1. Sacul64

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    I did not see this posted and it looks like we have some new info.

    Looks like you always have 2 characters at all times.
    Character Swapping mid stage is in.
    New Stage gimmicks for Mighty and Ray, look and layouts for stages are also changed.
    New harder Special stages, did not see a Checkpoint stage.
    Mention of harder bosses.
    Looks like lives are gone.
    Mighty has a Ground Slam with AOE, also makes hidden tvs fall. Has First hit spike immunity when in a ball.
    Ray had Mario World cape like gliding.

    Give me an Encore if old.
  2. Soul Unison

    Soul Unison
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    How does the removal of lives work?

    Is this an enforced one-life challenge run, or are they just dropping the pretense and giving the player infinite lives?
  3. Sacul64

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    I only watched the encore mode segment but he pointed out the lack of a life counter and there were no life TVs so I guess lives are just gone.
  4. Jahranimo

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    Whoa, that's pretty big for Sonic (outside of Lost World, that game is trash)

    So are there no more checkpoints either?

    Edit: Nvm I'll just watch it too lol
  5. Yukinari


    Kind of a shame this entire patch got leaked and then people found a way to play encore mode in its incomplete form.

    The changes to metal sonic's fight are probably for the best.
  6. Virtua King

    Virtua King

    I watched the stream earlier, and I came away impressed. Encore mode is a lot more substantial than I thought it was going to be.

    As for the lack of lives, it's not really that dire, because you can get a character back by hitting another item box.
  7. LightEntite

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    no lives?

    I mean Sonic games havent been difficult since after Sonic 2, but i don't see why that's necessary

    Mania was great but i'm honestly probably just going to skip on this.

    I've really got no interest in replaying stages that were already in the game, when so many stages in the game were stages i've already seen since I was 4 years old
  8. Sounds awesome day one buy for the dlc.
    Another 50 hours of play probs for me lol.

    Sounds like a quite the nice remixed mode to play.
  9. Jahranimo

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    After Mania released last year, there were some discussions about how lives and checkpoints in platformers were annoying, especially when you lose all of your lives you start at the beginning of the zone.

    At first I found this pretty laughable, but after seeing it brought up more and more I can see how checkpoints can be obnoxious for level progression if you're new to good 2D Sonic games.
  10. Sacul64

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    They mentioned that there will be a larger free update at the same time, I refused to watch any of the leak but that could be that and not Encore.
  11. Yukinari


    Nah people have literally uploaded encore gameplay already showing off the stages but you couldnt really play as mighty/ray and it was buggy.

    The stage transitions they added are also part of the free update.