1. Jpop


    So Zelda and Xenoblade are console games going by your reasoning despite being on the Switch, which doesn't count because it is portable.

    It seems you are trying to prescribe your arbitrary classification on something to fit your agenda.
  2. enkaisu

    Banned Member

    That's awesome, but I will never ever understand Japan's disinterest in consoles. It absolutely boggles my mind.
  3. JJConrad


    2 million in any market is noteworthy. The console market in Japan today is on life-support... no doubt....But the PS2, itself, only saw 4 titles cross the 2M threshold. So, if anything, current market conditions only makes Splatoon 2's achievement even bigger.
  4. passepied joe

    passepied joe

    It's a console game.
  5. CeramicDragon


    Fun game. Can play it for 10'min at a time. Simple game but well done.

    Why wasn't this game called Splatwo? Or Splatoo?
  6. Makes sense, everyone who owns a Switch should own Splatoon 2.
  7. rawhide


    The first Splatoon would have reached that milestone if Nintendo hadn't stopped stocking the console a year before the Switch came out. Game's a phenomenon.
  8. In Japan that was in November, so really it was less than 5 months.
  9. CaviarMeths


    Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold like 5m on 3DS in Japan. That's the game to watch on Switch, I think.
  10. xenocide


    I just want to point out, I don't think this user should have gotten warned. Post 109 (4 posts above it) was someone asking about this specific picture when people were talking about the price of FFXV. It wasn't an attempt to derail the conversation at all imo. Not entirely sure who to notify about it though. I suppose not quoting that post and adding any actual conversation is a bit of a mistake, but it doesn't seem like something that should warrant a public warning like that.
  11. karmitt


    Splatoon might be the only game I feel breaks the “hybrid” nature of the machine, so I agree - console game. Gyro is key, and trying to use it in handheld mode felt abysmal.
  12. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine

    Good that Splatoon 2 is doing great and I can see Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8D go past 2 million this year.
  13. ChrisD


    It wouldn’t make sense worldwide. Same deal with Spla2n. Also it just wouldn’t look or sound as nice.
  14. rawhide


    They were in scarce supply since, like, January 2016.
  15. Datajoy


    I agree that Splatoon 2 should be considered as a console game. And I think that people in the industry generally view the Switch as a console first (like how BOTW and Odyssey weren’t up for “Best Handheld Game” at The Game Awards). But I think the key reason is that as soon as the Switch came out, the Wii U was stone cold dead, while the 3DS continues to get big new games. So it is natural to view the Switch as the next iteration of Nintendo’s home console line.

    On a personal level, I love Splatoon 2 and have poured 120 hours into the game, almost exclusively in Salmon Run mode.
  16. Deleted member 36718

    Deleted member 36718
    User requested account closure Member

    I play mostly in handheld mode, and while I'd say it works and I'm still pretty decent at the game, I really wish I could play lying down.
  17. Heh i'm not alone then....
    250 hours in and the majority is in Salmon Run, only level 27 in online so far.

    I like both modes but i am so hooked to Salmon Run. Also it's insane cash, those bonuses add up alot. Also those xp tickets are truly a blessing.
  18. Yep, Splat1 is better in just about every way for the reasons you mentioned. They should port it to Switch. Easy $$$
  19. karmitt


    I pretty much only play handheld laying down, and I struggled lol
  20. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    I love the "but this is a handheld" posts.
    The nature of the switch makes it so easy to spin the numbers towards what you want to prove :)
  21. Aostia82


    All hail the squids
  22. Datajoy


    Haha yep, I’m like level 23 or so. I have racked up so much gold and ability chunks and tickets etc that I basically never use since I rarely hop into PVP. The best day was when finally I realized you can check Salmon Run info on the Switch mobile app lol, now I almost never miss a shift. Such an amazingly fun and addictive game mode.
  23. Davey Cakes

    Davey Cakes

    Very obviously. And I’m happy about it. This is Nintendo’s biggest IP since the Mii burst in the late 2000s and Ninty should be allowed to ride it out as long as the creativity keeps fowing.
  24. Even so, it isn't easy to create a million seller game in japan only.
    Vita is portable, but...

  25. Napalm_Frank


    Vita version was the best selling one out of all the Sony machines (PS3, PS4, PSV) despite being the last one to release. Goes to show portability is a big factor despite Vita being what it is. In fact the only reason why Vita had some sort of life in Japan was because it was a portable rather than having heavy hitting games on it.
  26. Durden


    When Pokemon releases...the Switch will control the universe
  27. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    Wait until Pokemon comes out.
  28. Sadist


    Remember people not being confident Splatoon 2 would actually sell?

    Ha. Ha.

    Its over 3 million worldwide, might be approaching 4 million.
  29. Datajoy


    How is it the successor to the 3DS and not the Wii U? The last first party Wii U game was a simultaneous release as the first first-party Switch game, and the Wii U is now dead as a doornail. The Switch has also received several Wii U ports and successors to Wii U games. The 3DS on the other hand had an entirely new redesign released after the Switch was already out and continues to receive support from Nintendo and third party partners.
  30. We're posting in a thread discussing a game that has sold 2 million on a userbase of around 3.5 million. By the time MHW releases the PS4 will have a userbase of over 6 million and should reach around 7.5 million by years end.

    I dare say that by the time the switch reaches that userbase it'll have a minimum of 3 multimillion sellers and possibly more depending on what they release.

    I think MHW will struggle to go past 2 million but that's because of more than install base (though obviously being on HW that sells 20+ million helps).
  31. Cudpug


    Amazing that a franchise potentially bigger than Mario in Japan is only two years old. I adore Splatoon and i am so happy the series has become a staple franchise so quickly.

    If they ever wanted to do a mobile Splatoon, I would love for them to take a stab at a musical rhythm game like Voez. Splatoon has such a good soundtrack and it would fit in with the squid idols motif.
  32. Napalm_Frank


    It's their main portable device going forward. It getting the mainline Pokemon is quite telling. Of course it also replaces Wii U but when it comes to japanese market it's the big next (and only since Sony is dropping out) portable device dedicated to games.
  33. I didn't deny that.
    I can even agree that, as an hybrid, Switch success should be compared to the best selling platfoms in a given market (home console in us, portables in japan).

    Even so, I repeat myself, Vita only had one million seller (no 2 million sellers).
  34. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    An RPG would be nice.
  35. Datajoy


    Yes I see your point. Although I think it is much more clearly a replacement for the Wii U, I concede that it currently in the process of replacing the 3DS as well. I think it is a complex situation, as the system is legitimately replacing both their home and handheld console lines. So it is difficult to make analyses of the console based on past precedents, as it is hard to know just know exactly what to compare it to.
  36. pulga

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    Legit cringed at the discussion if Splatoon 2 is a console game or not. Console warrioring has stooped to lower lows than it ever did back in my more youthful years. At least if you called it kiddy you would have somewhat of a point.
  37. FreedomFighter

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    It made me look up the video where it comes from and it's actually brilliant. Great song and performance.
  38. Killingmoon


    It's their main device going forward. It having portability function is part of its feature, not what it is. Like it or not, it is their next generation of hardware, following the Wii U. They're placing it as a replacement of their last console, not of their last handheld. Whether they will have a successor to the 3DS going forward remains to be seen but the fact that it is still getting games in 2018 where the Wii U is basically dead should be telling. It's amazing how some people here are trying to downplay the console's success.

    What's funny is that I'm pretty sure if Sony is going to ape Nintendo and have the PS5 hybrid capabilities as well, the same people here would treat it as the successor of PS4 and not the Vita, especially if it becomes a hit.
  39. Nocturnal


    Splatoon 2 is likely the game with the highest digital ratio out of any Switch retail game in Japan(only Minecraft likely outsold it digitally).
    Digital Estimates from Famitsu aren't official digital sales, so the actual amount of digital sales are still only known by Nintendo.

    Splatoon 2 eShop Ranking since release:
    July 20th to Aug 2nd - 1st Place
    Aug 3rd to Aug 9th - 2nd Place
    Aug 17th to Aug 23rd - 5th Place
    Aug 24th to Sept 6th - 3rd Place
    Sept 7th to Sept 13th - 7th Place
    Sept 14th to Sept 20th - 10th Place
    Sept 21st to Sept 27th - 7th Place
    Sept 26th to Oct 10th - 5th Place
    Oct 10th to Oct 31st - 3rd Place
    Oct 31st to Nov 14th - 4th Place
    Nov 7th to Nov 21st - 6th Place
    Nov 23rd to Dec 6th - 7th Place
    Dec 7th to Dec 13th - 5th Place
    Dec 14th to Dec 20th - 3rd Place
    Dec 21st to Dec 27th - 4th Place
    Dec 28th to Jan 3rd - 5th Place
    some dates/weeks missing since L~A & silpheed didn't post them here or on gaf

    I think December was the strongest month digitally for Splatoon 2 since launching. especially if we take into account how many new owners there are potentially compared to past months:

    With a 75/25 split physical to digital leads to an additional 588K sales. Thats roughly 2.35M or 71% attach rate.
    With a 80/20 split leads to an additional 435K sales. That's roughly 2.2M or 66% attach rate.
    With a 85/15 split leads to an additional 311K additional sales, which is roughly 2.07M or 62% attach rate.

    Overall for Splatoon 2 I'd expect launch figures to be at minimum 15% digital, which would lead to 113K sales launch week.
    25% digital requires Splatoon 2 to sale 21K on average p/w digitally for the remaining 22 weeks
    20% digital requires Splatoon 2 to sale 14K on average p/w digitally for the remaining 22 weeks.
    15% digital requires Splatoon 2 to sale 9K on average p/w digitally for the remaining 22 weeks.

    The launch figure is mainly because of Nintendo's reported shipped numbers from September which were 1.56M for Japan while M-C at the time had Splatoon 2 at 1.19M. This leaves 370K copies unaccounted for, a certain percentage of those were still sitting at retailers but others were digital sales. I don't know how likely it is for retailers to stock up with more than 100K copies of Splatoon 2 for early October.
    Lets say there were 150K copies shipped sitting around that means 220K digital sales by September in Japan. Which is 11K p/w on average after launch. If there were however 100K copies at retailers that's 270K digital sales by September, which is 17K p/w.
  40. Imran


    Spla *clap* toon *clap* Monster *clap* Hunter
  41. Khaos Prime

    Khaos Prime

    Japan loves them some Splatoon.
  42. OrbitalBeard


    Yeah, now I want this.
  43. massoluk


    Come on, people. Switch also may be a handheld, but how many really buy Splatoon to play outside offline. Some may play it on a lunch break, but this line of argument is just */smh*

    How many 3DS games and Vita games were a big hit because they were online multiplayer.

    This line of argument also totally dismisses the success it had on the WiiU.
  44. FairyEmpire


    I guess I don't follow Nintendo enough because I had no idea Splatoon 2 was going THIS good. Impressive, really. Can't imagine what's gonna happen when an Animal Crossing or a Pokémon game comes out.
  45. scabobbs


    I'm playing through the campaign now and while its kind of fun, its also pretty damn shallow. I know the real draw here is the multiplayer, but i wish they'd put a little more effort into the campaign. Feels like a wasted opportunity, given how typically incredible Nintendo campaigns are.
  46. CaviarMeths


    It's likely over 5m worldwide right now. Was at 3.61m at the end of September and Nintendo just had a really strong holiday shopping season.
  47. Joseki


    Actually it was at 3.6 millions at the end of September, it should be well over 4 millions now.

    And by the way the digital data in the OP is updated at November, December digital numbers aren't out yet.
  48. entrydenied


    I really need to buy this game. Even though I have a decade long backlog but I really want to support the game due to it's lack of lootboxes and micro transaction. I bought the first one on the Wii U but the Wii U was too cumbersome for me and never got to play much of it.
    Managed to get some random visitors to my place to enjoy the game even then.
  49. BeaconofTruth


    Is that Final Fantasy 15 number right in Japan? That seems pretty shitty for Final Fantasy.