Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Splatoon was definitely one of the best things to happen to Nintendo in years. It was the first shine of light that led Nintendo out of the depressing 3DS/Wii U era and into the Switch.
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    Yep. When I first started looking for a Job in Japan I was shocked to know that Nintendo owned pretty much the country when it came to market share (in the industry). You know what year that was?

    2014. Not the greatest Nintendo year, everywhere else.

    A lot of people here still play Pokemon Go (and make me want to punch them in the back when they stop suddenly in front of me), mobile gaming is huge (everyone I know says to like videogames, yet many of them don't own any console). The Switch will definitely own Japan.

    ...Monster Hunter World will be huge though. I can see it selling more than 1M here. The hype is real.
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    Honestly I don't think MHW will move as many units, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't DQ the biggest franchise in Japan and it didn't crack 2 million on PS4. Granted it had a 3DS version as well. But in the case of MH wasn't the reason it caught on because of ADHOC Multiplayer?
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    Sony should release PSP3 for $300 and steal the show.
  5. MetalLord

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    Splatoon 3 possible now ?
  6. impact

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    Japan is small compared to the rest of the "big" gaming markets

    Also Japanese people seem to not give a shit about anything that isn't portable.
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    Splatoon is lit fam :P
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    thats horrifying. Looks like a person in a mascot costume made of plastic :S
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    Yes. Very unlikely, but can happen tho.

    How is Japan small compared to other markets? lol This is simply not true.
  11. Alrus

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    If you add both PS3 and PS4 releases it's well over a million. The game sold extremely well for a western developed game in Japan.
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    da queen
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    As assured as I am Pokemon will crush that number, it’s still cool to see Splatoon 2 do so well over there.
  14. Lord of Ostia

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    DQ and Monster Hunter are pretty close in sales, though yes DQ is a bigger franchise there (basically synonymous with gaming in Japan). But DQ was also on 3DS. Yes, adhoc multiplayer was a big part of MH success, but online gaming can be popular in Japan too (Splatoon is evidence of that) and MH has needed a shakeup for a while. I think MHW will easily break 1 million in Japan, but I don't think it will surpass DQ sales on PS4. Capcom are hoping for western sales with this title.
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    In terms of market sales and numbers, Japan is stronger than the UK at the very least.
  16. foxuzamaki

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    Japan is actually one of the larger markets for gaming
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    W H A T
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    Depends on the type of game. UK has been pretty weak last few years though
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    Will be on super Wii switch
  20. impact

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    Not compared to US, Europe, Korea or China. SA would undoubtedly be bigger if they didn't get fucked by pricing.

    Of course Japan is strong compared to UK lol
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    The real console game to sell 2M units in Japan again will be Monster Hunter Worlds, you can bookmark this post.
  22. Lord of Ostia

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    It's weird to compare Japan directly to the whole of Europe and then say it's small, Japan is bigger than most of Europe's individual markets, if not all of them.
  23. Nemesis162

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    A bunch of games does well in Japan. When looking at it, you need to see the particularities of the market and Japan was always more a handheld market with the exception of PS2, Wii and some consoles.
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  25. YukiCT

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    That probably explains how this game is the only one where I’ve consistently seen a domination of Japanese usernames. I kind of fairly amazing given that the game feels so online MP orientated.
  26. Vareon

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    Splatoon 2 is a game priced like a full price console game that sells on a device priced as a console.
  27. Heartskips

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    You're comparing continents to a country. I also don't know where you're geting these numbers from. Zhuge even said here recently that Japan is only behind China and the US and, when talking about dedicated devices, it's only behind the US.
  28. Marukoban

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    I mean when you are comparing a continent against a country, it's kinda saying Japan is quite big.
  29. foxuzamaki

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    That depends, do you care about mobile when you make that comparison?
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    This gif is so ridiculous I love it.
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    I had no idea that Wii Party was that popular.
  32. Mory Dunz

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    "2m is nothing"

    uh, it's not like games selling 2m in the USA alone grow on trees.

    People know Japan is a country and not a continent right??
  33. Marukoban

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    China market is big on mobile as well.
  34. Nemesis162

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    Europe is a continent and Japan is bigger than Korea and China as a console market.
  35. ChrisD

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    (I know this is a joke but)
    I booted up Splat1 the other day because the Switch was dead, and the difference is astonishing. From visuals, to gameplay, to just about everything, actually. Even the “feel” of the game is different. It’s nuts.

    That is a really long time to wait for another 2-Mil. Wow.
  36. Xbro

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    Define "real console game"
  37. Killingmoon

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    Splatoon 2 is a console game, priced as a console game, running on a hardware that's also priced as a console. Deal with it.
  38. Notaskwid

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    Not released on a portable gaming machine.
  39. Alrus

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    Wii Party is a weird title that sold very well everywhere but in the US for some reasons...
  40. Lord of Ostia

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    Price is not the determining factor here. Japanese players don't prefer handhelds because they sell at a cheaper price, they prefer them because they fit their lifestyle better. Switch fits the Japanese lifestyle much like Vita or 3DS did, thus it performs better. Also games are routinely more expensive in Japan than the US on average, I wouldn't call Japanese console players a very price conscious audience tbh.
  41. FZZ

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    What's the most copies ever sold for a console game in Japan?

  42. Plankton2

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    That's pretty insane. That would probably put it very close if not over 4M after the holidays.
  43. Notaskwid

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    Really? Last time I checked it costed about 5500 yen, console games usually cost 7000yen+
  44. Napalm_Frank

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    Splatoon 2 is also a portable game running on a hardware that is portable. But if people want to think of it as a home console game who am I to stop ya.

    But as said before there is no way MHW will get anywhere near 2 million in Japan.
  45. Killingmoon

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    Portable gaming machine.

  46. Xbro

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    So not Dragon Quest XI either.
  47. MoonFrog

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    Portables are real, not unreal imo.
  48. sinonobu

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    Splatoon 2's retail price is 6500 yen.

    EDIT: Real question what is FFXV then? Extra case for your PS4 games?
  49. Nemesis162

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    Splatoon 2 is priced as a console game, not as a handheld game. At the same time that Switch is priced as a home console. lol
  50. clay_ghost

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    Splatoon 1 also cost 5500yen so it's not a console game too?