Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Surprised Minecraft didn't make the list. Hell, I'm pretty sure it recently got a double Platinum (1 Plat = 1 million sales) award from Sony for sales in Asia and I assume the majority of those are from Japan. Then add Switch sales, I thought it'd be well past 2m there.
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    Maybe if your sole definition of "moe" is generic derpy anime face, sure. In reality it's much more than that, and Splatoon absolutely falls under the banner.
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    I think a BIG reason why multiplayer games sell better in Japan, is BECAUSE they don’t have a ”ending” like singleplayer games.
    So while FF15, DQ11, etc... have sold less than 1-2 millions, I thinks that more players have play them, BECAUSE they rather lend them to each other or buy it pre-own, than buying a new copy
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    What the hell is so moe about it
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    Splatoon 2 is selling first on its mechanics, then on its art style.

    Nintendo winning on all fronts with the Switch: console and handheld. The hybrid nature counters the usual "console vs handheld" argument. Haters crying in a corner.
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    Switch doesnt follow the traditional home console design (usually one unit per household), so i wounldnt compare it directly to consoles in that regards. One unit per households limits the software sales compared to one unit per person. The switch has much appeal/overlap from the handheld space. But regardless of that, Splatoon 2 has sold great in Japan :)
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    I thought Minecraft would have done that, but is not even listed?
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    If you add all the console versions of Minecraft, it sold well over a million in Japan. Adding the portable systems to that, then its somewhere around 2.5 million, possibly more.
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    Oh, I thought it would have passed 1 million on many platforms already.

    Guess the brand isn't that strong there.
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    It's still huge, I'm sure it will be a multimillion selling game in Japan on the Switch. Minecraft Switch is actually the first time Minecraft has appeared on a Nintendo portable console, if the Vita version can sell 1M on a 6M user-base imagine what Minecraft will sell on a device with >20M audience. Especially with a new update in the works and a physical edition dropping at sometime.
    In terms of sales we still have no idea how much it sold in Japan digitally but I wouldn't rule out well above >500K sales already. It's the best selling game on the eShop during December and has been in the top 5 since releasing on the system in May. I would peg Splatoon 2 sales around 300K digitally and based on eShop ranking Minecraft has greatly eclipsed this figure. Personally I expect it to continue selling well into Switch's life and once a physical version is released for it to also pass 1M. If the Switch does end up selling >25M in Japan, Minecraft has a good chance to sell >4M copies. It's the biggest evergreen title that isn't made by Nintendo currently on the system/
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    Thanks for posting this, very informative!
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    Only Vita has passed one million. But the brand is pretty strong in Japan too. Games selling 2 million+ there isnt relatively rare. Its still selling as well.

    EDIT: And what Nocturnal mentioned above :)
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    nvm XD
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    Actually the Switch software sales show that it's acting more like a home console than a handheld. Historically the ratio of software sold per hardware unit is higher for home consoles compared to handhelds, and the ratio of Switch is closer to that of previous home consoles.
    Though tbh, it's disingenuous to call the Switch either/or as it's a hybrid, even Nintendo pointed out how it's used as a hybrid by the majority of the users.
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    Very cool, I always forget how much smaller the market is in Japan.
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    a Splatoon skateboarding/roller blading game is some shit I've been hoping for since the first game
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    Japan has seen a hell of a shift to mobile for gaming since the Wii launched.

    However in doing so there was a hole that was left for portable gaming the switch fills very nicely. Hence ninty doing very well in Japan.
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    Just the 3DS huh? Ok.
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    Well Zelda and Mario have to reach that target as well I imagine? Whenever Pokemon comes out, you're going to need to multiply the 2mill number to reach the goal. I expect a frenzy with excitement.
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    Splatoon 2 isn't better than Splatoon 1 by any metric except for gamepad integration. Splatoon 2 looks better, Splatoon 2 animates better, Splatoon 2 sounds better, and Splatoon 2 plays better.
  23. Maps, specials, Callie & Marie, soundtrack are way better. You can't even argue that losing the Gamepad features is a plus lol

    Only thing Splat 2 has over it is Salmon Run
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    I thought FF13 eventually crossed 2 million on PS3 in Japan?
  25. Solid

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    Nope, lol. I can meet you halfway, though. I liked the specials in Splatoon 1 more - they obviously had to be changed for the sequel due to the lack of second screen. And not all of the music tracks in Splatoon 2 are winners.

    I disagree on every other count, though. Callie and Marie weren't better (and they, just like literally everything else in Splatoon 1, are much less visually interesting than their analogues in Splatoon 2), the map selection isn't better, etc. And gyro controls with split joy-con trump gyro using the gamepad HARD. As I noted, Splatoon 2 looks better, Splatoon 2 animates better, Splatoon 2 sounds better, and Splatoon 2 plays better.
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    Isn't calling it a home console disingenuous though? Shouldn't it be considered a hybrid console? In a way the Switch is as much a 3DS successor as it is a Wii U successor. The 3DS had about a dozen games sell over 2 million in Japan so this isn't too shocking. Good for Splatoon though, it's now a premium Nintendo franchise.
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    specials? good god no. the reworking of specials was a crucial. the bubbler, zooka, and kraken were fucking broken let's not lie. making those into more risk reward specials such as ink armor, ink jet, and baller is a breath of fresh air. the only special right now that needs some reworking is the sting ray imo.

    huge improvement over the first game

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    It's also successor to the Wii U of course, 3DS is more relevant to Japan as it was way more popular in Japan.
  29. Alot of it has to do with S1 being the introduction to an innovative new IP. S2 was more of the same so the magic wasn't there. (understandably)

    S2 is the WaW to S1's COD4

    Kraken, Bubbler and Zooka were pretty broken (although Kraken was an easy counter for splattershots and squelcher), but they were fun. S2's specials are too safe. Alot of that game is too safe :(
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    Awesome news. It only means more Nintendo investment in Splatoon. This is the best shooter on the market in terms of the core gameplay IMO. Every Switch owner needs this game in their digital library.
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    well yeah, it's a sequel. I'd be pissed off if they changed the core gameplay, that's why I got hooked in the first place. I'm sure a spin off or a new IP will come to satiate your desire for something new but this was Splatoon 2.

    I was more addressing the claim that the specials were somehow better in the first game which is a crazy thing to suggest. I couldn't find a clip of a fuck you full team bubbler forcing a KO in Tower Control. that shit was nerve wracking. Splatoon 2 is a better game in every aspect in terms of the actual gameplay and weapon balance. it's a better game to play and it's a better game to watch competitively. no more zooka KO's from across the map, you have to put your neck out there with the ink jet. no more fuck you full team bubblers, you are vulnerable with ink armor. the other things you mentioned like the music and the squid sisters are subjective so no issue with those preferences.
  32. That's a funny way to say balanced and strategic. If you want broken specials play S1 lol
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    Splatoon 2 needs bots. Hurts local play options.
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    New Map drops soon - Shellendorf Institute:

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    This has probably been answered, but how is this possible with BotW around?
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    I mean, the Switch is obviously successful, there's no need to exaggerate its success by comparing it to home consoles in Japan. We all know they've been dead for a long time.
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    Splatoon 2 specials >>>>>>>>>>>> Splatoon specials

    The former specials actually require team effort. The specials in the original game were too volatile. It was like everyone was sitting on pre-patch Genji Dragonblades.

    Splatoon is way bigger than Zelda in Japan, and yes that's accounting for the fact that the former debuted only 3 years ago while Zelda has been around for decades.
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    I could show you all a handful of shitposts made last week on this very forum that allege that the only reason Splatoon 2 is popular... are you ready for this?... is out of nostalgia for Gamecube aesthetics. Yes, that's the sole reason for Splatoon 2's success - because it looks cartoony, "like a Gamecube game". Go ahead. Read it again. Read it ten times. It won't make any more sense.

    Nintendo got some of y'all fucked up this year.
  39. I believe Splatoon 2 > MHW sales wise.
    Splatoon 1 was at nearly 5m already world wide and Splatoon 2 is gonna outsell that and i doubt MHW is gonna do like 7m + copies world wide wich Splatoon 2 is probably gonna do.
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    I'd be thoroughly surprised if that won't be the case. Splatoon 2 is selling faster than Splatoon 1, and probably will sell longer as well, so it should be well beyond 1, possibly 10 million at the very end. MHW selling 7-10 million would be absolutely incredible.
  41. Yeah quite insane really, insane to think Splatoon is a top tier nintendo franchise now both appeal and sales wise.

    Also i don't mind MHW doing well i just doubt it will outsell Splatoon :P

    I am sure in the end both end up very well or well i hope so i love both series tbh.
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    Still though....
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    The Switch and especially Splatoon 2 are doing extremly well compared to the 3DS as well.

    Switch has sold 820K less than the 3DS launch aligned but has done so with:
    - constant stock problems
    - 15,000 vs 30,000 price(since August when they were seperated by less than 50K)
    - higher priced games
    - much fewer 3rd party games

    Splatoon 2 has sold in excess of 2M before Switch's 45th Week on the market, since we don't know how much it sold digitally it's very likely well beyond 2M right now. A conservative estimate of 85% physical to 15% digital in Japan means that Splatoon 2 has surspassed 2.25M right now.
    It took the 3DS 97 Weeks to get it's first 2M seller - Animal Crossing:New Leaf. Splatoon 2 is also likely the first title to surpass 3M and 4M on the system and should do it before the Switch is out for 96 Weeks(January 2019).
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    they are cute and young
  45. Aters

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    That's more than 8 years ago I think.
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    Exactly, especially in Japan.
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    That... doesn't make it automatically moe

    I give up