Splinter Cell 2018 Listed on Amazon Canada, E3 2018 Reveal Confirmed?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by TheBrokenMan, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. TheBrokenMan

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    A blog (TheNerdMag) covered the appearance of Splinter Cell 2018 on Amazon Canada. The listing looks legit since it is an Ubisoft listing.


    Also someone on r/XboxOne posted this picture:

    So what do you guys think? Now that MGS is over, do you think Splinter Cell will take the throne?

    Mark and Execute me if old.
  2. Blablurn

    Blablurn Member

    I hope we can throw chairs again in this one!
  3. Jackson

    Jackson Member

    Really excited for this if it's true
  4. #4
    A Reboot ?
  5. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    Oh fuck yes please.
    Do a reboot to the original 3 games. The age where everyone blindly runs after that action money seem to be finally over.
  6. Charamiwa

    Charamiwa Member

    I think Yves has talked about it enough for it to be true. I remember thinking the same about BGE last year.
  7. Fastidioso

    Fastidioso Member

    Oh God. I missed so much after Chaos Theory. If it's true please be like that.
  8. Ragona

    Ragona Member

    Hope its still heavily stealth focused.
  9. Frox

    Frox Member


  10. Stygr

    Stygr Member


    Please no online only game, please.
  11. jroc74

    jroc74 Member

    Don't play with my emotions.

    This deserves a "fucking finally."
  12. Net_Wrecker

    Net_Wrecker Member

    Hopefully Clint Hocking is leading us back to the promised land

    And if this is some kind of ruse, may Sam Fisher ram the head of whoever typed this through the nearest bathroom sink.
  13. K Samedi

    K Samedi Member

    Heres hoping this is not some endless service game with micro transactions and loot boxes. Im hyped for this!
  14. Shari

    Shari Member

    In my veins. NAO.

    And with the recent ubisoft policy on making everything coop.. I can't even...
  15. Acquiescence

    Acquiescence Member

    I wish I could be excited by the prospect of an incoming Splinter Cell. But I know deep down that this new installment will just follow the standard Ubisoft formula to an absolute tee.

    What I'd give for another game in the Chaos Theory/OG Xbox Double Agent mould.
  16. elektrixx

    elektrixx Member

    I hope it's like the last two games because I really liked them.
  17. Last_colossi

    Last_colossi Member

    Michael Ironside or GTFO... I'm not sure he'd even want the role anymore though :(
  18. Majora's Mask

    Majora's Mask Member

    I want to say that I hope they do it as Conviction, but I also love Pandora Tomorrow. Ah well, I'll consider myself lucky if we get a new game at all.
  19. Anung

    Anung Member

    I'm down for this.

    I just hope they have a decent story. Blacklist's level design and gameplay was excellent but the story and main character were so bad it nearly tanked the whole game. Ghost Recon Wildlands story was so bad that it retroactively ruined the 20+ good hours I had with that game.
  20. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    This would be the worst. Thing. Possible.
  21. Bits N Pieces

    Bits N Pieces Member

    If this is real..... would be a day one for me!
  22. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    I am really happy to see that. But difficult to judge how the game is gonna be with how Ubi is nowadays,
    I mean that not in a bad way. But i hope that focus on AC origins kind of way more then a Wildlands, For Honor kind of way and put alot of focus on MP.
  23. OldMuffin

    OldMuffin Member

    Didn’t last E3 they say that they still haven’t worked on a plan on how they want to bring spinter cell back? Unless they were lying... which publishers usually do. Anyway, hope this doesn’t go all Ubisoft open world, unless they are planning to follow mgs5 to a tee.
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    If it's a stealth game akin to the original trilogy I'm in.

    I'm not holding my breath.
  25. jroc74

    jroc74 Member

    You just reminded me why I kept my 360 for so long, and still have my PS3.

    Other games too but these are at the top of the list.
  26. Stygr

    Stygr Member

    This will probably be an open world sp game a la MGS V.
  27. Raide

    Raide Member

    Would love this to be true and an Xbox Exclusive. A perfect get for MS.
  28. Lackless

    Lackless Member

    Please no more "We designed these missions to be more fun when you're not stealthy...but you can be stealthy if you want!"

    Yeah I can be stealthy in Halo games too. Just because it's an option doesn't make it a good stealth game. Stop with this half-added bullshit.
  29. TheBrokenMan

    TheBrokenMan Member Original Poster

    I was skeptical too, but the listing is by Ubisoft official. If you actually click on it, then you'll see it takes you to their official store. It can't get any more real than this. This was how the Injustice 2 GOTY edition was revealed too, an early amazon listing.

    EDIT: this was also how GTA premium edition was leaked. Amazon listing track records have been spot on so far and rarely ever been wrong!
  30. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    i remember Ancel told, that showing Beyond Good & Evil 2 on E3 wouldn't be appropriate.
    Well, we all know how it turned out.
  31. Yggfk

    Yggfk Member

    I love Conviction and I'll defend it to death, but please be more like Blacklist, purty please!
  32. Lord British

    Lord British Member

    God yes. Please yes. It feels like it's been forever.
  33. Prine

    Prine Member

    Now MGS is dead, we really need Splinter cell more then ever.
  34. FrequentFlyer

    FrequentFlyer Member

    Blacklist was awesome, both in Singleplayer and especcially in COOP. Can't wait for the next SC!
  35. pswii60

    pswii60 Member

    I think I'll skip this one and wait for Splinter Cell 2019.
  36. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    that's all true, but i loved competitive online too!
  37. dezzyeight

    dezzyeight Member

    It's back baby!!!! Hopefully it's a reboot. Need a young Sam Fisher.
    Edit: Don't follow MGS5 please.
  38. Klobrille

    Klobrille Member


    Give me that amazing multiplayer mode again, please.
  39. wapplew

    wapplew Member

    Perfect for gamepass too.
  40. IvorB

    IvorB Member

    I really loved Blacklist but after what they did to Ghost Recon I can't say I would be excited for this unless I know they plan to keep it real.
  41. texhnolyze

    texhnolyze Member

    Open world reboot, calling it now.
  42. Fastidioso

    Fastidioso Member

    God no. I just see some walk through of the last game. That's embarrassing tech wise. The walks animations are weird compared even the first. Don't know what it's happened with the last 2 chapters but Splinter Cell in the ps360 era it seems a lower budget release compared the past. Except Double Agent.
  43. TheDave545

    TheDave545 Member

    Oh god please be true, and as much as people like to hate on the SC games after Chaos Theory I personally liked Conviction and Blacklist, Double Agent was pants though.

    Blacklist was probably the closest to the originally trilogy, still way off though and I'm hoping for a new game that's similar to the OG trilogy.
  44. Mass_Pincup

    Mass_Pincup Member

    There’s no Ubisoft formula.
  45. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    Would love for this game to be Itch.io exclusive. A perfect get for them.

    MGSV was hardly open world in the ubisoft sense tho.
    It didn't had any of that tower crawling, map icons unlocking, crafting materials collecting baggage Ubisoft games usually come with.
    It was just a big playing field
  46. THANOS

    THANOS Member

    Yes !
  47. Compsiox

    Compsiox Member

    GAAS, the next Rainbow Six Siege. 15 operators. Compete in a variety of narrow environments with no escape from your opponents.
  48. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Would be cool to have "origins" story in a open world 1985 USSR.
  49. FrequentFlyer

    FrequentFlyer Member

    Dont you dare
  50. #50
    I wonder how this franchise will fit into ubisofts recent games as a service initiative. The splinter cell franchise is one of my favorites of all time, so im all for it to have "live game" features with regular updates.