Splatoon 2 updates have been INKcredible: 34 weapons, 11 maps, 150 gears, 1 new mode, 14 patches

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Joseki, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Joseki

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    32 new weapon sets, 2 new weapon sets exclusive for Salmon Run


    4 new maps, 4 updated returning maps from Splatoon, 2 new maps for Salmon Run, 1 map exclusive to Splatfests (but it's actually a different layout every month, so it could be counted as 7 separate maps)


    140 new gears were added with patch 2.0.0, 4 new monthly gear prizes for Salmon Run, 3 exclusive CoroCoro gears


    Source: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/List_of_post-release_content_in_Splatoon_2

    Splatoon 2 is almost 7 months old now, and it has kept a very impressive schedule

    • A new weapon set every week
    • A new/returning map every 3 weeks
    • A monthly gear prize for Salmon Run

    On top of that EPD kept on patching, balancing and adding QoL updates to the game, that now has been updated 14 times. They also added a new ranked mode.


    Source: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/List_of_updates_in_Splatoon_2

    Lastly, 8 Splatfests have seen squids draw memes and fight over the weirdest shit Nintendo could imagine.

    In the modern GaaS scenario Splatoon 2 is easily the most consumer friendly shooter on the market. There's no paid DLC, no lootboxes of any kind, no in game purchases.

    Free content is planned to be added at least until summer 2018, but producer Nogami said to The Verge last winter that 'the updates could potentially extend further than that, saying that the team is currently in the “planning stages” for what that future support could look like.'

    ERA is full of "vote with your wallet", "boo MTX" and bla bla bla, and I really hope that those posters also support games like Splatoon 2 that do "post launch support" right.

    TL;DR - Splatoon 2 keeps on getting better and better for free, buy it.
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    yea it was wierd this game didnt get the nomination for "Best ongoing game" at the game awards
  3. ianpm31

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    I love the support but at the same time Splatoon 2 felt like an expansion that didn't have a ton of content. Felt like a lot of maps and weapons were held back for post-launch support reasons. It's all free so at the end of the day I can't complain.
  4. NoMoreTrolls

    NoMoreTrolls Member

    One could argue that the launch content was lacking to support such an ongoing support structure.

    Regardless, as it stands now, the game has a boatload of content.
  5. FiXalaS

    FiXalaS Member

    Thats a lot... kind of overwhelming for me to get back

    all of that for free... Its amazing. Can't help but feel the 3rd game will have microtransactions (I hope my feelings don't come true)
  6. Kai Dracon

    Kai Dracon Member

    It seems like Splatoon has definitely been Nintendo's experimental model for post-launch support / a little bit "games as as service".

    Their handling of ARMS was also admirable considering the game sold good but not great.
  7. phanphare

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    yeah splatoon and splatoon 2 are examples of how to do post launch support right
  8. Toni Codrea

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    I've been busy with other stuff so I can't play Splatoon as much but every time I open my Switch and see a news post for a new weapon/stage I can only think: "Another one??"
  9. RecRoulette

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    I really hope they do a big Salmon Run update. I feel like they could do so much more with that mode (like bring back the all random weapon loadouts!)

  10. TeenageFBI

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    Splatoon 1 and 2 + Arms have commendable post-launch support but they lose a bit in my eyes for the relatively bare-bones launch. It also feels that very few of the additions are created in response to community feedback.

    Edit: I may be wrong about that second bit. I’d appreciate some evidence to the contrary if you have it.
  11. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

    I want them to add more bosses! Those are always fun and I want to learn how to fight more. And maybe add two map rotation.
  12. TheFireman

    TheFireman Member

    Yet Salmon Run is still on a dumb fucking timer that doeen't let you play it online whenever you want.
  13. Alienous

    Alienous Member

    I'd say most modern shooters launch with more content than Splatoon 2 did (in terms of maps / weapon variety), so I don't find it all that impressive.
  14. memoryman3

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    I feel like Splatoon 2 cheated a bit with it's launch content and held back content (the Umbrella and some maps) but I have to say that the game feels quite packed with content now. We're at 16 maps right?
  15. daxy

    daxy Member

    Yup. This game pays itself off with each passing month. The launch content, while enough to keep me hooked, was a bit basic but I love seeing new stuff each time I jump back into the game, even if it's just for a few hours.
  16. ahoyhoy

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    Logged in for the first time since Odyssey came out and was impressed by the amount of new stuff added.

    Was quite sad to see Salmon Run is still on a schedule and not even open on a Sunday. C'mon Nintendo.
  17. ZhugeEX

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    This is Games as a Service.
  18. Dyle

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    And they still aren't done, there's still at least another 5 months of support with some kind of large update likely coming around the end of the month. It's great and I love the tweaks they've done balancing the game. While there are still very prominent tiers that weapons fall into, only a few are total garbage and only a handful, maybe 5-6 depending on who you ask, are overused. There's still room to improve, chargers and brushes are still a little weaker than they should be, but on the whole the balancing has been great and the always changing meta makes playing the game regularly all the more enjoyable.

    Splatoon is GAAS done right, hopefully more games follow Nintendo's example
  19. Crazy Izanagi

    Crazy Izanagi Member

    And the best part is if I want a certain outfit I can literally just fucking buy it!

    No slot machine required!
  20. KazuchikaOkada

    KazuchikaOkada Banned Member

    It's a great model with the only dubious microtransaction part being the Amiibo stuff. When NIntendo does more multiplayer games I hope they follow suit.
  21. retroJ

    retroJ Member

    The new maps have been great. I thought most of the base maps were a bit mediocre, but the new additions are some of my favourites.
  22. MrPhiliasfrog

    MrPhiliasfrog Member

    I keep coming back because of this. And seeing how well the game is selling, I would not be surprise if they extend their support.
  23. shinken

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    Amazing support for a great game!
  24. Joseki

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    You can explore the maps on your own or try the new weapons in a test arena before squidding yourself in battle. And the old weapons are still great. Pick a Splattershot and have fun.
    They reworked the special for Splatoon 2 based in community feedback, they were considered too OP.

    Patch 1.3.0 is based around us screaming for a Tri Slosher nerf.

    Patch 2.0.0 too was because we asked for changing gear in lobby.
  25. Phantom Thief

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    Splatoon 2 is GaaS done right.
  26. foxuzamaki

    foxuzamaki Member

    I need to get back into it after I get my switch back from repairs, didn't put enough time ad I should have
  27. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    I was addicted to for quite a while... need to jump back in sometime
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    I’d love to play it more. Haven’t booted it up outside of splat fests since like September since I’ve been busy and there have been a lot of new games.

    But I really appreciate how they handle these games
  29. Ninjadom

    Ninjadom Member

    Absolutely superb support. Just a shame that I haven’t played it as much as I should, only 20 hours.
  30. Cybersai

    Cybersai Member

    In Splatoon 1 there were like 10 unique guns and everythng else was just variations of the same gun. Is it still like that?
  31. NHarmonic.

    NHarmonic. Member

    32 weapons and still no reason for the nozzlenose to exist. Seriously, fuck that shit in salmon run.

    The game is incredible and one of the best experiences i've ever had. Just wish the online was more consistent.
  32. phanphare

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  33. Kafkaswaffle

    Kafkaswaffle Member

    34 weapons, 11 maps, 150 gears, 1 new mode, 14 patches, 16 hz :/

    damn, I really wish they would change that so I could enjoy the game again.
  34. Acido

    Acido Member

    Been playing for over 300 hours now. I didn't play the first one but even then this is so fucking good I can't get enough of it help
  35. mazi

    mazi Member

    i wonder if they'll bother with a splatoon 3 for the switch
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    It's totally insane, how awesome the support of the game has been so far! Believe me i'm drunk now so i am speaking the truth!

    So many updates all free :D
    So glorious!
  37. PBalfredo

    PBalfredo Member

    I should play more Splatoon 2. I always enjoy it when I play it, but the Salmon Run being on a weird schedule has an odd way of dissuading me from playing. Whenever I'm thinking of games to play, my mind goes "I should play some Salmon Run. But wait, is it even open? Probably not. I'll play [other game] since I know that's always available."
  38. dragonflys545

    dragonflys545 Member

    Meanwhile arms gets shafted with only balance patches...

    I thought it would get the same treatment.
  39. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    ??? ARMS got some cool stuff. It's best to just wait for the inevitable superior sequel. It's a new IP. It'll get better over via installments.
  40. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    Splatoon's post release support is a high bar, you can't expect other games to hit it
  41. Dyle

    Dyle Member

    There aren't as many duplicate sets of weapons yet, but there are a lot more weapons overall with 2 new weapon types. Across the 7 weapon types there are 45 unique weapons with most of them having one variation set so far
  42. ghostcrew

    ghostcrew Member

    Yep, Splatoon 2 is a shining example of how Games as a service can keep an audience engaged with a game. The updates have been amazing. Whether they held back content for release later or not - it’s been great.
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    While some of the new maps are just Splatoon 1 maps, I applaud their support for the game. One thing it shows is that microtransactions aren't needed to fund future content. Publishers are just greedy reaching for higher yearly profits.
  44. mazi

    mazi Member

    but not every game can be like nintendo games and be ever green. i expect splatoon 2 to sell respectable amounts for at least two more years. the same thing can't be said for many other games, and it doesn't make financial sense to just continue to work on updates for a game that has stopped selling and you're not getting any money from the current owners.
  45. audisio

    audisio Member

    I have put only 45h

    The problem is my back log. These last years have been superb with new games.
  46. sandboxgod

    sandboxgod Member

    Booted it up last night and played for a bit. This long term support for this game has been astounding.
  47. Papaya

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    They've really added a lot. It's clear, though, that the original's updates were the basis for the sequel. Because of that, I was hopeful that there would be very meaningful updates, as time progressed, like the original. That hasn't really been the case, though. It's been, mainly, just content updates. New maps, gear, weapons. It's disappointing only one new mode has been introduced, so far. Taken by itself, there are few games that update as much as Splatoon 2, free or not, but I was hoping there would be more. Maybe Splatoon 1's free updates were sold to Nintendo as work for the sequel, which is why they offered so much, in the first place? Now that the sequel is out, they just have people working on updating it with basic content, cause this work here, isn't designed for a sequel, maybe? IDK.

    All I know is, I hope Splatoon 3 is a sizable upgrade. I want a few new casual modes (as opposed to Splatoon 2 which offered none), and updates to the current one. Maybe some new basic abilities, and interactions. And a new Co-Op mode. I don't think Splatoon 2 will offer anything like this with the current trend of its updates. Like I said, the updates have been great, but disappointing.
  48. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose Member

    Lots of additive content but not much in terms of improving the game itself.

    Salmon run is fun but super minimal rewards and incentives and no stat tracking.

    No bots for local or online play. Adding these would be a big deal. Local play is not great now unless you have 8 people with console and game. Online matches determined a lot of times by dropped players.

    1 ranked mode is good... But nothing else???
  49. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose Member

    This is completely false.

    Arms basically doubled the roster of stages and characters and arms.
    Badges and gallery were added.
    Customizable controls.
    Party crashes.
    Hedlok scramble and vs modes.
    Events added to the grand Prix.

    If anything the updates to arms have been far more transformative.

    I have no idea how you can feel arms hasn't gotten amazing support so far.
  50. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    you must have missed the ink armor ink jet everything meta