Spotify Wrapped 2018 is live - Find out your streaming stats


Oct 24, 2017
I used Apple Music for the most part of this year, but returned to Spotify a couple of months ago. So my stats are significantly lower than previous years.

My music taste however, remains dire and all over the place.



Oct 26, 2017
Around 60k minutes listened, top genre was hip hop. Spotify remains the best bang-for-buck subscription service ever for me.

The tastebreakers playlist is a cool idea, I'll have to check it out later.


Oct 26, 2017

Like 15k less minutes than last year, also on the phone it says Indie instead of pop.

You can tell from the top songs that I got really into Vespertine this year
Oct 30, 2017

This makes sense, surprised to see Battle Beast up there, but I did listen through their discography a few times.

75% non-mainstream is pretty good though
Oct 27, 2017

I dont think those top songs are correct but the top artists are. Listened to non mainstream artists more than 62% of spotify users as well.
Oct 28, 2017

I mainly listen to local files either through MusicBee on PC or Shuttle on my Pixel, so Spotify is more for stuff I don't have already or don't have direct access to at work.
Jul 21, 2018
Jesus The Strokes have been my number 1 artist every year since they started doing this thing , my whole top 5 for songs is the strokes and the voidz. I have a problem 😭😭😭
Oct 25, 2017

for the second year in a row it's desired as my number one artist again lol

my tastes are apparently 151% non mainstream compared to the average spotify user
Oct 26, 2017

That's about right. Listening to Spotify at work every day. It's kind of mixed but I mostly listen to German Hip Hop and some Indie stuff and minimal house :D
Oct 27, 2017

I love hip hop but damn, didn't expect it to take over again haha. Also, I'm surprised my Metal and Drum and Bass stuff didn't get found considering how much I listened to that stuff this year (Then again, White is a DnB song so I guess that counts) .

Next year I'm planning on going harder into both, so we'll see.
Oct 25, 2017
Ayumi Hamasaki is my most played artist with 30 hrs of listening. i'm not surprised. I've been listening to her almost every day since they added her entire discography. her remix albums mostly.