SonicFox planning 48-72 hour charity stream, proceeds go to the Trevor Project and other LGBTQ+ charities


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Oct 25, 2017
bork land
inspired by the Hbomberguy charity stream

Hey guys! So just a heads up, I am planning on doing a practically 48-72 hour ish or so nightmare charity stream next week (heavily inspired by @Hbomberguy)! I will be donating all proceeds to at least 3 LGBTQ+ charities and will be streaming MK9-MK11 Story Modes! BLOW IT UP!

I wanna do this at like Friday 5PM ish or so? And I will try to do like 5pm to 10am streams each day from Fri-Sunday. Ill definitely need a night crew for when I inevitably need rest! If I feel I finished too early, I will stream other playthroughs of like INj1-Inj2 etc etc!

the exact time and date is in the works, but he is planning on having guests and a night crew for the marathon

he's currently taking suggestions for other charities to support on twitter as well

stream will happen on his Twitch channel, here:

beaver bother me if old


Oct 25, 2017
Goes without saying but avoid the replies.

Pleased he says in the second tweet he'll need rest, had me worried for second that he'd be going crazy with it


Oct 25, 2017
Shit, I'll check this out. SonicFox is the hero the FGC needs.

Too bad he knows all of these games 100% so we don't have a repeat of someone asking AOC for advice on stream.


May 15, 2019
His knowledge, enthusiasm and hyperactivity are genuinely becoming endearing to me. And I’ve hated this guy for winning so much since mkx