Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. RalchAC

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    I played plenty of games with gyro in the Vita and precisely the fact that was a handheld made it feel more natural to me.

    Any reason why Splatoon could be a different case?
  2. Kinger256

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    Splatoon 2 being the first console game to sell 2mil in 8 years is not that impressive when you consider what sets switch apart is it's portability, and the lack of such, was the main reason we haven't seen any console games selling this much since. I mean if we are really going this route of strictly comparing the switch to consoles, we are ignoring the comparisons that are more indicative of switch's success on a hardware and software view rather than something that has become relatively niche in Japanese gaming.

    I think a much more impressive headline is that it's easily outselling MK and Odyssey during the holidays possibly showing that it's only second to Pokemon in terms of Nintendo franchises.
  3. Weegian

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    Bring on Splathreen.

  4. RedAhmed

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    That is until Pokemon and Animal Crossing release!

    Still great achievement. Splatoon is HUGE in Japan.
  5. Hoshigumi

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    I want to play as a filthy salmonid
  6. marcus

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    W O O M A G E
  7. Fdkn

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    Calling the switch a home console in Japan of all places is pretty ironic, I guess that's why Nintendo promotes splatoon2 like this

  8. KtSlime

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    Nintendo commonly promotes all their games in all 3 modes. No need to be spouting half truths.
  9. Fdkn

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    Calling it a console is the half truth.

    It's portable too, and it's selling like it is because of that.
  10. Zalman

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    Splatoon 2 would have reached this milestone even if Switch wasn't portable. The first game was a million-seller already on Nintendo's worst-selling console.
  11. Coolwhip

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    Who cares if its handheld, console or a brick.

    Disregarding handheld sales like people liked doing in the past makes no sense anymore. The Switch is over 300 dollars, the games are 50-70 dollars. That's full console pricing.
  12. Alrus

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    Again when talking about Splatoon this is just disingenuous, the original sold 1,7m on the Wii U, a console that sold badly and had a very apathetic user base. The Switch is selling well and so far seems to have a much more active userbase, the fact that it can be played in hand held mode is only a small part of the reason for its success.
  13. CaviarMeths

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    I actually thought it seemed high. Game has been in discount bins since launch and some retailers haven't even sold through their initial shipment yet. Guess that sounds about right with digital included though.
  14. Napalm_Frank

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    Considering the thread is about comparing sales of Splatoon 2 to the game sales of non portable consoles instead of portable ones I think it's perfectly fine to point out that there are some flaws to thinking those two markets being the same.

    Yes, the Switch is a huge success and I'm not downplaying anything. It doesn't make the success and sales any less meaningful, least of all to Nintendo. I'm just saying that you cannot look at stuff like this and declare that Switch has resulted in some kind of home console renaissance in Japan when the fact is that portability of the machine plays a huge role in it's success in the region.

    It doesn't matter if you don't think it's the successor to 3DS. But it still is a handheld device.
  15. Fdkn

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    If you are trying to convince me that Switch would have sold at the same rate (over 3.5million in Japan since launch) if it wasn't portable, I mean no disrespect, but you're not going to get it.


    It really isn't something that bothers me, I just read the thread and found the 'console' distintion versus portable a bit disingenous, but if that's going to make some people happier, let them be. I see no point in further engaging semantics.
  16. massoluk

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    You see a lot of people playing Splatoon in the subway, huh?
  17. Fdkn

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    You don't see a lot of people playing anything else than smartphones in the subway since years ago.
  18. Mory Dunz

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    it bothers you enough to engage in those semantics to begin with, when literally no one else was.

    I'm wrong. Some guy on the first page was too. Something something about prices
  19. Fdkn

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    Literally happened on the first page. I see where this is going, so I'm out.
  20. BassForever

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    Would the switch be selling this well in Japan if it wasn’t portable/hybrid?
  21. MagnesG

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    Wow this attitude. Ban worthy.

    The ironic is someone obsessing on semantics while complaining his/her so called semantics when all had been said was never about semantics in quite a serious (pricing and stuff) not so semantics discussion.
  22. Nick Nehidnyk

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    Ah, pointless debate over whether the Switch "counts" as a handheld or console. Excellent, just the sort of discussion I like to see surrounding a platform designed to break down the barrier between the two form factors.
  23. Arthands

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    that will depend what unique selling point it has as a replacement for not being a hybrid
  24. BeaconofTruth

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    Really? I thought Final Fantasy was always a big hit in Japan. 2 million sold easy.
  25. casiopao

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    And yet the software is priced like console price and it sold as well, showing it is selling console like.
  26. rAndom

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    Arguing about the Switch being a home console/handheld/hybrid is really out of the topic in this thread.

    Splatoon is a phenomenon in Japan. Being on a portable or not, Splatoon 2 will still reach 2 million regardless. That's simply giving the merit to the game's strength as a brand.
  27. Atheerios

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    Really Nintendo just accomplished what they wanted:

    They changed the definition of what is a home console and what is a portable.
  28. AV_Fanz

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    So I guess to some people, any time the Switch or a Switch title achieve some incredible sales figures, they would just discount it completely by saying "it's just a portable".
  29. Sander VF

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    We have come a long way since the time Switch wasn’t gonna catch on in Japan because it was too big to fit into the pocket and not a REAL portable. With anecdotal evidence and 2ch threads to prove it, of course.

    Now it’s successes there are not that impressive because it’s a portable.
  30. mutantmagnet

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    The wii u entry almost sold 2 mil. That says enough about what legs this one is going to experience.
  31. OrbitalBeard

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    I still get a good chuckle out of all the pre-launch Switch hot takes.

    Hell, the post-launch hot takes are pretty great too.
  32. Mory Dunz

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    seems about right.
  33. Fdkn

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    In Japan game prices are way more flexible, it's not $40 vs $60 like in the US.

    If I am not mistaken, Splatoon 2 is 6k Yen? Console game prices are more on the 7-8 to even 9k range. Pokemon for example is 5k Yen, so the uptick for Switch games is not that high from 3ds games.

    Zelda in comparison launched for 7k yen, so that's more in line with console prices. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is 8k Yen.

    I can agree with this.

    DXB-KNIGHT Member

    It's a Handsole which make Splatoon the first handsole game ever to reach 2 million in Japan.

    BAN PUNCHER Member

    Over 2 Million Served.

  36. NHarmonic.

    NHarmonic. Member

    Deserved, the game is incredible.
  37. -shadow-

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    Over two million? So Nintendo, about that regional matchmaking...
  38. Napalm_Frank

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    It's not discounting the success, it's asking why is the thread made to compare Splatoon 2 specifically to non-portable games.
  39. Toon Link

    Toon Link Love & Respect Moderator

    Impressive, and it will continue to sell well. The first game would have easily gotten there too if it wasn't for the Wii U selling so terribly.
  40. Fantastic and well deserved sales, but is not a little disingenius to say 'console'? If the switch was solely a traditional console I don't think it would be hitting these heights.
  41. Bizu

    Bizu Member

    This surprises me. It's a good game, okay. But not so much. I have 50hours of play and already tired (don't know if this is too much for u guys) but I expect more content of cloths, weapons...and please take off the introduction of whats going on...i just want a skip button
  42. hussien-11

    hussien-11 Member

    True, and its a console game as much as it is a handheld game, so its not technically wrong to describe it this way.

    anyway, very well deserved, its one of the best shooters I've ever played, a very fun game (I didn't play the first).
  43. Echo

    Echo Member

    A lot of this can be attributed to the inherent cuteness of it, you know the "moe" style you people are always bitching about.

    The other half is very likely the portable nature of Switch. No one I know plays it any other other way.
  44. Wambo

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    Impressive. Haven't bought the game myself yet, but I'm thinking about it.
  45. Jaal

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    Its the first home console game in 8 years to sell 2 million on a portable system, well done.
  46. Fishsnot

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    Glad to do my part.
    My whole family <3 Splatoon!

    And then some!
  47. Fishsnot

    Fishsnot Member

    That was only because of the July 21at release date. The start of the summer holidays for many kids.
    The idea here being that you can go out anywhere and have fun, be it at a family barbecue, a camping ground or at the beach! It has nothing to do with weather it is a portable or home console.
    I thought that it was very well advertised myself!
  48. Marukoban

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    I'm impressed some people are bothered by this thread.
    Switch can be played as a home console. Whether it's successful because it's also a portable device is besides the point.
    It just shows that Nintendo managed to make a compelling hardware, whereby the competitor clearly doesn't even bother to try compete in Japan market.
    In terms of Splatoon 2, I think it helps Switch as much as Switch helps to boost its sales.
    Splatoon is a very popular franchise right now in Japan, and even if Switch is only a home console, I believe its sales will still be massive.
    Afterall, Splatoon did 1.7m on Wii U, which has installbase of 3.3m.
  49. Raijinto

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    Yep, they did done good. Beating the likes of Dragon Quest, FF and Super Mario to the punch is no small feat indeed.
  50. qq more

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    Eh? The art style attracting a lot of people is a good point but it's definitely not "moe".