Sony Is Not Anti-Consumer for Making PS5 Exclusives - Push Square


Jun 3, 2019
I think my post is quite clear - just because something is regarded as either pro or anti consumer does not automatically make it the other. I fail to see how the decision by Sony to limit their first party offering to PS5 from now on is "pro-consumer" in the traditional sense of the word - i can understand why certain subsections of the community might "like" the decision made for the reasons you outlined, but again that does not make it "pro-consumer".
I somewhat agree, Its anti-consumer relative to Xbox's stance on the next gen IMO. Is it anti-consumer overall? Bit trickier to answer as people will appeal to tradition and say 'this is how its always been therefore it must be fine!'. Even though previous gens heard lots of complaints about feeling forced to buy an expensive console just to play the sequel to a game they played, mitigating this seems like the 'more' consumer friendly stance.