclose the reason, but closed box is usually a "buyer's remorse" thing, right?
  50. Seik

    Seik Member

    New hardware have some failed units, news at 11.

    Now watch Crowbcat make a video compilation and console warriors sharing it on Facebook clamoring how shit Xbox is. Just like with the Switch. :lol

    War hasn't changed.