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Oct 25, 2017
Spider-Man was included int he "first half of the year" spiel for the 2018 games and came out in september so....
Way to miss the point of the post.

That's all the more reason to not expect a game with zero release window from a publisher well known for giving things time to hit in the next 12 months.
Apr 7, 2018
Unless both Part II & Tsushima going God of War 2018 kind of marketing; releasing little info & limited trailers, I hope for Tsushima have long overview trailers like Red Dead 2 did.

Might hype people more.

Or not...
I would love some of these games (especially Part II) to go that route but Cory Barlog did say that the only reason we saw so little was because of development. They decided to work on all the parts of the game at once and certain sections couldn’t finish until other areas were finished so they legitimately didn’t have enough to show off. Not that I’m complaining because it was cool going into the game knowing very little.
Nov 2, 2017
I dont know how I feel about a GOW expansion.

I wanted them go straight to GOW2...
Yeah, not a fan of an expansion too, I want them to save everything for the second game.

What would it even be about? I can’t think of any side stories, maybe it will take during the 3 winters and the second game will straight up be Ragnarok.
Dec 19, 2017
No; The game must be almost complete...
Of course it is too early!
Yes. Not too early for a standalone expansion tho :thinkingemoji:
Let Sony have an orchestra during a event for GoW2 announcement ;)
It will for sure be smokes and mirrors this time.
A console generation too early.
Agent announcement is more possible ;)
Damn. What about Spidey 2?
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