Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!

Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by SG-17, Nov 13, 2017.

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    So this issue was partially "corrected" by significantly reducing the credit cost, but that doesn't mean anyone should let up on the criticism. This free to play lootbox bullshit in paid multiplayer games is going to end up killing them. Its predatory, its disgusting, and no one should support it. That includes games where lootboxes are cosmetic only, you can't give an inch or they'll take a mile.

    Original post below:
    Thanks to preview copies having radically cheaper hero unlock values myself and others were under the impression that heroes would be cheaper on release and were inflated for EA Access to slow progress. Now that we know that is not true and that those prices are there for launch, that's the line for me. It's absolutely ridiculous that Vader and Luke among others would take ~40 hours to even play as in a fucking STAR WARS game.
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    played early access and it was pretty good. ill buy it once they fix credit payout or balance the prices.
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    I can't wait to play tomorrow. Screw the doubters :P
  5. shanafan

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    Damn, nice cover image. I wish that was the boxart of the game ;)

    Getting this on Friday for PC.
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    First post is free. After that $5 to post in this thread, per post.

    I am actually loving the game though. Sucks about the aggressive microtransactions.
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  9. Garbrenn

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    I'll play the 10 hour EA access trial with friends, then cancel access until the GOTY edition comes out in six months to a year. Really don't want to avoid giving money to EA right now as they're everything that's wrong with the industry. I wouldn't be buying it now if we still played PUBG.
  10. ClarkusDarkus

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    Not for me, Will wait for the inevitable price drop a couple of months from now.
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  12. Anoregon

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    It would be great if the lootbox nonsense gets sorted out. I am actually fairly interested in the game itself, but I'm not going to bother buying it with the current system in place. Especially at full retail price.
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    Amazing OT title. Will be skipping due to shenanigans but I hope that the people who get it enjoy it. I'll definitely be looking to see if the campaign is any good but I kind of doubt it with how much they've been pushing the "PLAY AS THE EMPIRE" angle. I get that they're trying to find a fresh thing to do with it and that the MC will almost certainly switch sides, but it still comes across as a developer pushing super hard in the marketing that you can play as an SS Soldier in a WWII game.
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  15. hoserx

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    Ugh, I wanted this to be good. I really did. I timed my remaining vacation days with it. Oh well. Back to Ghost Recon 4v4
  16. Launchpad

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    Still excited for the full release but man if they don't change some of this bullshit it's gonna leave quite the sour taste. Hope the campaign is good at least.
  17. UCBooties

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    I was just about to make this same comment. Downvotes are meaningless as an indicator of sales.
  18. Salty AF

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    I ain't touching this game with a ten foot pole after all the recent drama. Too many amazing games out to support this kind of practice.
  19. Barrel_Roll

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    Going to bed right after work so I can start the game up at midnight. My PSN is kydowa, though I won’t hop into multiplayer right away - I want to finish the single player first to avoid any spoilers.
  20. Bishop89

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    sounds like a mess, may eventually get it but for now, I'll stick to cod ww2, which surprisingly has hooked me unlike the passed 7-8 years of cod.
  21. janusfilmsfan

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    Such a shame that the microtransactions are designed the way they are. Hopefully EA comes to their fucking senses. Still hyped to hop into this tomorrow.
  22. Hex

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    Can't wait for this.
    I have until I leave work today to decide whether to get it for the Pro or the X lol.
  23. Niosai

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    I'll also be picking this up far in the future, and only if the loot box stuff is fixed, or, even better, removed entirely. (Unrealistic but I can dream.) Season pass is a dumb concept but at least you know what you're paying for.
  24. Aztechnology

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    Well I'm getting it for the campaign. As I had a bunch of credit. But depending on their actions around Loot boxes and such I'll likely just sell it. There's just so many frustrating things about EA as of late, ranging from paying for a three day headstart and gear headstart, to microtransactions being pushed through heavily time gated content.

    This game is set to have free DLC right? Or are they layering on both for this like they did for BF1?
  25. #25
    It is legitimately a full-time job work week to unlock one character. Disgusting.

    Such a well made, beautifully crafted game by DICE, marred by EA's greed.

    P.S. Beautiful OT per usual SG!
  26. Salty Rice

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    Still cant get over it how big her helmet is.
  27. liquidtmd

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    Was really torn between this and WW2 for a shooter this Xmas but on reflection, actually ended up snagging BF1 Revolution for a bargain price and haven't looked back

    Beta for this was ok but quite happy for this microtransaction shit to play out and it to drop in price (which they already said it will) by the time Last Jedi rolls up.
  28. Potterson

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    You know what I also hate about the card system? The fact that many passive skill cards are the same for all 4 classes... but you have to unlock/craft and upgrade them separately for each class. If this is not for encouraging you to buy a loot box, I don't know what is.
  29. Charpunk

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    They are not selling maps / modes for the game like the last one. It doesn’t have a season pass. All of that stuff is free now. Which is why they are going overboard with the microtransactions.
  30. Adookah

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    Played it last night via Origin access. The game is fun, graphics are amazing but I have trouble with some serious frame drops. I'm playing on i5 6600K, RX 580 GB and 16 GB DDR4. On ultra it's about 70fps but when I use the jetpack it's not playable. I used DX12 mode maybe thats the problem.
  31. Pitchfork

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    I have the Elite trooper deluxe edition (please don't hate me!) preloaded and ready for tomorrow

    Looking forward to seeing this on my Xbox one X

    The loot crate is bullshit of course, but I love my Star Wars
  32. ManaByte

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    Deluxe Edition unlocks tonight right?
  33. iFirez

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    I know the internet is ablaze with the controversy of this games lootboxes and cost to unlock heroes but I’m buying this game for its single player - which is an odd thing to be doing as it’s single player is short and the game is multiplayer focused.

    For me the amount of multiplayer I will play won’t even come close to 40 hours and to be honest I don’t mind never even playing as a hero... I like the boots on the ground first person perspective as one of the troopers or droids. I won’t be buying a single loot box and my main goal in multiplayer will be to run objectives because I hate competitive multiplayer and compitiveness in any sense. In games like Halo I usually only play game modes like CTF and just run for the flag; not because I’m bad but because I have no urge to shoot or attack other players unless I need to. I, as a 25 year old gamer feel very disconnected from the larger gaming community. I play large 100+ hour RPG’s and heavily story focused games. I’m not about all this multiplayer pay to win nonsense that’s happening now.

    So I’ll play the campaign and try a few multiplayer modes but that’l be it for me because I have a plethora of older PS3 games I’m replaying or experiencing for the first time right now anyway. Plus it’s not to far from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Okami HD so Battlefront 2 will just be a stop gap for me as I adore Star Wars stories and that universe so I’ll enjoy that and get out.
  34. Astrologer

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    This is Star Wars: Microtransactions and Loot Boxes 2
  35. PetePilgrim

    PetePilgrim Member

    This whole debacle is shocking and spectacular.
    I'll be picking it up when it's much cheaper and just for the single player campaign.
  36. FeD

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    I like to believe it's a secret message to stay away from this game by the DICE developers. I mean you are being asked to design a desirable loot box proposition using the Star Wars IP and you come up with stat boosts on uninteresting looking cards.
  37. Ozorov

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  38. ironcreed

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    Nice OT. The game at the core looks out of this world and I still plan to enjoy it. It's just sad that it happens to have one of the most aggressive forms of monetization we have ever seen in a $60 game. When will the big daddy publishers learn that making a great looking game with enough content, while also respecting your customers is enough? Besides that, this game has Star Wars going for it, which prints money on it's own.
  39. iFirez

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    It does, I saw a time zone map rverbtlt too that shows when in your country it unlocks. In the UK it’s 11pm I think.
  40. Patryn

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    I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and I've tried to get excited for this game, but the whole "Play as the Empire!" angle is just turning me off so fucking hard. I have less than zero interest in playing as them even if (I'm guessing) the MC inevitably switches sides in a "shocking" twist.
  41. ViewtifulJC

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    You know its bad when even SG-17 is fed up with Battlefront
  42. Raven777

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    Lol, every single time I see one of the trailers and it shows that all I can think of is this:

  43. His Majesty

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    I'm interesting in picking this up but:

    - I don't want to support scummy business practices.
    - It will likely be dead in a few months on PC.
  44. ~Fake

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    Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| 'Good bye, EA. May the lootbox be with you.'
  45. janusfilmsfan

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    Do we know when reviews will go live?
  46. Raide

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    Burnt through the 10 hour trial over the weekend, already preordered and ready to go on launch. Yeah the lootbox stuff is all over the place but the core gameplay is fun and it looks amazing on the 1X.
  47. iFirez

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    Huh, interesting. I’m the total opposite, I can’t wait to kill all the Rebels. Some of my favourite missions in The Force Unleashed were those alternate timeline stuff in which you were sent to kill important characters from Star Wars history.
  48. PositiveGamer

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    The X for sure.
    I read somewhere how incredible it will look on it.
  49. Axecidentally

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    I'm loving the game. I hate the microtransaction stuff, for sure, and it pains me, becuase the game is beautiful and awesome. I love the new starship battles and galactic assault feels super dynamic. The new maps are just breathtaking...
  50. Hex

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    I watched a stream the other night where he was playing on the X and it was insane.