Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Lord of Ostia

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    You can include Dragon Quest XI if you are just talking about the PS4 version, which is at about 1.5 million in sales.
  2. Heartskips

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    But it's worth saying that it's a sequel to a game only available in a stationary system and that it already was close to this number even in a dead console like the Wii U. Dismissing Splatoon numbers as "only sold this well because it's portable" isn't right, the franchise is huge there.
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    I dindn't see the thread about how Dragon Quest XI became the first 2 million seller console game in Japan in over 8 years.
  4. Xbro

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    It's quite possible that it could get close to 2 million. Even if it doesn't sell 1.5 million in it's first week, a game doesn't stop selling after that point. Especially considering this is pretty much the last big PS4 game for japan before KH3(If that even comes out). If the game shows good word of mouth it can leg it to 2 million.
  5. That's awesome!
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    Fair point, I honestly forget all the time that Splatoon is basically an online only game for most people who play it ( I haven't touched the single player for either game myself.) I never doubted MHW breaking a million and taking the 2nd or 3rd best selling PS4 game spot but I really don't think it will beat DQ XI unless the 3DS split sales harder than I thought. I figured most of the sales were some fans getting both.
  7. Imran

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    You're probably not wrong, but you're too easily dismissing that Square-Enix gave people who don't want to play DQXI on PSX an out, which likely split the sales a bit. There is no other option other than the older and less interesting MHXX.

    That said, two million is a pipe dream unless that game catches on in ways no one expects.
  8. Killingmoon

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    Amazon japan right now:

    Splatoon 2 - 5499 yen
    Horizon Zero Dawn - 5169 yen.
  9. Lord of Ostia

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    Yeah that's not what I'm doing, Splatoon is a huge success in Japan, biggest console market IP success since Monster Hunter. But the reason Splatoon 1 capped out at 1.7 milliom, whereas Splatoon 2 has a good chance of hitting 3 million+, is that Splatoon 2 released on a handheld.
  10. FFXV new is 980 yen.

    Neither the 3DS nor PS4 versions are over 2 million.
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    Where is that bargain bin picture again?
    lmao last time I seen it
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    #onlyonswitch #gold
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    FFXV is not a real console game then
  14. Sammy Samusu

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    Looks like Nintendo just got another multi million franchise for themselves.

    They have so many system sellers in their portfolio.

    We love a hit maker.
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    Seafood industry is booming
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    I mean the real reason Splatoon 2 will sell 3m+ is because it's released on a successful platform. I don't think the handheld factor is that big in this case.
  18. The real reason is that Switch isn't dead.
  19. Lord of Ostia

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    Yeah I don't think it will either. It'll sell 1 million at least though, and probably hit 1.5 million eventually. Maybe it will hit 2 million after some discounts over time, it's definitely possible. I mean DQ XI did over 3 million if you combined 3DS and PS4, and I don't think it's safe to assume most people double dipped.
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    I find this picture hilarious for some reason.
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    Must be the portable version of FFXV then!
  22. EloquentM

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    In a sea of hybrid semantics this post will go down as underrated.
  23. Lord of Ostia

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    Right, and why isn't Switch dead in Japan? Because it's a handheld. That's why it's so successful, it's the successor to the 3DS which sold over 20 million units in Japan alone. If it wasn't a hybrid it wouldn't be doing as well as it is in Japan.
  24. Ron Paul

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    Console game prices in Japan are all over the spectrum.
  25. foxuzamaki

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  26. Notaskwid

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    The guy I quoted said that the game was priced as a console game, I simply said it wasn't. How much a game drops in value is irrelevant to its lauch price.
    Xenoblade 2 is priced as a console game, Splatoon 2 was not
  27. DaBoss

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    It’s like people forget the main way to play the game is through online multiplayer and most people do that at home. Yes it has local multiplayer, but you can only do private battles and Salmon Run. You can’t even level/rank up in local multiplayer.

    So it really doesn’t matter if the Switch has portable capabilities or not, this series is meant to be experienced through online multiplayer, which again, most players would do so in the comfort of their own home.
  28. LemonLime

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    Edit. Disregard this, didn't realize how many people already made this post... haha...
  29. What if all the Japanese wanted was a console that was "handheld-esque".

    That said though, much of the Japanese marketing for the Switch is still steep in home console/hybrid philosphy, so it's clearly not being marketed solely as a handheld.
  30. Heartskips

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    I love to imagine how mad retail stores still are at Square Enix. They're still trying to sell the first shipment to this day. lol
  31. Looks kinda cute seeing so many.
  32. TI92

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    Marina is awesome, Japan has some very cute girl designs with darker skin tones like Yuko in Persona but I'm not sure if they are popular. Wonder what the reason in
  33. Alrus

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    It is, pricing s way more variable in Japan. Splatoon 2 is priced the same as Splatoon 1, was that not a console game either?
  34. Vena

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    That's the portable version, so not really a fair comparison. FFXV: Pocket Change Edition.
  35. Sub Boss

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    They should make Splatoon 3 and 4!
  36. Best part is that it will probably sell 3 million

  37. foxuzamaki

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    Honestly, the WiiU was ahead of the PS4 for a good 2 years or so with splatoon 1 nearly reaching 2 million and probably would have if the switch and splatoon 2 didnt exist.
    Hell the only reason the WiiU isnt at a much larger number in japan is the japanese market place ignoring the thing and that mostly has to do with the western market being the deciding factor.
  38. sinonobu

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    Like many pointed out there's no set price for 'console game' in Japan. And even if there is one, Splatoon 2's retail price was 6500 yen, which is bit too expensive for handheld titles.
    Sorry my Kanji skills are not that good.
  39. Imran

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    Also the Wii U was bad and expensive.
  40. Strongest Nintendo IP in Japan sells 2 million on an extremely popular device. Shocking

    I think people that have never been to/lived in Japan are overselling the whole "it's portable" thing. It's a good console made by Nintendo and Splatoon is their strongest IP next to Mario and Pokemon in Japan.

    I've literally seen two Switches being played in the wild here lol. Don't try to make it seem like every other person is playing it on the train, park, bar, or cafe lol. Like many people have said, the key selling point is the appeal of the diverse functionality rather than actually using it on the go.
  41. FiXalaS

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    Prices regardless of consoles are pretty varied in Japan I believe.
  42. Lord of Ostia

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    You are missing the point. Yes, most people play Splatoon at home online. But more people are interested in the Switch in general because it is a hybrid. The more people interested in Switch, the more people you can sell Splatoon 2 to. If Splatoon 1 wasn't on Wii U it would've sold more in Japan. Switch is more attractive than Wii U because the hybrid nature is more attractive to the Japanese market.
    Yeah, I'm not saying it's solely a handheld. But the fact that it can be used as a handheld is why it's popular in Japan.
  43. Vena

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    The game is not going to stop selling. Its selling on brand popularity, local play, and so on. In many ways, it is what MH decided to stop being in Japan (aside from a brand) and Splatoon is happily eating up that audience because the overlap is going to be high for both in the age groups and also in how the game can be consumed.
  44. Killingmoon

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    Splatoon 2's retail price, not discounted, is 6458 yen. You saying that's not a console game price?
  45. Easily. We'll have to wait a bit longer to know if it can push more towards 4-5 million. Right now though it has an insane attach rate and just keeps on selling. With switch sales set to be huge this year I think splatoon 2 is in prime position to benefit from that.
  46. Davey Cakes

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    I’ve always been surprised, yet pleased about the explosion of Splatoon in Japan.

    As someone who enjoyed the original on Wii U bit really got into the sequel on Switch, I hope the series has a life ahead of it in all regions.

    Nintendo could benefit from developing more original properties on this same level. I think ARMS was a good attempt but not quite there. Splatoon was a nice shakeup of the TPS genre. ARMS was more an evolution of the Punch-Out formula. I’m thinking Nintendo needs to reinvigorate some other genre. Perhaps they should do something new in the puzzle domain, or the point-and-click domain, or the top-down adventure domain (other than Zelda).
  47. Heartskips

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    I don't think it's getting the adhoc players MonHun left as Splatoon is mostly a home game.
  48. KtSlime

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    It's not even their strongest IP. Pokemon and Animal Crossing are stronger.

    Edit: I should read more carefully.
  49. Cantaim

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    I think it's actually a Mario game I'll have to check though
  50. You know most/if not all Nintendo published games in Japan are discounted when compared to every other console game, right? I guess Nintendo doesn't make any console games and hasn't for a while.