Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy Leaked - With Boxart (Update: screenshots too) [PS4/XB1]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Zippo, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Zippo

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  2. Chaserjoey

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    I love it!

    Edit: uh oh, Toys for Bob
  3. Neoxon

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    If it's legit, I'll be looking forward to the official reveal.

    Great simplistic box art, if I do say so myself.
  4. Tommolb

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    Would be an instant pick up from me!
  5. Yebele

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    derp face
  6. pbsapeer

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    Looks good. Count me in.
  7. WordAssassin

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    But how will I know it has 3 games if there's no visual!?
  8. Usyren

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    Uh is it me or does Spyro look off.
  9. Chettlar

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    Uh is that bad
  10. ReginOfFire

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    Falls in line with what that press guy on Reddit said. Logo matches, name of the trilogy is related to fire... Idk how I feel about Toys for Bob though.
  12. Opa-Pa

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    I'm a bit lost... Does this include three games? Could be more specific... Some visual cues, I dunno.
  13. Chaserjoey

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  14. NakedSnek

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    It doesn't look real. I really hope it's true though. I'd buy it for switch instantly.
  15. Muzy

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    At least include the source and the rumored release date dude. No one is going to thread snipe you at 2AM, no need to rush!

    https://www.amazon.com.mx/dp/B07BX4CVXG/REF=SR_1_1?IE+UTF&QID=1522897052&=8-1&KEYWORDS=sPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY

    September 21 release date, $40 price.

    Thanks to MykonosFan for finding this out!


    Edit: OP updated with the info :)
  16. Sander VF

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    The guys who made fucking Star Control 2, one of the best games I've never played?

    Fuck yeah!
  17. Noppie

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    That Spyro looks baaaaad.
  18. foxxsoxx

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    It looks incredibly similar to the Crash one, looks real to me.
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    Yeah. It would really help if Spyro held up his front talon to show us exactly how many games we're getting. "Original 3 games remastered" also needs to be more eye-catching by being repeated in a garish yellow logo just below the tile. White text at the bottom alone is just too easy to miss. All in all, I am left very confused. How many games are we getting, again?
  21. LewieP

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    Is Spyro a Dreamworks character now?
  22. FairyEmpire

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    A quick search reveals that the Switch port of the Crash Trilogy is handled by these same dudes. Guess we'll see how that goes before we can panic.
  23. Benji

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    Not digging that art....

    Hopefully if real the in game asset look a better than he does here
  24. Brucey

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    Spyro looks like even he’s confused with what’s going on right now.
  25. Merc_

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    lol looks like somebody screwed up.
  26. Strings

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    Pleeeease look nothing like Skylander Spyro (a Hunter that doesn't look hideous would be great too). Not too sure we'll be that lucky, considering it's the Skylander dev :/
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    Got you covered.
  28. AlexFlame116

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    Spyro looks....interesting.

    Either way I'm excited to see footage of the game in action!
  29. Tagg

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    Guys, relax. Toys For Bob is a competent development studio, and they aren't going to be coming up with any new designs here. They're remastering older games!
  30. Vertpin

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    Awesome! Loved Spyro and crash so much growing up. The N.Sane trilogy was excellent. I’m a bit skeptical about Toys For Bob. I hope they listen to fan feedback like Vicarious Visions and keeps things just like the originals.
  31. Shauni

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    Crazy, I thought Skylanders was dead. Definitely didn't expect a spin off

    This is a % serious post
  32. Sangetsu-II

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    September is gonna be a clusterfuck with all the games releasing, idk know what to do anymore :(
  33. Emka

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    Announce it already.

    Also, September is looking packed:

    September 4th - Dragon Quest XI
    September 7th - Spider-Man
    September 14th - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    September 21th - Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  34. Brandon

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    Great but uh, what the hell is up with that box art?

    I'm surprised that they didn't bump up to $60.
  35. Zippo

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    If Smash is September too.....fuck.
  36. Spine Crawler

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    No Skylanders Origins?_
  37. Technokoma

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  38. Enforcer

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    Spyro with the crazy eyes.

    Looks legit. Can't wait to play it on my pro
  39. SolidSnakex

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    There's nothing wrong with Toys for Bob. They were really in the same position as Vicarious for the last few years with just churning out Skylanders games. And Crash shows the blueprint for what they need to do. Don't fuck with the gameplay or level design, just make upgrade the visuals. That's all people are asking for.
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    Crackdown and kingdom hearts 3 could also land in September too. :(
  41. Sangetsu-II

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    Image may not indicative of gameplay, looks like crash cover to me.

  42. salromano

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    Where did the box art come from? Not seeing it on Amazon Mexico.
  43. Angie22

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    September is going to ruin me.
  44. zephyrcian

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    Crash was also $40.

    This isn't Nintendo.
  45. Heart_Attack

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    Toys For Bob.... im out
  46. Merc_

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    .....why the hell is everything releasing in september!?
  47. Iucidium

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    What's worse is that Fifa always releases in September and that series continue to sell well. Then Forza Horizon might release during that month. One game is definitely dead sells wise in September.
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  50. ArchedThunder

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    lmao at his eyes going in different directions.