Sonic Mania Plus announced - Physical release, new characters, new mode

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Zippo, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Zippo

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    Sonic Mania Plus Announced!

    Just announced at the SXSW PANEL!

    YES! Mighty The Armadillo and Ray return!

    Summer 2018, 29.99.
  2. NinjaCoachZ

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    This is LONG overdue but I'm so thankful it's finally happening!

    Is it going to be a wide release?
  3. Kokonoe

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    It's coming Summer 2018.


    Physical release will have this.


    Physical release price for Mania Plus is 29.99$

    For those who bought it digitally will get this with a digital update and the pricing will be revealed later.
  4. Dusk Golem

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    Just announced on the Sonic panel stream, will update with inews soon.

    Two new playable characters, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel:


    Also a new Encore Mode with remixed versions of each zone with new stuff in each stage. Competition Mode being made 4-player rather than 2-player.


    Physical edition will cost $29.99, all the features will be a DLC piece for all digital owners of the game.

    Releases this Summer.
  5. Cybersai

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    This better be included as a free update for those of us who already bought the game.
  6. NinjaCoachZ

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  7. Oldmario

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    i thought they wouldn't do this after what they said about doing a physical Yakuza 5 with LRG
  8. Jaded Alyx

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    Ray the what now?
  9. Djawed

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    Wow this is incredible
  10. Rush_Khan

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    Nice. Where's Espio?
  11. Gleethor

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  12. Silky

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  13. neufel

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    Reading "Mighty" made my heart skip a beat.
    No Beck in sight though.
  14. panama chief

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    Cool but how can they help the perfection that is Mania? Do they come with levels?
  15. BaconHat

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    We're doing the SegaSonic the hedgehog ride once again. Nice.

    RROCKMAN Member

    Doubme dipping for dat Sonic Cart
  17. Dusk Golem

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  18. phanphare

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    man, I'm gonna buy this twice aren't I?
  19. #19
    It better be for all platforms that the digital version was for. I'm at work so i can't check so is it? Or has it not been announced yet? EDIT: just saw the post above mine so nevermind.
  20. Ricerocket

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    Ray? The remake of Tails?
  21. lionpants

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    Wtf are those characters? Why do they have sonic faces?
  22. Megatron

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    Free update for those that already bought this digital.....RIGHT???
  23. OrbitalBeard

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    Yes, you are.

    And so am I.
  24. CalamityPixel

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  25. Tarrin

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    Physical release for everything but PC.
  26. RockmanBN

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    Any new levels?
  27. blondkayvon

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    Really cool that they brought back two of the deadest characters from the Sonic franchise.

    ... I still would've preferred playable classic Amy but I'll take what I can get.
  28. New Fang

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    Glad I still haven’t bought it, but hoping they also add checkpoints to the game.
  29. NinjaCoachZ

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    That artbook.

    That reversible cover.

    Remixed stages!!!
  30. OmegaSmash

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    I N
  31. Kinsei

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    No. They mentioned that the price for the DLC will be announced later.
  32. julian

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    Honestly, 4 player competitive mode might actually look better.
  33. maximumzero

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    Fucking tits, every goddamn time I say to myself "Oh, well, this isn't getting a physical release, I guess I can force myself to buy digital" a physical release pops up later on.

  34. Kurtofan

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    who the hell are those dudes
  35. Snake Eater

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    Good God those new characters look like terrible fan art
  36. Fork

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    Goty 2017

    Snapped me out of a mini-depression

    I am 100% in

    Marry me Christian Whitehead
  37. ~Fake

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  38. VariantX

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    #38 in again. Might get Amy and Metal down the road someday either in mania or the sequel. Wonder what kind of gameplay hooks those guys will offer
  39. Tambini

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    They better have a mega drive reversible cover
  40. AxeVince

    AxeVince Member

    We are at least three in this case then
  41. DickHams

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    OP says December 2018, others say summer. Which is correct? Also, glad I held out for the physical release.
  42. Fox Mulder

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    who are these sonic faced sonic friends with awful names.
  43. Krejlooc

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    Ray the Squirrel predates Tails.
  44. Cordy

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    Encore Mode...hmmm interesting.
  45. ShinobiBk

    ShinobiBk Member

    It includes more than the base game and is more expensive than the base game so no, I don't think it will be or should be.
    Can I combine with my save files on base Sonic Mania though?

    Ray and Mighty holy shit lol
    Day 1 for physical release
  46. Dany1899

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    Octopath Traveler, Crash Trilogy, Captain Toad, YS VIII and now the physical release of Sonic Mania: there aree too many interesting (at least for me) Switch games in summer and not so much time until the end of July.
  47. Icekilla

    Icekilla Banned Member

    No PC physical release?
  48. Kinsei

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    Mighty is from Knuckles Chaotix and Ray is from a Japan only arcade game called SegaSonic the Hedgehog (Yes, SegaSonic is one word).
  49. Tidalwaves

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    Rays design is creeping me OUT. He looks like Sonic fused with Tails.
  50. Draconian

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    Not double dipping on a game that should've had a physical release from the getgo.
  51. Blueblur

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