Sony Interactive Entertainment has trademarked Syphon Filter in Europe.

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    Sony also had to trademark Shadow of the Colossus again when they were doing the remake with Bluepoint, so rather than renewing trademark from before, this seems like it could be more of the same with SotC, a remake/reboot.
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    Gabe is back?
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    so PSX announcement?
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    PSX announcement incoming?
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    Probably PS2 game on PSN.
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    It's happening.gif
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    Was the ps2 game any good?
    Only played the ps1 games and I loved them.
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    Shadow of Colossus treatment or REBOOT?

    PS2 to PS4
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    No Taser, no buy.
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    Remake? Bend is too small to make two games.
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    The greatest taser in gaming is back
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    Must be a remake because Bend is a little busy.
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    Tasers or bust.
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    Time to taser some fools.
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    I played the demo on PSP like 1000 times
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    Oooohhh boy. Here we go.
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    Its finally happening boys!!
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    If it’s not only for safekeeping the name I only hope it’s not VR.
    If it’s a new game it would be weird since Bends busy, but I’d love it.
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    Oh my god if that is coming back then hell yes.
    But I'll remain calm for now until something concrete is shown/announced.
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    Get Kojima on it.
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    Probably PS2 Classic
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    Syphon Filter 2 is one of my favorite games ever. Would love to see the series come back.
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    Maybe one of these ps2 emulated games on ps4?
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    $40 Remake?
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    One of my favorite series. I don’t believe there is a new game. Bend is busy. But such a missed opportunity here.
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    Probably, would be amazing if it was a reboot of the franchise though.
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    Don't work yourselves into a frenzy over something as oblique as this. It's probably housekeeping due to still selling the games on PSN. I won't believe anything more until I see it.
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    They have trademarked stuff like this for PS2 on PS4 releases too, so it could be for one of those

    And they also have trademarked PS1 titles that resulted in nothing (G-Police, Lifeforce Tenka)
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    How is it a PS2 to PS4 thing when this game is a PS1 game? Or was it PS2?
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    Loved these games on PS1 and PS4. Don't want to get my hopes up that this is a new one. Isn't PSX going to be more low-key than usual anyway? Doubt this is a new one.
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    *heavy breathing*

    As long as it isn't Omega Strain.
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    If they are doing another Syphon Filter, wonder who's making it ? Because Bend is busy making their new IP, Days Gone.
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    This so much. Nothing like going around the whole map putting enemy's on fire by a taser.
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    Like others have said, most likely a PS2 on PS4 game. Good way to test the waters and see if people are still interested in Syphon Filter.
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    Some of my fave games from the PS1. This is money on the table same as Dino Crisis, so get them made.....please.
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    Bend is making Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima is Sucker Punch.
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    Really hope it's a reboot.
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    *Days Gone
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    I think it will either be PS2 to PS4 or a remake.
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    Don't know anything about this game but these GIFs are great lol