Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!

Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by SG-17, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Spartancarver

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    His quitting announcement was the clearest and most straightforward instance of communication he has ever done with the community for this game.
  2. What was the reason he gave for quitting?

    In other news. Apparently the next patch is as good as done. So we should get some news soon™...


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    This is sadly true.
  6. Is anyone else unable to play online? The game is being a serious bitch right now

    First it wouldn't let me log online at all, now it won't connect me to any games
  7. Gleethor

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    Fortnite updated nearly every day...

    PUBG gets a 2018 roadmap...

    Must be nice.
  8. Fj0823

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    Yeah Grievous is not happening guys
  9. MMarston

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    To be fair

    Since when the fuck has anything been happening with this game lol
  10. curb

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    edlt: wrong thread
  11. MigrantOwl

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    Just played a match of HvV that somehow had 2 Luke Skywalkers on the opposing team. I hate this game...
  12. LostCanuck

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    Fired up the game for the first time in a week, decided to play 3 matches of Blast for the daily challenge 1k credits. Getting absolutely demolished by that stupid explosive shot bugged gun. Had one match where the whole other team were Heavy. Either with the gun/attachment or grinding out that gun for the attachment. It was brutal.
  13. MigrantOwl

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    Yeah, DICE isn't in any hurry whatsoever to fix this shit. If you want to have fun you'll have to play one of the modes where the broken guns aren't used. Other than that, you're either getting destroyed by people exploiting the bug or you'll have to join them. I'm only playing HvV and SA right now.
  14. Spartancarver

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    The Division, which came out in 2016, is currently getting almost weekly dev communication updates, on-going live events, and detailed patch notes before the patch even goes up on the test servers.

    Tell me again with a straight face how DICE is one of the premier AAA shooter devs of our time. This is farcical
  15. Have they even unlocked the customization thats already in the game yet?
  16. MMarston

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    I mean, fuck, didn't we already get DLC news for SWBF2015 around this time two years ago?
  17. Wonderment

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    But now we're in week two of a three-week single-hero single-skin campaign.

    Two years ago they just gave them to us based on total population or something. I can understand not being able to do that this time around, but at least make the reward a suite of Hoth skins or something.
  18. MigrantOwl

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    The EA account encouraging the use of bugged weapons. Fantastic.
  19. Olengie

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    That Vader was dumb and deserved it imo.
  20. 2Bee

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    Are they seriously promoting a game breaking bug?

    holy shit this company
  21. Spartancarver

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    I mean that Twitter is probably run by an unpaid intern

    But that's still hilarious and honestly sums up the treatment of this game pretty beautifully
  22. MrDaravon

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    Finally did it; every single Class/Hero/Ship at an overall Epic level and with all of my final equipped cards at Rare or higher (most of my core Classes have all Epic cards equipped). Just in time for them to change the progression and potentially make this useless. I'd guess I probably have ~250 hours in at this point (maybe more), but since WE STILL DON'T HAVE STATS I have no way of knowing for sure.

    I don't know why I do this to myself lol.
  23. Boozer

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    I'm doing this to myself till dark souls remaster comes out. Then this game will be shelved.
  24. My goal is to have all my officers star cards at epic level. Almost there. It's totally useless, I know, but gives me something to work towards.

    Been doing the second Luke Hoth assignment in Starfighter Assault, and I forgot how good that mode is. It's just flawless.
  25. Spartancarver

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    Has it been 4 weeks since the patch yet
  26. Owlowiscious

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    tweet no longer exists lol
  27. McBradders

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    Is the second cosmetic challenge up yet? I've seen no mention of it... what is it? Am I too late? :(
  28. janusfilmsfan

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    so will this be the week where we hear something y'all think? Lol
  29. Bauer91

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    Got to rank 50 just now and the trophy didn't pop, nice.
  30. Gleethor

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    It’s been up
  31. McBradders

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    Does that mean I've missed it?!
  32. Gleethor

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    I actually don’t know. I’m at work right now. I know it was set to last for 8 days when it went up.
  33. Bauer91

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    I think you can get it for like one more week. Just need to play a round or two of SA.
  34. McBradders

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    Nice! I will try and grab them tonight!
  35. My guess:

    Big news drop on Friday, patch Tuesday after that.

    Source: my ass
  36. Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!
  37. Bauer91

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    It's a known bug since the last patch apparently, doesn't unlock for anyone on PS4 and possibly XB1...
  38. So what qualifies as an "objective" for the 2nd phase of the luke challenge? Ive defended on GA, gotten a few objectives on offense but the only one that seemed to register was one round win in strike?
  39. AlmostMilk

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    The easiest way to get it is star fighter assault. I got them pretty quick shooting down the AI bombers that are marked.
  40. McBradders

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    I got four from SA last night playing over three rounds, played two more rounds and got nothing...
  41. Thanks, Ill try that. So does the costume not unlock until you complete all phase challenges? How many phases will there be?
  42. Yeah. The challenge is all over the place. Again.
    I like that they want to encourage players to play the objective, but they have to make it more clear what actually counts towards progression. That was a problem with other challenges as well. And of course the fact that it should work properly -_-
  43. This. I mean, escorting the AT-AT to the stopping point should be an objective completed, no? Successfully defending on GA should be an objective completed.....but it doesnt seem that they are.
  44. They should've went with "get 5.000 objective points in any game mode" or something. They really have to be smarter with these challenges. Like the infiltration challenge the other day: Everybody was running around in Blast, trying to get that challenge done, completely ruining the mode for a few days.
    Dice pulls this shit every time.
  45. LostCanuck

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    I had issues with that challenge not recognizing anything I assumed was an 'Objective' over the weekend. Played a few rounds of GA and I was firing the Ion torpedo thingy at the ATAT and then shooting at it when vulnerable. Nope, didn't count anything. Hopped over to some Strike, delivered packages, killed package runners, armed explosives, etc. Nope, nothing. Was frustrating.

    Then yesterday they had the complete 3 matches of SA, so I hopped in there and I got the 5 Objectives in 2 of the matches by killing the bombers.

    Speaking of Starfighter Assault, I should play that more often. I always forget how fun it is until a timed challenge comes up for that mode. On top of that no Explosive Shot bugged weapons.
  46. So is it safe to say at this point that EA/Dice have put this game out to die and aren't doing anything more to fix the issues?
  47. They keep claiming that patches are in the works but its awfully quiet. The rumor mill is stating that the devs are basically under gag orders not to say a whole lot due to the microtransactions fiasco and the uproar after the first AMA that poured gas on it.
  48. Nephilim

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    After i went back to Battlefield 1 i rediscovered this game and it's fun as it has always been. SA in particular is one hell of a mode. Imo the pure firefights in ground combat are more fun in this game then in BF1.
    If only they would add a conquest mode, but that's destinated to remain a wish according to latest news (or not news).
  49. I think (hope) that they wouldn't put time and resources in building a completely new progression system and then call it quits. I even wouldn't be surprised if they did some kind of re-launch at one point. Maybe even around the release of Solo. But we'll see, it's anyone's guess....
  50. It makes me sad thinking of all the potential this game had that was squandered before it even released.

    Even for EA, there are dozens and dozens of characters they could be selling at like $5+ each that would have milked people way more than the card shit ever could have.