SPECULATION: I believe Starfield (ZeniMax/Bethesda) is a Mobile game

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    Recently I have been searching through Global Brand Database for different video game related trademark. I recently checked out ZeniMax Media trademarks and notice the long-rumored Starfield trademark people are anticipating to be Bethesda next big triple-A game. However, unfortunately, I have noticed a pattern with this trademark compare to other ZeniMax Media games that released on console.

    First, let's look at the good and services of Starfield (11.12.2017):
    You may have noticed that the first line mentions mobile-related uses such as mobile application software, namely, electronic game programs and video games for mobile devices. Now some might say Im being far-fetched and just grabbing out this words, however, let's look at a game ZeniMax has released on Console Platforms recently.

    Skyrim (04.05.01) Good and Services tags:
    You may have noticed that the first line mentions computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles compared to Starfield right off the bat mentions Mobile game-related features.

    Let's look at another trademark that ZeniMax filled Prey 2017 (16.08.2016):
    Again with this trademark right off the bat mentions Computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles like the previous one I mention Skyrim VR. But what does a mobile game trademark from Bethesda Softworks looks like?

    Fallout Shelter (12.01.2016) Good and Services tags:
    Similar to Starfield this starts out with Mobile related features compared to the other two Skyrim VR and Prey 2017 which starts out with computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles.

    With this evidence, you can see why I strongly believe that Starfield is a mobile game and not there next big triple-A game. However, I believe they are working on there triple A game maybe its Elder Scrolls, Fallout or a brand new IP but I am confident that it's not Starfield.

    Source: http://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/

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    Maybe it could be mobile tie-in stuff like Fallout did with Shelter and the Pip-Boy app.

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    Does the Switch count as mobile in this scenario?
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    Nirolak just came
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    I’m in the same boat as you OP. Many think it will be BGS’s next open world sandbox RPG, but considering recent trends within BGS and the evidence you provide. I definitely feel Starfield will not be of a traditional BGS formula.
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    I think Starfield is a big AAA game, but has a mobile app too.
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    I can't put into words how much joy this would bring me if true. Funniest gaming thing since FFXIV's debut trailer probably.
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    I lean towards large AAA game with a mobile tie in.
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    If it was they probably wouldn't start the good and services with mobile.
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    BGS has to announce something new this year, right? There's only so many times Skyrim can be ported...
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    Maybe we’ll start getting FO3 ports.
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    Who’s that?
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    So does vita. But they are both in limbo with third party now
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    It would be announcing something tho. :p Also, maybe they want to do a mobile game after how their last AAA games performed.
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    Well, luckily for us we’ll find out in exactly 2 months!
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    I'm at the point where i just say Yes to everything whenever someone mention switch, easier that way :)
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    But they made that embarasing singleplayer PR video and everything!
  21. FelipeMGM

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    maybe things changed during development, because their original filling (now abandoned) didnt mention mobile at all

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    I refuse to believe, need Nirolak to confirm.

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    Nice Find.
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    Very well? Despite the bad rep their games get in vocal minority bubbles, Bethesda RPGs are still some of the most popular and well-received. Especially Skyrim and Fallout 4.
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    I bet you a packet of cookies it's their next AAA IP for consoles and PC, with no mobile tie-in and launches this winter.
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    I'm not saying they're bad, far from it. Just that sales for Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2, Prey weren't that good. TES and Fallout are huge of course, but they can't release a new one every year.
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    So they want to transition to mobile after the success of FO4 and Skrim ports? It's probably mobile but I doubt it's due game sales of their previous AAA games, maybe FO Shelter is raking the dough in the background though
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    No, it is not :) And it is coming this fall, so just wait for E3.
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    Those are not BGS titles.

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    I was of the mindset of thinking about BGS and their games, not Bethesda as a whole. Although I suppose that is something to consider was well.
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    They certainly didn´t spend the last 3 years developing a mobile game.
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    You have inside knowledge?
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    I missed the BGS part in that post. Anyway, seeing as how old this is, I guess it's not a reaction to 2017 sales after all.
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    Are we talking sales or quality here? Because Evil Within 2 and Prey are both good games, Prey is fantastic.
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    It's almost certain that there is a mobile game and an actual game coming, considering the filings for both. It matches Fallout, their last major release, and the fact that they stated multiple times they enjoyed the mobile game Fallout Shelter and want to do things like it for other games they release. So, you're not entirely wrong OP, but not entirely right either.
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    Either Doom 2 or Starfield coming this fall. Bethesda need something to put into holiday.
  38. FelipeMGM

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    yeah, l think SweetNicole brings a great point here

    They also have ''STARFIELD'' fillings for clothing apparel and game manuals/posters/trading cards. These are usually done when you are preparing some big project, covering the property for licensed products too

    Also, I need Fallout in space godammit lol
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    Yeah. This is what some of us said. A mobile game and a console/pc game.
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    I wan to believe it's a proper game. Skyrim in space, that'd be the shit.

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    There's are a few things that I think people are getting confused about.

    1) Starfield is not trademark by Bethesda Softworks this could mean this is not related to there next triple A game for consoles
    2) It looked like a console game with this name was in the work but seem to be canceled or didnt get developed due to the trademark abandon Bethesda
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    DOOM 2 Spring 2019, i can feel it.

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    Fallout Shelter has the similar fillings your suggesting as well if you look at them.
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    I don't know how confirming stuff works here. I can do that if a mod asks me in private message.
  45. Dark Cloud

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    Usually people will just say it, but I believe mods would like you to message them with some kind of proof you have real knowledge, then you can let us know if you don’t mind.
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    This is tales from your ass until you get mod confirmation.
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    Yeah insider information really needs to be confirmed here. Can't wait to see what this game is.
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    I'm a lawyer who regularly files trademark applications and I'll tell you the order of goods and services listing means absolutely nothing, particularly when there are a dozen or more listed.
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    I wouldnt be surprised if it is a mobile tie-in, also, Starfield could also be a placeholder name for the Project and they will be deciding on another name for the release.

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    It kinda strange that there mobile games always start of with mobile, this is a strange situation.

    Also the console version of the trademark was abandon.