1. Bruno MB

    Bruno MB
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    Cumulative sales data as of week 49, 2017 for the following titles:

    New Releases: (Week 46 - 49, 2017)

    Star Wars Battlefront II (ALL) - 34,058

    Star Wars Battlefront II (PlayStation 4) - 27,605
    Star Wars Battlefront II (Xbox One) - 3,752
    Star Wars Battlefront II (PC) - 2,701

    Need for Speed: Payback (ALL) - 16,102

    Need for Speed: Payback (PlayStation 4) - 14,245
    Need for Speed: Payback (Xbox One) - 1,060
    Need for Speed: Payback (PC) - 797

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo Switch) - 15,094

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (ALL) - 6,767

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PlayStation 4) - 5,003
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (Nintendo Switch) - 1,267
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (Xbox One) - 497

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Nintendo Switch) - 6,423

    L.A. Noire (ALL) - 3,752

    L.A. Noire (Nintendo Switch) - 1,840
    L.A. Noire (PlayStation 4) - 1,631
    L.A. Noire (Xbox One) - 281

    DOOM (Nintendo Switch) - 3,528

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (PlayStation 4) - 2,655

    DOOM VFR (ALL) - 1,030

    Old titles:

    FIFA 18 (ALL) - 516,908
    Call of Duty: WWII (ALL) - 274,601
    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PlayStation 4) - 237,359
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PlayStation 4) - 114,715

    Source: Hobby Consolas

  2. Lite_Agent


    Heh, looks like a pretty good debut for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, if it can nearly outsell Need 4 Speed. Wish they'd shared some data for XCX and XC1 to use as comparison.

    Seeing LA Noire selling more on Switch, albeit by a few units (and retail only) is surprising... especially with the space shenanigans.
  3. DecoReturns


    LA noire sold better in Switch?
    Should I be surprised? Becuase I am

    Also that's seems pretty good for Xenoblade
  4. sfortunato


    Good numbers for Switch software. XC2 sold about half of BF, lol
  5. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    Wow Xenoblade 2!
  6. ArkhamFantasy


    Oh my goodness WW2 obliterated BF2. EA and Lucartarts are one heck of a duo huh?
  7. Star Wars numbers looks low, aren't they?

    Great numbers for XenoBlade!

    EDIT: La noire Switch > La noire PS4 ? [​IMG]
  8. cw_sasuke


    Huh...nice Xenoblade 2 sales.
  9. Kainé


    Yep, for a JRPG it's pretty good.

    Nier automata was about 6000 on PS4 I think. And Berseria around 3000 so 15k for xenoblade 2 it's damn good.
  10. Puroresu_kid


    What happened to Lego Marvel? Hasnt the sequel under performed everywhere?
  11. AztecComplex

    Banned Member

    Is Spain the hardest of hardcore Sony territory in western Europe? Cause I think it may be.
  12. Bruno MB

    Bruno MB
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had an excellent launch, normal SKU (10,023) Limited Edition (5,071).
  13. DecoReturns


    1 million worldwide, here we come.
  14. Chauzu


    Comparing to BF2 sales, it really looks solid for XB2 here, even if digital is excluded.
  15. Kainé


    Sony territory but Nintendo does pretty good here too.
  16. Liam


    lucasarts was shut down in 2013
  17. Heartskips


    Actually really good for Xenoblade 2.
  18. Maxina


    I wouldnt say that. Nintendo has been doing great in recent years, settings some records for Nintendo too.
  19. rzmunch


    Those are great numbers for Xenoblade, I think it did the same in UK.
  20. Tibarn


    Exactly, looking at my friends and family, all of them have Ps4 and most of them have Switch.
    IIRC Switch had the best console launch of the history of Spain.
  21. This is the same for pretty much every Europe countries.

    The only exceptions are UK which is very weak for Nintendo, and France where is fair to say Nintendo may be stronger than Sony.
  22. Zedark


    Hmm, interesting numbers for Switch software too. XBC2 selling on par with NFS would suggest a really good performance for the former, even if the latter probably underperformed, right?

    Skyrim and XBC2 also sold on par or better compared to UK, which is quite good for a region where probably fewer Switch units have been sold (iirc). Funny to see that Skyrim Switch outsold Skyrim VR by over 2 times in Spain, while in UK Skyrim VR sold better. Seems like a very different market for Switch, at least from this data point (and the next one discussed below).

    Edit: Forgot to take into account that these aren't just first week numbers, so the analysis above is not quite on point.

    And LA Noire Switch being the top sku in physical sales is a really good result, a more pronounced success than what we saw already in the UK.

    Probably even a 1,000 units or so better, even. Edit: but that is comparing 1 week of UK sales vs. 2 weeks of Spanish sales.
  23. eonden


    Surprised of the Xeno numbers, feeling proud of us for once. Also, damn those fifa numbers. You can probably make an assumption that those are nearly the amount of consoles in Spain.
  24. Lite_Agent


    You should add that tidbit to the OP (if you haven't already). And thanks for it in the first place. Impressive the LE sold half what the regular edition did.
  25. Everyone likes a legitimate artbook.
  26. Zedark


    I continue to believe that storage space is not really a problem for the general consumers, who are probably used to expanding their phone's storage with an SD card as well. I really don't feel it'll influence the decision to buy a game all that much.
  27. Raijinto


    Wow CoD sold like 8/9x as much as Battlefront 2...

    Curb-stomped isn't even enough to describe it...
  28. Lelouch0612


    It might however influence the digital ratio.
  29. Slarvax


    La Noire selling more on Switch and Lego selling more on PS4? Cool
    Edit: also are those FW numbers for both Doom and Skyrim Switch?
    Edit 2: nvm, I get it now.
  30. mutantmagnet


    So this covers Spain only?
  31. Just to add a bit more context, Hobby consolas is very biased towards Sony.
  32. Zedark


    Wait, the number for NFS doesn't include the first week, does it? Week 46 starts after NFS' launch.

    You mean in a positive way? Because there's less reason imo to get it physically when you have to download sizeable amounts of data anyway for titles like LA Noire.

    But these are sales numbers? I don't see in what way we should be cautious with Hobby Consolas' bias.
  33. Bruno MB

    Bruno MB
    Member OP

    All these numbers are cumulative sales data as of week 49, 2017.

    Week 45, 2017 sales for Need for Speed: Payback are included. I mistakenly added as a new release because I though it was released in week 46, 2017. DOOM on Switch was also released in week 45, 2017.
  34. I'm not saying we should doubt the data, I don't even know where they get it from so I can't say one way or the other. I was just trying to inform non spanish readers of the fact.
  35. So that’s 30k first week for UK and Spain. Add the 130k in Japan and we have 160k so far. Not bad
  36. Lelouch0612


    Yes that's what I meant. The same applies for Doom.
  37. Zedark


    I see, thanks for clarifying! Yeah, that must be a great result for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, selling the same as Need For Speed while the latter had 3 extra weeks, too.

    I see. I would say that DOOM probably had this effect to a lesser degree, since it contains the whole single player campaign on the cartridge, so only those who want to get into multiplayer will be affected by this phenomenon.
  38. I wonder how it did in France and Germany? Possible 100k+ debut in Europe?? Seems possible?
  39. Joseki


    XC2 did super fine, Monolith and Nintendo surely are happy with those sales. It's a niche game but those are good sales even on absolute terms.

    NS > X1 is something that I expect WW too, LEGO has always sold very well on Nintendo systems.

    Bethesda is probably happy with both VR and Switch.

    Switch being the best selling SKU is surprising. I don't know if it's the same WW but on social medias I see ads for the Switch version, nothing for PS4 and X1.

    I think that for a huge majority of the Switch owners an SD card is a must buy, I don't think it has much influence. The eShop seems to be a good place to be now judging by the success of many games released in the past few months.

    Not having a proprietary format was a perfect move.
  40. Lizardus


    Not true regarding DOOM. I have the physical copy and I pretty much had to download the 7.7 GB MP (I assume it's the MP) with an update.
  41. rzmunch


    I think so, France and Germany are good markets for Nintendo (because they are bigger than Spain, and more pro Nintendo), Xenoblade X sold a bit more than 40k in less than 2 weeks in France, and in Germany it was top 10 in the month). I think maybe 150k+ in the full month.
  42. Good for XC2. Hope it sells 1 million eventually.

    Actually good all-around for Switch. Spain is a much better market than the UK for Nintendo.
  43. Zedark


    Oh really? That completely kills the reason to have the whole single player on card (although I just read you can play single player without downloading if you turn on airplane mode lol).
  44. AlmostHuman

    Banned Member

    Arriba España cojones.
  45. Zedark


    Uncharted The Lost Legacy selling about half of UC4 is a good result imo. Being a DLC-turned-full-game puts you at a disadvantage, and it endeavoured to replace the popular Nathan Drake with two characters who obviously were less prominent in the series. Would love to see more UC games with this concept!
  46. Lelouch0612


    To give you an idea, XC2 has probably sold its initial shipment in France given the fact that it's out of stock in some of the biggest retailers (Amazon, Fnac...). >40k seems possible.
  47. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member

  48. silva1991


    XC2 did really well there.
  49. Xbro


    Do we get France numbers?
  50. rzmunch


    Thats great, so more sales soon when there is stock then.
    Does someone know how do nintendo shipped work? https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html
    It's per fiscal year (I think Xenoblade can reach 1 million? Or per quarter (I don't think it will reach a million)?

    Edit: Typo