Sony's Kodera to evolve PSN into next phase + lead Sony's Digital Transformation Strategy

Oct 27, 2017
Madrid Spain
PS Vue is limited to a few countries. As an example it isn't available in their main Sonyland market: PAL regions.

Regarding PS4, I said allow me to buy, not to play. As an example, to allow me to activate the download PS3 and Vita games from a PS4 for PS+ games as I can do from the website. When I talked about emulation (so playing) I mentioned PS5.
I agree in this case.
Nov 6, 2017
PS Vue is limited to a few countries. As an example it isn't available in their main Sonyland market: PAL regions.
It's limited to one country, the USA - a PS Vue heavy strategy for PS5 would be as bad as MS' initial strategy & marketing for the XBox One for the exact same reason and while there's a lot of institutional arrogance at Sony I don't think they're that stupid
Nov 21, 2018
Interesting that Kodera got back to the digital/subscription/services area at the same time that PS+ leaves PS3 and PS Vita behind.
No more last gen devices holding PSN back.
PSN 2.0 is coming baby, for PS4 & PS5.
People told the same when PS4 was releasing...and here we are.
Feb 10, 2018
Sounds good to me.. as long as the digital transformation doesn't include everything I despise about Xbox Live, like adverts in my face etc. All in a bid to maximize revenue to that often highlighted 90million plus users. Or their tv and whatever nonsense I want no part of.
I think it will be heading in that direction, what else could it be?
Nov 21, 2018
What Sony shouls do ASAP is really making a single PSN not splitted into EU, US and JAP PSN.
It's 2019, we live in a world where people move often around the globe for job, it's insane we atill need to make different accounts for each region while it's not a thing anymore for XBox and Switch. It's ok having regional prices, but thinking if I move to USA I'll lose my entire PSN library is just insane. If you purchase a US title you can't purchase EU dlcs because they won't work, it's just stupid.
Dec 20, 2017
VUE needs to include live TV + Movie service like Netflix + Crackles + Music streaming + Music videos

Tiers : Free with ads, Gold, Platinum

Free with ads : Crackle, free music
Gold : Crackle, Netflix link content with original content, more music selection

Platinum : Includes everthing

PSN needs to include the internet service, PS Now + An expanded Live from playstation rivaling Twitch + PSN+

Tier : Free with ads, Gold, Platinum

Free with ads : Live from playstation, community,

Gold : Online play, PS+, selected free ps now monthly content

Platinum : Everything

That's it. 2 apps on all platforms ( Androids, smart Tvs, Ios, computers
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