1. Barnabot


    Nioh has this elementary feature. From Software should have a word from Team Ninja about how to implement a pause functionality in offline mode.
  2. Adamska


    I really don't care either way, it's not like it's excessively punishing to just take a pause without stopping the game in soulsborne games (provided you do so far from enemies). The risk of invasion never really stopped me from doing so and it's not like you can't just press the quit button and restart from (close to the) exact same spot.
  3. Jimnymebob


    If there's no online, there's no reason to not have a pause button.

    All a pause button would do is save people from having to quit and reload when they need to take a quick break.
  4. Nishastra


    This is one of those weird arguments where people put absolutely no value in game design. It's as if the concept doesn't exist sometimes.

    That said, this also isn't a Souls game, so who knows what they're doing.
  5. CloudWolf


    Why would a no pausing mode be harder?
  6. Rayge


    No one has been talking about this because it would be illogical not to have it
  7. Dust


    Why wouldn't a strictly single player game do not have a pause button?
  8. Remo Williams

    Remo Williams

    The ability to pause is a player-friendly feature, it should be a part of every game that's not played online with other people (and even in shared world games in moments when there are no other players in your world).
  9. Gbraga


    I guess it depends on how they're planning to use the start/options/whatever it's called on Xbox button.

    They're talking about how you can equip different prosthetic enhancements beforehand and switch on the fly during battle, so I'm assuming it's similar to how you can equip 3 weapons in Dark Souls 3 and hit the d-pad to change them. If in order to equip them you need to go back to your HUB, then I guess start will pause the game and bring a settings menu up, but if Start is also the equipment menu, I can see them not including a pause function to make it harder for you to use anything outside of what you already had equipped before tackling an encounter.

    But as always in modern From Software games, it'll most likely save at every step you take, so just quitting the game should be the same as pausing if you need to do something else.

    EDIT: I guess they could have a pause function without a pause button though, so pressing Start doesn't freeze the game, but pressing or holding the Home button to bring up the Xbox/Playstation/Steam overlay thing would freeze it.
  10. Fitts


    It clearly isn’t following the Souls formula so sure, why not? Either way, I don’t see why having a pause button is such a big deal. I can’t remwmebr the last time I just straight up paused a game. I just stand there idle or leave myself in a menu or something.
  11. Jimnymebob


    That doesn't really work.
    You can make parts of Souls games easier by quitting out and loading back in to de-aggro enemies, despawn hazards etc.
  12. Takatomon


    Not at launch. They added that after fan backlash and it worked really well.
    There is no reason to not have it unless you're online (in which case it's disabled).

    This should have it at launch. Hell, even if it did follow the Souls formula, there's no harm in taking a short break while offline without having to quit the game or putting your console to sleep.
  13. This is a pretty strong argument
  14. Fonst


    Didn't they said it is a 100% single player game. Why wouldn't it not have a pause?

    Demon, Darks, and Blood didn't have a pause button because those games were played online where you can't pause the game. They just kept it consistent with offline mode.
  15. kubev


    I don't mind the absence of a pause button in single-player games if the decision was made to increase tension. That said, Sekiro doesn't strike me as that sort of game, due to the lack in setting and tone, so I wouldn't be surprised if it *does* have a pause button.
  16. oni-link


    How does sleep mode work during online games or games like the Souls series?

    Do you get kicked to a menu?
  17. It never bothered me at all that Souls games were missing the pause function honestly so I never thought about this before.

    I guess it being seemingly fully single player without online components as of now, I'd assume there'll be a pause option?
  18. Jawmuncher

    Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator

    Yeah, in online games you typically get kicked back to the menu after seeing a “you’ve been disconnected” thing.
  19. Ponchito


    In the Souls games you can quit and when you return world is as it was or just go to a corner and it’s pretty much a pause.

    Sekiro isn’t a Souls game so it I don’t see why it wouldn’t have a normal pause.
  20. DoubleTake


    Who cares if it does or doesnt. The souls games didnt and you could play those offline wouldnt bother me one bit if this was the same or if they added one. People arent not playing these games because there's no pause button and adding one wont make all the complainers suddenly jump in lol
  21. Keeng


    Because you can't stop in the middle of a boss fight to equip different items, rearrange items on quick bars, etc. You need to go in prepared, or you'll die. Have you ever tried to quickly swap out healing/damage buffs in Dark Souls/Bloodborne in the middle of a boss fight before? The only other option is to make it just a pause with no access to your character.
  22. LuckyLinus


    They could have a pause button thats separate from the inventory button and simply pauses.
  23. Cap G

    Cap G
    Banned Member

    Sleep mode is slower to activate and a bigger pain in the ass to get to than a dedicated button on the controller.

    Sleep mode's existence is actually a pretty good point in favor of removing pause; if you have an actual IRL problem to attend to you can shut the system off, but the instant convenience of the pause button would be a crutch still unavailable.
  24. I'm fine with a pause function, but if the inventory pasues the game that take a lot of challenge out. If I can just pause, select all the equipment I need to win, then unpause, that cheapens the game.
  25. astroturfing


    hahah, what...? kind or an embarrassing question to be honest. why can't you just take me at my word and not try to find some hidden meaning? friendly advice: don't pursue a career in psychology.

    i just turned 36, you think i care about standing out in the way i like to play videogames? dude, no. i've just grown to know what i like and what i don't.

    i just like to be denied options some times, i like to feel vulnerable in (some) videogames, gives me a rush. i don't want a pause button in a Souls game for the same reason i don't want a popcorn machine at work, i would use it all the damn time.. i lack self-control i guess.
  26. Tain


    I'm probably gonna die a lot in Sekiro, so it's hard for me to care about the potential of one or two deaths happening because I have to get the door or something.

    It'll probably have pause functionality, though.

    I know what you mean, and I wouldn't sell enjoying that feeling of vulnerability short by chalking it up to a lack of self-control.
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  28. impact


    If you rest mode a Souls it just kicks you out to the main menu

    So yea, it's like a pause with some loading screens.
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  30. Faithless


    Finally. No pause for offline is pure stupidity in Bloodborne/Dark souls.
  31. Hyun Sai

    Hyun Sai


    If you fear people will "abuse" this (lol), just make it a black screen during the pause with no action possible.
  32. JetSetRadio


    Don't really care but it definitely makes souls bosses harder and more thrilling especially with multiple phases and I enjoy that. But this isn't souls so whatever.
  33. Inkvoterad


    y'all really managed to post 4 pages about a pause function lmao
  34. Takatomon


    Some people are confusing "pause" with "opening the menu".
  35. CloudWolf


    A pause button generally isn't the same as an inventory button. Look at Nioh, you can pause, but you can't go into inventory on pause.
  36. Love Machine

    Love Machine

    In Souls games, you often stick to one or two main weapons (three in recent Dark Souls) and rely on those to synergise with your character build.
    In Sekiro, it's my understanding that there aren't character builds so-to-speak, and from interviews they have said they want to encourage the player to use everything at their disposal.
    This could mean you switch some things on the fly, but you shouldn't get punished for wanting to try a new strategy during the same combat sequence. This game is probably going to have more fast-paced, reaction-based combat (once you get in the thick of it), so taking a breather to rethink your approach shouldn't be a big deal.

    Especially when you consider you can grapple to safety first, and then pause the game, so nothing is really trivialised unless you think of the grapple or escape as a "cheap" option.
  37. Lynd


    Even if it doesn't have pause, couldn't you just hit the home button on the controller and sit on the system menu?
  38. Blade Wolf

    Blade Wolf

    Yeah it's silly, besides Sekiro isn't RPG, there's probably not even an inventory.
  39. Red Liquorice

    Red Liquorice

    I really don't care either way. It takes 1 second longer to 'pause' the game (quit to menu) in Souls than it does in another game with a regular pause function. If Sekiro only has a Souls 'pause' it will be a total non-event for me.
  40. Custódio


    Oh, now I finally got why people think pause would be a bad thing in offline Souls. They think pause means inventory. That's funny.
  41. Shahed


    You know a pause screen can literally just be that. A pause screen. It doesn't need to be a menu where you can use items, change equipment or whatever.

    Lack of pause is my biggest beef with the Souls games. I know my sister was interested in Bloodborn after I said how much i liked it, but I couldn't recommend it to her since she had a toddler at the time.
  42. No I agree, the grapple will be invaluable. Finding a way out of a situation with your character's toolset is involving and interesting, but pausing mid fight to use potions or swapping tools is not.

    I've heard the argument that souls should pause in the menu, so unless someone makes the distinction in their opinion it's a fair assumption because there's plenty of games that pause when in the inventory.

    Big example, breath of the wild. And I think it's a worse game for it.