Sony Playstation: First Party Studios & their Current Projects

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  1. 14 ppl made this...incredible i hope this is successful so they can keep growing
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    Maybe they shouldn't grow.
    Games like these won't sell gangbusters. It looks good enough too.
    Not going for a big budget may make this kind of games more sustainable.
    Squeeze it in the conferences and some youtube videos is all the market it needs too.
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    I wonder how they handle those creature animations, can 14 ppl produce enough variety of assets and animations?
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    It's like Cuphead never happened.
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    To be fair, Cuphead was in development for, what...8 years?
  6. You know fair enough small scale studio i like it
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    Of course, we don't know anything, How many times us enthusiast will know about matters like these anyway, most of the time we have to extrapolate.

    Way too soon to discuss about Manchester Studios.

    This the first small-scale Sony First Party Studio, so maybe the process of running this team is going to be different.

    Didn't knew about their relation with Epic.

    Yeah no doubt Dreams is going to be updated well into the PS5 generation. Another MM Project after Dreams is certainly a possibility but I am not sure how keen MM is on doing a small scale project after Tearaway.

    All is great for now, I am just a little worried about the future.

    Because shareholders felt that this is their weakness - not enough microtransactions in WWS games compared to others and they replied the new CEO will address this issue.

    Sorry for forgetting Detroit and Death Stranding, I don't know why I forget them as I am very excited about Death Dtranding.

    Studios nowadays do get close faster nowadays if they are not successful, margin of error is lower than ever.

    The shareholders felt WWS not incorporating enough microtransactions in their games as weakness and Sony replied that the New CEO will pursue to solve this issue if you don't call that meddling than what is meddling?
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    Some small Dreams updates from one of MM's co-founders:

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    Huh, I guess that might hurt them, since they won't get to sell addons like they did in LBP.
    Just copy or import from someone better at it.


    Sounds good too me! Can't wait to try it.. gotta get more move controllers before the beta comes out.
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    Yeah I wonder how they will handle revenue outside of the initial sales, LBP made profits onwards due to the character costume dlc's and some pack theme dlc like a SpongeBob level with costumes etc
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    Well, that’s doesn’t bold well for their tool’s efficiency with all the delay doesn’t it.
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    I'm buying the Move revisions and the PS4 camera once they announce the beta date.
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    I don't know. If I could legally import a very similar music from other people for free I'm pretty sure I wouldn't pay for it. They're all about sharing too.
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    Isnt MLB The Show 18 confirmed now.

    I'm sure I saw it on YouTube
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    It is.
    March 27th
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    Do you have anything to back this up. I would ask for proof but I doubt I'm going to get any. You've taken House stepping down to mean something else. Single player is their weakness? OK? "Shareholders" said that? OK? You've all but created your own narrative here and it's really odd to see.

    Exploring microtransactions = We're abandoning single player exclusives.
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    They have the little floating fur balls, they can probably sell some dlc to dress them up.


    This is why I said Dreams can be the most ambitious game/design for this gen or even in gaming history. You can even import your created meshes and assets to other real engines and use them and even 3D print them. That is why I keep saying the fact of keeping delaying the game each time can hurt it more and kill the hype for it in the future, especially the delay for the beta. This beta should have been released ages ago to allow the devs to discover the limits of their game and adjust them before the release. It allows them even to discover things they didn't even intend in their game exploited by the skilled players i.e: a glicth in LBP2 beta allowed the creation of FPS type of games and the devs kept it to expand the game ability. Releasing a late beta can't have such a big impact in the correction and arrangement of what is left of the game develoment.
    If they are delaying the game to refine it much more the it is good ofc but I think the main reason for such big delay for the game and the beta (more than one year) is the sudden forced inclusion of PS VR support in order to follow the new marketing trend of Sony. If this is the case then it is really not fair and within the limit foolish. Why delay the game and its beta to just support something just a minotiy have? They could have started its support post beta or even post game release. No one would be hurt.
    Sometimes I think VR is pushing to hinder the quality or time spent to refine a normal game and is even prioritized as the trend of this gen, exactly how the trend of 3D TVs and games was last-gen which pushed devs top focus on it to the extent of even scamping the quality of some games in order to include 3D support. Until this trend died for both games and TVs.
    To all devs, always keep in mind that gimmicks in video games don't last that long and the core gaming is what stays forever so always focus on it and make it your priority.
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    I'm now playing LBP 3 again.....and game is great! Only minus for me is long loading times. It's already been 3 years since last LBP game, still no new annoucments. I would really like new one, but since LBP 3 bombed in sales and it's launch put bad image on LBP series, I doubt it will happen.
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    Hmm, Bend's busy.
    I don't think they'd go to a 3rd party for that one, maybe if it's something VR. Meh if so.
    Probably just keeping the name safe.
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    Fucking called it man. And now, to the dino crisis and medievil pleae.
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    It's just a trademark renovation, nothing to see here
  29. Could be a remake.

    Taser hype!

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    Remake by Bluepoint.
  31. With SoTC coming so soon, I could see them doing it.
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    Any news no Sonys Fall VR games? GameFly is showing March 2018 release dates for Bravo and Inpatient.
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    LBP3 was developed by Sumo Digital afaik also LBP2 was my fave one in the series
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    A Bluepoint remake of Syphon Filter would be surprising, to say the least. Unlike SoTC which only needs asset remake and a general sense of playability polish, a remake of SP would essentially be a reimagining that rethinks every aspect of the game.
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    PixelOpus is a 12 man team based at SIEA's headquarters, London is a studio based at SIEE's headquarters and includes one of Sony's main R&D teams, Manchester was literally founded a couple of years ago, so we have no clue what they're capable of, let alone where they'd get shut down, and Bend's upcoming game is tracking absurdly well. Like I said, pulling studios out of a hat.

    As for the microtransactions bit, you're taking one brief statement and running laps around the planet with it.
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    If that is the direction sony goes with a remake of SF then maybe Bluepoint is being tested on how they can handle games that require resources of that level
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    Any hope for getting an internally developed JRPG from Sony at this point. Would love to see wild arms or legend of dragon come back.
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    Better chance now than in the past.

    Official statement on first-party JRPGs 2 years ago: "No."
    Official statement on first-party JRPGs 1 year ago: "We have first-party JRPGs planned for mobile."
    Official statement on first-party JRPGs this year: "Erm, we noticed P5 and NieR doing really well globally... er... exploring opportunities."
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    When did I say they will abandon Single-Player games? I merely stated they will decrease them to expand and invest in new GAAS projects.

    A lot of people felt the same about Cambridge Studio, we heard they were a great tech team and helped a lot of WWS teams with their games. But you're right Manchester Studio and Pixel Opus teams are recently created there is no way Sony will close them down so soon.

    Those brief statements are important because they are discussed in conference call and these things outline the strategy of the company for the future. As for source see this:

    Source :
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    ConfusedGamer - for those not clicking on the link, might be worth pointing out that it's talking about Kenchiro Yoshida, Sony's CFO, and not Shu.
  41. I think they are up to the task, but it does seem like it would be a project that is out of their usual line of work.
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    Edited my post for better clarification, sorry if there was any confusion.
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    They've definitely entered a new phase in sales potential for their first party games compared to last gen. Felt like they had plenty of 1-5 million sellers last go around with a few exceeding. This time it feels like they got their fair share of potential 5+ million sellers and some could even approach 10 or beyond (TLOU2, GoW, Spidey)
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    Man, can't wait to get more news for Ghost of Tsushima. :D
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    Since Kenchiro Yoshida is into GaaS, why not invest in a true Playstation MMO? monthly subscription on top of ps+ mmm...
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    I was playing ISS the other night, and thinking 'This is what SP came up with as a launch window title. GoT will have 4+ years of PS4 coding trickery built in.'

    I think it's going to be something special.
  47. It’s time for mag to come back ultimate GaaS style potential
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    Yes please or even Socom.
  49. WaqarYounis

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    Yup, can't wait. :D
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    What about Warhawk as GaaS?