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Sony on Crossplay: PS4 is the best experience for gamers and therefore should not be compromised

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Oct 29, 2017
Alright, I'm ready. I'm doing this for you, SpecDot:

Sony: "We want everyone to play on PlayStation so that we make more money than the competition."


Everyone please reply to this with some rage and leave caps lock on. Thank you.

Video games are serious business y'all!
You’re a good person, or a horrible one depending on what town of Era come from.
Oct 27, 2017
Also what is that SFV post man? English not his first language I don’t think but it’s not that serious bro. Lag switch was a thing, especially early in SFV life’s, it happens on all consoles tho (some form of cheating) and is largely done away with completely in SFV with various updates.

Not sure why I’m even posting here lol. Crazy place
Nov 4, 2017
How is it a console wars debate? Sony have some daft policy that is affecting the PS4 audience and then they continue to come out and make stupid statements to come and justify it. In a world where that PS4 audience is so bloody large, how is this not gonna be a legitimate talking point and topic of discussion? It’s not one side making some shit up to shit on ‘the other side’. It’s Sony shitting on their own customers. As a PS4 owner, I say fuck that. If you’re gonna have such an ass backwards policy at least be honest about the reason. Don’t come out with ‘we have the best place to play and must protect that’. Because that’s a lie. They’re actively making their own platform the worst place to play certain games.

Also, I am very ok with a next gen Dreamcast dominated market ;)
I agree about Sony's policy being anti-consumer. I was mostly kidding but people are moving from criticism to being overly tribal. I guess the joke didn't land though. Mea culpa. I have all the systems and a good PC so I really don't have a horse in this race.

Another Dreamcast would be cool. I loved that wacky and plucky little system.
Oct 28, 2017
And, if I understand correctly, you believe this? You believe that any company executive of any company would prefer competition to a monopoly?
Shuhei Yoshida specifically has said that Nintendo especially is good for the whole industry because they bring new gamers in. He has also publicly tweeted about owning a Wii U and also Switch I think?

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more Sony staff on all levels who share similar viewpoints. Actually, hasn't Cory Barlog said something similar?


Don't worry I'm on the case
Oct 24, 2017
Locking Thread.

We wanted to give the thread a chance to recover from the hefty derail from earlier, but it simply has not done so. If more news comes out about Sony's thoughts on crossplay, or for other factors, feel free to make a thread. Thanks!
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