Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Vena

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    The game plays fine ad hoc, it just requires larger groups of people for a full game rounds in the main mode unless you use custom arenas/rules.
  2. Lord of Ostia

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    I mean, once the console gets into the hands of more people you will see it out in the wild more often, that's inevitable. You probably see 3DS fairly regularly, right? Once Switch gets closer to 3DS numbers it will be more visible.

    I mean I see Switch out in the wild here in the US, so they will be visible in Japan too.
  3. DaBoss

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    My point is Splatoon 2 was going to hit 2 million regardless of whatever it was going to be released on because no console would be as poorly made and marketed as the Wii U. And even on the Wii U, Splatoon almost hit 2 million which speaks volumes compared to all these hypotheticals and moving goalposts.
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    You're right the 3DS version definitely affected sales plus they do have the Switch version to look out for which probably also caused people to pass on the PS4 version, which is something MHW isn't dealing with excluding the few in Japan who will wait to play on PC.

    What really seems interesting to me is how things drop off of the sales charts in Japan. I would have thought either FF XV or DQ XI(PS4) would be at 2 million now because of people buying the console later. Is there any source other than Square that has more up to date numbers for them?
  5. What are the chances they hit 3 million before the content feed stops.
  6. Vena

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    No one will be playing it on PC in Japan. Its been locked down as exclusive and region-locked on PC in general.

    PS4 games have no legs. FFXV can't even sell its original shipment.

    Used market and low install base are not going to result in strong legs for many releases, only Nier has really bucked the trend as an exemplary standout but its still sold less than either FFXV or DQXI.
  7. Heartskips

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    RPGs are very frontloaded and the PS4 doesn't sell enough there for games to get more legs. Also worth saying that FFXV really didn't resonate with the japanese public, game just got to 1M because it was heavily overshipped and then stores had to slash prices a lot.
  8. Notaskwid

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    I was not the one who brought price into the conversation.

    I never saw the game being sold for that price, but it's still cheaper than the majority of newly released PS4 games, and Xenoblade or Zelda.
  9. Strings

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    That's pretty huge :P Imo, MHW will easily make 2m in Japan.
  10. I hope you're right, but I find that extremely unlikely as its current form factor is too big.
  11. Lord of Ostia

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    I'm not disputing that really, I'm just saying the hybrid nature of Switch is way more appealing to the Japanese market than a regular console would be. PS4 and Wii U are proof of that, especially when compared to 3DS and Vita sales. Portables sell better in Japan, so a console that doubles as a.portable also sells better, and the games on such a console sell better.
    Depends on the game, JRPGs are extremely frontloaded in Japan. Nintendo games, on the other hand, sell forever. Animal Crossing New Leaf still shows up in the best seller charts to this day.
  12. Nilaul

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    So basically Splatoon 3 confirmed.
  13. So how about that Splatoon 2 being the first home console software in Japan to reach 2 million sold in years?
  14. Cantaim

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    Sorry gonna quote the post again but after looking at the media create excel file I'm pretty sure it is New Super Mario Bros on the Wii at 4.5 or 4.6 million copies sold.
  15. Fei

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    I don’t understand the argument that Switch is a handheld in this context. The point is this game, which retails for the same price as other standard consoles, sold 2 million. Comparing to the 3DS is ludacrious because of the price difference per unit.
  16. rAndom

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    I still remember the days when the Switch was "too big and too expensive to be considered a handheld and will not be attractive in Japan".

    And Splatoon 2 will continue to sell over time. Don't forget the game is not even 1 year old. 3 million would not surprise me.
  17. I would say quite good, that would be 6 months and a couple of weeks left.

    They said 1 year of content support but it would not surprise me if they at the very
    least extend Splatfests.
  18. Lord of Ostia

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    It's not related to price at all, just a discussion of why Switch is so much more appealing as a console in Japan than PS4 or Wii U.
  19. OrbitalBeard

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    Nintendo has already confirmed Splatfests will last for two years.
  20. Xion_Stellar

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    It's actually rather sad how dead the console market is over there that a 2 million sale milestone is noteworthy to begin with now don't get me wrong congratulations of Splatoon 2 for making it happen but this just further highlights how the Japanese Market went in the complete opposite direction that the US took.
  21. Cyberninja776

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    Didn't know the PC version of World was region locked I was going to make the first game I got when I bulid my PC later this year, now probably not. Also Nier only sold a couple hundred thousand right? So I guess if they didn't ship a ton initially , I can see why it had legs from positive word of mouth.

    Funny to think that FF XV is the 2nd best selling PS4 game, even with this situation. I guess I'm really glad the rest of the world is buying Japanese games more than ever it seems like.
  22. Mr. RPG

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    Is the Switch the beginning of a renaissance of console gaming in Japan?
  23. BowieZ

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    Said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Splatoon 2 was GOTY 2017. Just an incredible experience from top to bottom, especially since that major update.

    I mean, it was obviously too “similar” to Splatoon 1 to be officially considered, but in and of itself, Splatoon 2 is simply the best and most fun video game experience from last year.
  24. Lord of Ostia

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    It's still one of the largest dedicated device markets.
  25. That's great did not know that....
    Actually that's awesome thank you for proving me wrong in that.
  26. Lord of Ostia

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    I mean, it's the successor to 3DS and that system sold over 20 million in Japan alone so not really.
  27. Medalion

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    Splatoon 3... the INKening.
  28. Mr. RPG

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    Maybe I should get Splatoon 2... I loved the original game on Wii U, but I felt like Splatoon 2 came out too soon? At least that's what I thought at the time.

    When I was in Japan last summer, advertisements for the game were everywhere.
  29. Mooksoup

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    That's great, absolutely loving this game. Never been a player of online shooters are competitive games at all, but the art and fun of this game got me entirely hooked.
  30. Fei

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    The argument that the Switch is symmetric with any other handheld is incorrect explicitly because of the price of the software.
  31. There is clearly more to splatoon 2s success than just being portable. The switch has only sold around 3.5 million and splatoon 2 has already cracked this milestone. It's not as if it has required the huge 20 million userbase of typical Nintendo handhelds to achieve its sales.

    There is no doubt that portability is helping and will continue to help the switch but it's clear that splatoon is just an appealing franchise in Japan. To almost sell 2 million on the wii U of all consoles is just mind boggling.
  32. Mr. RPG

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    I consider the Switch as more of a console that you can play on the go.

    The Nintendo 3DS is different and I prefer its form factor and dual screens and I honestly hope they are planning a successor for it, but I can understand if they don't.
  33. Vareon

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    Switch is still a handheld and a console, and I will argue it acts more like a console now rather than a handheld in Japan with the pricing and library. Even Japan reacted poorly to overpriced handhelds as we see with 3DS and Vita.
  34. FZZ

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    Oh wow


    Idk if Pokemon can top it
  35. CaviarMeths

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    Splatoon 3 isn't coming any time soon. Nintendo is a big fan of giving their marquis multiplayer titles (Mario Kart, Smash) a lot of space.
  36. Cyberninja776

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    To be completely honest it wouldn't really surprise me either way, because we saw how FF did and those consistently did better before this gen. Monster Hunter World will a be great test to see if people will follow the brand to the less popular PS4. If it only does around 1.5 million then well traditional console gaming is a market that can no longer do well even with the heaviest hitters. Also didn't Tri only do about a Million? Was that before or after the height of Mon Huns popularity in Japan?
  37. Xion_Stellar

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    Oh for sure I don't think Consoles are ever going away but every time I jump on a any Media Create thread I tell myself "That's it? That's all X game sold on a X console? This feels like bread crumb sales compare to how much X title sold in the West"

    Forget Monster Hunter World!! (I'm eagerly looking forward to it) the REAL Japanese Market test to me will be how much the FF7 Remake will sell once it lands on the PS4.
  38. OrbitalBeard

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    I think we'll get some sort of spinoff on Switch, but not Splatoon 3.
  39. Oh believe me it's certainly worth it now, a lot of stuff got added since launch.

    And Salmon Run is amazing believe me, it looks silly in videos but if you play it yourself you're hooked fast.
  40. Vena

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    In the middle, but the Wii in Japan was a mismanaged mess from third parties so it is not only a bad barometer, it was also during a time when portable MH releases were still a thing (PSP then).

    MHW is entering a very different market on a console that has had every grace from third parties thrown its way, and Capcom has set fire to the portable bridge even if they intend to eventually try to use it.

    Either way, 2mil is extremely unlikely. There's simply a realistic unfeasibility that comes from the small install base.
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    Nintendo and Splatoon haters stopping by in this thread on their way home from a long day in the salt mines.
  42. Get ready for the new Splatoon Battle Royale game.
  43. AlexFlame116

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    Thank you! I always wondered why that happens though. Marina and the others should be more popular!
  44. javac

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    Handhelds don't just inherently sell better by virtue of being a portable, the portable nature in and of itself is obviously a huge boon no doubt but the main attraction has always been the software, or rather the types of software portable devices generally find themselves engulfed in, in particular the depth, breadth and variety of titles which lend themselves to the more cheaper development costs of portables as well as the lower prices of said devices which always made them more appealing to children and parents.

    The switch being a hybrid is the selling point but that doesn't necessarily mean it inherits all the goodwill and benefits of Nintendo handhelds of yesterday, at least not at its current price and formfactor. The switch in its current state hasn't absorbed the 3DS audience, not until Pokémon releases at least. The Switch for lack of better words still carries all the burdens of a home console and so saying it'll obviously sell well because it's portable is selling it short.
  45. Wowfunhappy

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    What Nintendo says is completely irrelevent here. The Switch _has the ability to function_ as a portable, and the sales of Switch games reflects that.
  46. HPH

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    It's time for Splatoon x Jet Set Radio. I've been playing JSR on the Dreamcast and it's so fresh that it can't be forgotten like it basically is now.
  47. Drain You

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    Glad to see this happen to be honest. Not into Splatoon, but happy to see a home console game selling so well in Japan. I can only imagine Pokemon will be the first game to dethrone it in a significant manner. The Switch library is going to be amazing by the time I can pick one up

    I could totally see this working and I bet it would be dope.
  48. Cantaim

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    Same, but it is pokemon so who knows how it'll all end.
  49. Strings

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    Man, I would be so in for a Splatoon spin-off.

    Have AlphaDream cool it with Mario RPGs, and let them actually be creative again with a new setting, or something like that.
  50. Cyberninja776

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    I think you mean the PS5 ;)

    I really feel bad for Capcom, they do a ton of things I love but they haven't made the greatest decisions in the past few years and I hope the NA market picks up the slack from Japan and this gamble works for them.