Spencer: One day, more Microsoft first-party games could appear on other platforms

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Shiggy, Nov 6, 2017.

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  1. Shiggy

    Shiggy Member Original Poster


    With their focus on growing services, such a move would certainly make sense as Minecraft has already shown. Their growth is currently held back by the limited appeal of the Xbox platform, especially outside of the US. At the same time, they cannot easily sell their Xbox Live subscriptions, which are a main growth driver, on other platforms.
  2. FiXalaS

    FiXalaS Member

    Could not be a bad idea.
  3. TheEnd

    TheEnd Member

    Your move, Nintendo.

  4. Reckheim

    Reckheim Member

    one day, that sounds promising.
  5. evilromero

    evilromero Member

    Hope this means Rare games on the N64 Classic Edition.
  6. LewieP

    LewieP Member

    First thought that comes to my mind is that I think they want to do a more closely linked deal for PUBG, but the dev almost certainly wants to release on PS4 too, so they might do a thing where MS publish the title on PS4.

    I wonder to what extent Sony will allow games with Xbox Live integration on PS4. They rejected the Minecraft update, right?
  7. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    I am not a fan of Microsoft essentially making the Xbox entirely redundant (like, if this happened, what would even be the point of the console at all?), but on the other hand, I don't own an Xbox, and don't feel like buying it for the handful of games that do interest me, so... sure, go ahead. Put them on PS4 or Switch.
  8. Mr-Joker

    Mr-Joker Member

    Well technically they kinda are depending on how you view mobile games. ;p
  9. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

    Dude, Halo on PS4.

    That would be fucking nuts. I'd buy the ENTIRE collection, especially Reach.

    I think Reach is a fucking phenomenal game, and would love to replay it.
  10. ItIsOkBro

    ItIsOkBro Member

    Spencer: One day, more Microsoft first-party games could appear
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    With the focus on “console exclusive” at e3, that seems like a weird idea.

    I was also expecting MS’s output to increase with a bigger install base, weirdly shrunk but maybe there’s a lot more to see soon
  12. John Bender

    John Bender Member

    Microsoft going 3rd party soon confirmed!
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    Give me the full Halo collection on PS4 and I will buy it in a second.

    EDIT - also, the PGR series. Thank you please.
  14. Scrawnton

    Scrawnton Member

    Aaaaand there goes me buying a Xbox One X. I was contemplating it but if this means what it sounds like, Microsoft is shifting gears to software over hardware..
  15. Maintenance

    Maintenance Member

    Well, Minecraft is on other consoles.
  16. Riderz1337

    Riderz1337 Member

    Phil, one step at a time.

    Let's start with first party exclusives on Xbox first.
  17. IIFloodyII

    IIFloodyII Member

    I think it'll be smart for some stuff. Like Sunset would've probably done really well on PlayStation and Rare Replay would do really well on Switch.
    I doubt it ever happens though.
  18. Heromanz

    Heromanz Member

    What first party games?
  19. JINX

    JINX Member

    So basically any platform that would allow for Xbox live they see as a platform that they can expand to like win10, it makes sense especially if they have interest in expanding more into the mobile market.
  20. Prime2

    Prime2 Member

    Until you see minecraft and cross platform play enabled between them all I would take this with a big old pinch of salt.
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    Give me Ori and Cuphead (not first party I know)
  22. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    People need to stop thinking of Xbox as a box/console or the success of Xbox being tied to a box/console. (Granted the console side is their biggest money maker, but the present and future direction of the segment is to expand outside of that further)

    Xbox is now about the gaming software and services that can be accessed on a multitude of devices.

    The Xbox One is just one entry point into the ecosystem. As is Windows 10. As is Mobile etc...
  23. ~Fake

    ~Fake Member

    People in resetera not joking about bloodborne on Xbox One X.

    wait for the /build
  24. black070

    black070 Member

    Makes sense for them in all honesty.
  25. CommodoreKong

    CommodoreKong Member

    I imagine we'll start seeing more and more Microsoft published games on Steam soon.
  26. Kyoufu

    Kyoufu Member

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen some day. They've already "devalued" their console by putting their games on Windows as well and if they're seeing worthwhile gains from that then at some point they could see multiplatform software beyond Xbox/Windows/Mobile being viable in the long-term for their games division.
  27. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    I could see MS porting a lot of games to Switch especially if Nintendo doesn't care about XBL connectivity.
  28. evilromero

    evilromero Member

    At least Diddy Kong Racing and B-K but can you imagine the frenzy if Goldeneye was included?
  29. jbug617

    jbug617 Member

    I don’t think this happens anytime soon though
  30. Elandyll

    Elandyll Member

    Sea of Thieves as a GaaS f2p mmo eventually would probably do decent $ as a multiplatform (personally not interested in a pirate mmo to be clear hehe).
  31. Pif

    Pif Banned Member

    Yeah I'll take a PS4 version of quantum break thanks.
  32. The Albatross

    The Albatross Member

    Makes sense given their decisions over the last 5-10 years. Xbox is not a console, it's a platform.
  33. JINX

    JINX Member

    What are you guys on about with Halo on Playstation? that wouldn't ever be an Xbox live capable platform. Also do we have a full direct quote of what he said, it's hard to tell if that is WSJ implying platforms or if Spencer directly gave example of those platforms, because this could just mean there expansion into the mobile market which I have been thinking for a while.
  34. Voodoopeople

    Voodoopeople Member

    I've thought for a while now that MS could really benefit from offering Switch versions of their 1st party games as an extra. You buy the Xbox One version, you get a Switch version. There would be no standalone Switch version, as in, you could not buy it from the Nintendo store without a key. Give Nintendo a slice of the fee.

    I'm sure there's another ways of making it work but it would give incentives to those on the fence between PS4 and Xbox, whilst introducing more people to the Switch marketplace and selling more Switches too.
  35. ethomaz

    ethomaz Member

    First step to become a 3rd-party software company instead a hardware company.

    That probably means Xbox as hardware will ended with their games being released on PC, PS5/6, Nintendo future.
  36. qtamir1

    qtamir1 Member

    i actually really hope sony will make their games possible to playable on pc too like microsoft is doing...
    that would be amazing...
  37. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    Yeah anyone holding out for Halo on PS4 is going to be waiting awhile (forever?)

    We probably wouldn't see any movement on MS porting games to their direct competitor until at least PS5, if at all.
  38. KtSlime

    KtSlime Member

    I'm sure Nintendo will gladly accept any game Microsoft wants to put on the Switch, just like they did with Minecraft.
  39. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

    Honest question.

    Do you ever see a series like Halo/Forza/Gears on a PlayStation system? Or would that be something too extreme for MS?
  40. Kaako

    Kaako Member

    Makes sense for them. Now go make some kickass new first party games to entice more people into your Windows ecosystem.
  41. nib95

    nib95 Member

    I wouldn't really want Sony to have even more of a monopoly on the console market.
  42. New Fang

    New Fang Member

    I don't think people should interpret this to mean Forza, Halo, or Gears will show up on PS4 in a few years.
  43. wondermagenta

    wondermagenta Member

    You'll actually have to start releasing first party games to make that happen dude.
  44. Elandyll

    Elandyll Member

    That's why I have been predicting MS' exit from hardware production, probably licensing the Xbox brand to a (or multiple) htpcs producers like Dell.
    MS is about Software, and servers, and now GaaS.
    And MAUs, of course.
    As soon as they can disassociate XBL from the hardware and find the right recipe to keep people on their online platform, they're going to do it imo.
  45. DarkLordMalik

    DarkLordMalik Member

    He mentioned Minecraft and MS has other IPs lile Age of Empires that can go MP. I doubt Halo and Gears will ever make the cut.
  46. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    Not really.

    I still think MS will keep dedicated gaming hardware in house like they do with Surface for dedicated PC's.
  47. NinjaCoachZ

    NinjaCoachZ Member

    This was the first thing I thought of honestly.
  48. DjDeathCool

    DjDeathCool Member

    I feel like we're going to be getting more GaaS games from Microsoft on other platforms than anything else but I really hope they step their exclusives game up before trying to reach into third party support for other consoles.
  49. Regret

    Regret Member

    This is never going to happen, and that's coming from an avid Switch fan. I cant believe some of these posts, haha.

    This. People think he's referring to games like Halo, if that was even his quote since it seems to be taken out of context? Minecraft is understandable as it was multiplat before the acquisition and it prints hundreds of millions of dollars for them.
  50. KtSlime

    KtSlime Member

    Probably too extreme for PlayStation, they won't even permit the update of Minecraft on PS4. If MS were to put those games on other platforms, I doubt they would do so while removing Xbox Live.
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