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  1. Apex88


    Going to be the biggest PS4 exclusive until TLoU2.

    The game obviously needs to be critically acclaimed. But that Spider-Man licence, the Sony and Marvel marketing, it’s going to do huge numbers out of the gate.
  2. It's pathetic lol.

    Evolve and No Man's Sky were both "proof of concept" / "amazingly intriguing vision" games. They won based on the promise of delivering on their conceptual premises aka people saw in those games a ton of potential.

    With Spider-Man:

    We know (and love) the IP.
    We know (and love) the developers, and know how good their track record is.
    We've extended segments of the game in action, including some boss fighting.
    We've seen the core mechanics praised and have heard various reports stating "it is the best SM game I've ever played."

    But yeah, totally the same thing guys.

    Find another concern.
  3. Saint-14


    I still don’t see it outselling GoW.
  4. Bundy


    I think TLOU2 will be Sony's biggest game, then God of War and then Spider-Man.

    Don't forget Days Gone. Every thread is a mess. And it already started with Ghost of Tsushima, too.
  5. Equanimity


    Cool. Hopefully it will help lower the noise.
  6. Apex88


    God of War is a gamers game. But it doesn’t have the mainstream profile of Uncharted - let alone Spider-Man.
  7. HStallion


    Not the current game but because of how well and widely received it is I could easily see the sequel being a very mainstream game.
  8. Derrick01


    Until uncharted 4 came out god of war was actually the bigger series and sony's biggest outside of gran turismo. 1-3 were juggernauts and then ascension sort of almost killed the IP but now the new one has brought it back to top again. We'll see if it passes UC4, I think it will eventually.
  9. nib95


    Alanah Pearce new Spider-Man impressions including comparisons to the Arkham games.

  10. Bung Hole

    Bung Hole

    Bruh I swear that was a mistake with my phone auto correcting me for some reason and I didn't even check my post properly before submitting. Apologies guys. I mean fuck I don't even know why it was auto correcting me with "white". Anyhow my niece loves Marvel characters and spider man is one of her favourite.
  11. THRUcool87


    Definitely one of the best games this year though the fighting part looks familiar to me, Rocksteady already set a bar for superhero game, also don't forget that a new Superman game is not out yet.
  12. Mechaplum


    Aye. Now the theme is stuck in your head.
  13. DC5remy


    Award it after launch.
  14. Jader7777


    BEST Preorder Bonuses
    BEST Cutscenes
    BEST Trailer
    BEST Awards
    BEST Most Awards
  15. KrigareN-


    That's why they should stick to Sony!
  16. Nakenorm


  17. FF Seraphim

    FF Seraphim

    Truth to be told as soon as I saw it I youtubed the theme
  18. Bold One

    Bold One

    Spellcheck can be really shitty.
  19. patapon

    Member OP

  20. Hmmm...

    I thought the game's E3 2017 showing was DIRE. 2018 looked a bit better, but I'm holding out hope it doesn't have the Arkham problem where you have to go out of your way to look cool and use the different battle tactics but really it's in your best interests to interact only when you need to. And yes, I know this is the case for Arkham; I platinumed Asylum and City.

    Really, the biggest concern for this game comes not from its showings, but Ratchet and Clank PS4. We can chalk it up to the movie tie-in, but it was still utterly devoid of witty writing and adequate substance for the game world and it doesn't do a whole lot of favors for me looking at this game. It seems like this game has been cooking a lot longer than Insomniac's normal stuff though so it gives me hope.

    I can't stop saying hope, which is pretty indicative of where my unbridled excitement levels are at (very low).

    It's probably not meaningless for the developers when getting everything ready for E3 and delivering is like a mid-development mini crunch.
  21. Blakhavoc


    Extremely hyped for this, what people have praised isn’t some scripted linear section of the game. Ppl have gone hands on with the open world and the traversal and combat mechanics, basic parts of the game that need to be excellent throughout the experience, and from the sounds of it they’ve nailed it. It still feels like there’s so much we don’t know and a lot of surprises in store, I can’t wait!
  22. Bung Hole

    Bung Hole

    Lol, it was my phone's auto-correct that shoved 'white' into my post for god knows what reason.
  23. Mr.Deadshot


    I find it amusing that so many people are still so sceptical and cynical about this game. It's probably Insomniacs biggest project yet, with a big budget and one of the biggest franchises attached to it. And Insomniac is known for delivering with Sony-exclusives since PS1-days. This will be a fantastic game, I have no doubt. The awards are only another sign for that.
  24. DMVfan123


    You're surprised that people are being cynical and skeptical about a game on, no matter how good it may look or what the track record of the devs is?
  25. Spinluck


    Some gamers on the interwebs generally have unstable egos that they can't seem to dial back from time to time.
  26. jstevenson

    Developer at Insomniac Games Verafied

    So if I have this correct:

    The budget-priced movie-tie-in Ratchet & Clank game we made (which got an 85 metacritic and is the most successful Ratchet/Insomniac game of all time) is making you concerned about our biggest production ever?


    I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  27. ody

    Community Resettler Member

    Some people are really concerned

    So concerned
  28. Femto0


    Please jstevenson tell me the other boss fight are more challange than the one you showed(it was really bad)
  29. MrTired


    In terms of revenue or unit sales?
  30. Ploid 6.0

    Ploid 6.0

    I like that it's around the fire safety stuff.

    Spider-Man = (emojii) Fire (emojii)
  31. Saint-14


    Where is my second game though?
  32. Ascenion


    2014, with the ASM 2 film. Also better reach vs Ironman? Not really. The brunt of these sales will come from NA. And I think you miscalculate how far Spidey has fallen in the world due to Sony not just giving him back to Marvel. 3 bad films in a row, with a 4th that only did as well as it did due to Marvel.
  33. Mario Bilo

    Mario Bilo

    No Uncharted 3 was bigger than God of War 3 worldwide.
  34. Saint-14


    How many of those are actually AAA on the level of this one and are backed by a company like Sony though? Also how much do you think this will sell? It will have no problem clearing +10 million.
  35. mordecaii83


    I just wanted to say that I hope you can tune out some of the ridiculous stuff in this thread, unfortunately a loud minority can really make things seem miserable.

    I'm extremely excited for this game and I'll be buying it day one! It's obvious you guys put in a ton of work on this and I hope it pays off for you!
  36. Ascenion


    Honestly I don’t think a Spidey game has had a AAA budget since the early 2000s. Sales wise I’d say 12 million is the ceiling depending on reception. 85+ meta is a necessity though. Marketing could’ve done wonders too. Personally I’d delay this to 2019 and launch with Avengers. Bundle it too with movie tickets.
  37. above average

    above average

    It is an early game boss and nobody shows games on hard at E3, are you new?
  38. RoaminRonin


    Personally, you should stick to the crappy hot takes and leave the game making and release schedule's to the professionals.
  39. Even if the metascore was good, I am not a contributor to the metascore. I am just some dude that played it. I didn't think it was nearly as good as the game it was remaking — it was just alright.

    Like I said, I had reservations about comparing the two because Ratchet and Clank did feel really hampered by the movie tie-in, but regardless that's what you guys have put out most recently, and since I don't own an X1 to play SO (RIP) I think it's a valid point of trepidation.
  40. mejin

    Banned Member

    steve, what is the overall feeling from you guys about working in a big AAA project like Spider?

    Dunno if I'm right but Ratchet, Sunset or VR games are way smaller projects in comparison.
  41. Why do developers even bother coming here?
  42. I think it being a budget priced movie tie-in says it all really. I don't think it is something that can just be disregarded. We've seen what they can do without being tied down (Crack in Time).

    Edit - And the development time was short.
  43. Ascenion


    You’re saying it would be dumb to release a Spider-Man game along with the most anticipated superhero film in history? In which the character will also appear? ....ok. I’ll stick to the hot takes.
  44. qa_engineer


    I'm concerned...

    That I may not have enough time in the fall to enjoy this game.
  45. Equanimity


    Is it the frame-rate and/or Ratchet's positive attitude that you don't like in the re-imagining?
  46. Electro


    Lol at that exaggerated skepticism from some users here....
    And that after the glorious E3 praise.

    Can't wair for the review thread and some salty hater tears :D
  47. While I do prefer 60 fps Ratchet, the last game that was 60 was in 2009. I'm over it.

    My problems with the remake can be summed up:
    - lack of interactions between Ratchet and Clank, and the cinematography in the scenes is all but shot-reverse shot every time
    - Ratchet being a wide-eyed space ranger boy instead of the cynical asshole in a world of cynical assholes
    - lack of a space capitalism bent and more just fantasy planet hopping
    - some of my favorite planets like Eudora getting cut
    - the soundtrack is HORRID

    the game is alright but the above really soured me on Ratchet's return to form.
  48. RoaminRonin


    They can sell the game on release date and run promotions for spiderman game when avengers releases in 2019, killing two birds with one stone. Please continue with your shitty hot takes.
  49. Great video

    Makes a good point at traversing as Batman vs traversing as Spidey
  50. Equanimity


    Shot reverse shot in every scene? I haven't played the game recently but if what you say is true than I would agree with this point to an extent.

    I'm not fussed anymore. Reinventing old characters for current audience isn't out of the ordinary but I understand your disappintment.

    This I can agree with.

    Time and budget.

    Come on now.

    Maybe they'll address some of your critism in the next game, I'm just hoping they make it.
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