Splash Damage appears to be working on Gears of War 5's campaign (in addition to multiplayer)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nirolak, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Nirolak

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    I thought this was kind of interesting, since they were only on the multiplayer for Gears of War 4.

    That, or this game will have notably cinematic multiplayer modes.

    Source: https://careers.splashdamage.com/

    You will notice there's several of these types of jobs here.


    They're also doing an Executive Producer position on the game, so they might have a pretty prominent position in development.

  2. Vertpin

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    Possible E3 announcement?
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    Please no robots!
  4. SpinlyLimbs

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    That might be neat as it would free up The Coalition to make something else.
  5. DarthWalden

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    It could be a spin-off of the franchise too couldn't it?
  6. Nirolak

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    Splash Damage is not especially large and is making 4+ games at once, so that seems improbable.
  7. Klobrille

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    I don't think it's Gears of War 5. But that's just me.
  8. Moobabe

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  9. Bits N Pieces

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    Hmmmm. Does this lend any weight to the rumours of The Coalition helping support work on a new Perfect Dark? Or am I adding 2+2 and getting 5?
  10. sibarraz

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    Is weird that they are freeing up the studio that was created to manage the GOW IP.

    I hope that they are involved at least, it will be a waste to throw up all the expertise won in GOW4. I loved the game yet know that there was a considerable room for improvement
  11. Prine

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    Very interesting, so it may add more weight to the idea of Coalition working on more then just Gears.

    They're such a talented studio, so i hope this is true.
  12. Nirolak

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    Microsoft said The Coalition is exclusively focused on Gears as of January, so it depends if you believe them.

    Source: http://www.gamesradar.com/microsoft...with-the-series-but-this-leak-says-otherwise/
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    Do we know what the other games are?
  14. Gustaf

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    DLC for Gear 4? i would hope se, the season pass was a rip off
  15. Klobrille

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    Splash Damage has over 300 devs. Current projects are:
    • (small team) Dirty Bomb support
    • new IP for Wargaming
    • New unknown Gears of War project
    • (small team) Gears of War 4 multiplayer support
    They have 73 open positions. That's a lot!
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  17. EightBitNate

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    The whole Gears 5 situation is extremely curious.

    List of events:

    - Leak about The Coalition helping out on Perfect Dark reboot
    - Gears 5 doesn’t seem to be coming soon going by the leaks
    - CG studio that worked on Gears 4 puts out release saying they’re working with The Coalition on a new IP
    - same studio backtracks on these claims
    - Microsoft announces a new Gears is in the works
    - now this

    If I had to put money on it, I’d say TC is divided into three teams right now. One is surviving as supplemental dev on a new PD (possibly with Rare at the helm), one is working on a new IP, and one is putting in the groundwork for Gears 5 along with Splash Damage. TC is a very talented developer so I’m pumped for whatever they put out.
  18. Nirolak

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    One is Dirty Bomb, one is a game with Wargaming (World of Tanks) that we believe to be a strategic shooter, and one is a third person survival horror shooter.

    The Wargaming partnership is technically for multiple titles, but it's not clear if they're making multiple at the same time.
  19. N051DE

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    All I remember this studio is for BRINK. Bought it at launch, it was probably one of my worst experiences in a shooter.
  20. Superman2x7

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    This, if them making Gears 5 allows the Coalition to do something brand new, that's awesome. Best of both worlds, a new Gears and a new I.P. This E3 is sounding to be pretty amazing. All of the tidbits we're hearing from all these sources is making Microsoft seen like they'r finally getting it. Exciting to be a Microsoft fan again.
  21. Nirolak

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    There's also this:

  22. Duxxy3

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    I hope it's Gears Judgment 2 and The Coalition is working on Gears 5.

    Because the world needs more Gears.
  23. FUNKNOWN iXi

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    Hopefully it involves an evolution of one of the best modes in Gears:
  24. EightBitNate

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  25. Klobrille

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  26. Hardvlade

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    What didn't you like about the DBs? I think it was nice to fight something else besides Locust all the time.
  27. Nirolak

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    "Gears of War Franchise", "Wargaming Partnership", "Dirty Bomb", and "Unannounced Project" are all separately listed on the jobs page, with the last seemingly having the most postings, so it seems to most fit with that.

    I can see the argument for Gears though, but I'm not sure that's really a direct revenue generator in the same way, nor likely to come out in 2018.
  28. Duxxy3

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    Fuck yes Judgment 2. Judgment was my most played Xbox game last year.
  29. EightBitNate

    EightBitNate Member

    Whatever floats your boat I guess
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    Gears 2 Ultimate plx, would be great for the multiplayer alone. Any reason it would not be this?
  31. Carlius

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    seriously..this very much.
  32. Frox

    Frox Member

    Gears of War Ultimate Collection for X1/PC?
  33. Duxxy3

    Duxxy3 Member

    I don't particularly care about the multiplayer, but yes please.
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    Boring, not satisfying to shoot.
  35. Silfer

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    Gears of War 5: Protectors
  36. Annihilator

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    Wait so the guys that made the worst version of horde ever now are going to get a chance to make a terrible campaign now too? Oh boy gears is in trouble if true.
  37. Steverulez

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    Iirc there was a job listing a little while ago which mentioned vehicles in multiplayer. I think it’s a spin off personally
  38. Remo Williams

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    I loved it as well. I don't understand the hate, frankly, it was a lot of fun with a slightly more arcadey feel, very entertaining optional challenges in every encounter, the best visuals out of all Xbox 360 Gears games, and the superior control scheme (sorry!).

    Anyway, I think Nirolak has jumped the gun slightly, perhaps Splash Damage are really working on a Gears spin-off of their own.
  39. Nirolak

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    Someone mentioned in the previous thread that Rod Fergusson said Gears of War 5 would have lots of new gameplay elements now that they proved they could do the basic formula with Gears of War 4, though I don't know where they got that from.
  40. Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man Banned Member

    Splash Damage has already remade Gears 1. Gears 3 remake? Maybe they are just helping the coalition make Gears 5. I have to believe this game is years out still. I think Gears formula needs to change. The campaign needs a radical new look and feel. I have played all the Gears game I bored with the linear gameplay.
  41. Remo Williams

    Remo Williams Member

    They did talk about that on a few occasions, like here, for instance:

    And I really hope for some more pronounced changes to the Gears formula, Gears 4 definitely felt too familiar overall.
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    Let's go, bring back that ip coalition was working on. The one where you steal shit from people.
  43. Xumbrega

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    Seems like a spin-off tbh
  44. christocolus

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    I hope we actually get a PD game.
  45. Sameer Sedlar

    Sameer Sedlar Member

    That's interesting.

    Maybe Microsoft is going "Sony's" way, letting The Coalition cock up a new IP, hence the need for a strong\big studio to help out The Coalition with Gears of War 5, since they wouldn't be 100% on it.
  46. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    What a waste of their strengths as a studio. Unless they're doing some sort of interesting asymmetrical multiplayer, can't say I'm interested and I love Splash Damage.
  47. Whitemex

    Whitemex Member

    Worst season pass I've ever purchased
  48. Goodacre0081

    Goodacre0081 Member

    just give me a MP only Gears game. Still have no touched a second of the campaign in Gears 4.

    at this point with the lootboxes and MTX they're getting all the map funding they need already.
  49. Duxxy3

    Duxxy3 Member

    Ha! So I'm not the only one.
  50. CountAntonius

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    They deserve it. Splash damage is a fantastic MP developer. Really wished this was for Wolfenstein though.