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Spotify Wrapped 2018 is live - Find out your streaming stats

Oct 27, 2017

632 hours listened for me, and my top artist (The Sidekicks) was only 15 hours, so I had a lot of diversity. Sadly all but one of my top artists are white dude bands, liked a lot of female artists this year but apparently didn't listen enough.. Also listen to non mainstream music 150% more than average! Curious what the define as mainstream though..
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Jun 28, 2018
This wasn't a surprise:

But my top artists/songs were somewhat thrown off by a handful of songs I left on repeat while playing overwatch. My listening's been kind of sporadic this year, spending more time with podcasts, less on spotify playlists. (And hey, I love Maria Bamford, but honestly don't remember listening to that much this year. I guess I must have spun through like 3 of her albums?)

Oct 25, 2017
Here's mine:

The songs are all just from the Long Distance Calling album, since I only listen to albums rather than songs, so top tracks are always from a top album.

Spotify's top bands seems weird though. I know I listen to a fair amount on iTunes and thus my last.fm is more accurate but The Dear Hunter was number 25 on my last.fm. There's almost no way they were top 5 on even just spotify.

Here's my last.fm:

And Albums:

Amorphis won out this year because we did a lot of work on my upcoming son's nursery. I needed something loud and with nice melody to cut through the sanding and noise. Amorphis was that perfect band. And they had a pretty good album this year.