1. Boke18


    They need to fix the requirements to unlock heroes. Plain and simple.
  2. FLUXCapacitor


    Well I played beta and the 10 hour trial this weekend. The gameplay is fantastic and I'm completely hooked on the game. However until the time needed to earn credits and unlock everything is drastically reduced I am voting with my wallet and wont be buying.
  3. JigglesBunny


    The gameplay and presentation is just exactly what I’ve wanted for years in a Battlefront game but I don’t know if I can swing the $80 for something littered with so much anti-consumer bullshit.
  4. Chrome Hyena

    Chrome Hyena

    Yeah fuck EA. they are trying to definitely trick people. ITS BS and its a shame.
  5. Axecidentally


    I'm getting this for the X too. Tried out the game both on PC and on the X and I'm loving it on the X with HDR and gamepad (I suck at FPS shooters on PC). It looks pretty close to PC ultra on the X, at least to me.
  6. I'd even accept the skins(or specialty characters) being extreme grinds but this is ridiculous.

    Honestly i'd pay $15 or spend 40 hours for someone like Ahsoka, Sabine, etc happily.
    Not these base default characters
  7. sandboxgod


    Yeah due to that and aggressive lootboxes that alter gameplay and stuff like this I will unfortunately take a pass on this game. Hope you guys have fun though.
  8. Sjay1994


    The right thread title
  9. Aurc


    I wish you could just buy the campaign for this game. I wanna see what it's like to play as Imperial troops, without any of the baggage and nonsense of the multiplayer. Got the first Battlefront for cheap some months back, and while it was gorgeous and authentically Star Wars, the gameplay felt like poop. I don't much enjoy these types of games with massive maps, and running back to where you died to try again at killing that sniper or vehicle dude. They're also bound by existing SW lore and universe, so you can't really add any cool movement options, jump pack aside.
  10. Thanks to Sony being garbage I'm stuck with my digital preorder. So here's hoping we can squeeze some fun out of it. I havent enjoyed what Ive played so far on PC with Origin Access.
  11. LuisGarcia


    I'm getting it. Will play through the single player and play a bit of multi but if the hero buisness isn't sorted soon then it will be getting traded in.

    I do absolutely love the game though. Shame it's brought down by all this shit.
  12. Razgriz417


    I'm curious about the single player as well but at this rate, I'm just gonna red box it down the line
  13. PanzerKraken


    Not touching this game with it's BS grinds and the F2P like loot box garbage. If EA wants me to pick it up, they need to make some big changes to the game's economy, right now the game is not getting a dime.
  14. Arthas


    The game looks gorgeous and plays nicely but out of principle, I can’t buy it. It’s a shame because clearly a lot of hard work and devotion has gone into the game. It could have been awesome.
  15. Silfer


    Great title. I think I'll wait until it's on Origin Access as the Single-Player is the only thing that interests me and I don't expect Platinum-style replayability out of it.
  16. Kass


    No Obi wan ? :(
  17. Kaffeemann


    What gameplay changes were made from the open beta? Were there any? The game felt really slow and unsatisfying back then.
  18. PositiveGamer


    Right, that's what it was. I wonder how the PRO will behave in comparison to the X.
  19. JHoNNy1OoO


    Especially since it seems when the trophies were done, the heroes were either all unlocked or had extremely low unlock values.

  20. KingSnake


    The thread title is on point.

    I played it a bit via the Origin Access and I liked it and I'm getting it mostly for the campaign. But I will stay as far away as possible from the crystals.
  21. Bigg


    I've played a bit of the Origin Access trial and the game is legitimately fun (particularly the space battles), it's a shame that this microtransaction bullshit is so shady.

    I'll probably end up getting it in six months when its $40 or less.
  22. First P2W Platinum someone asked?

    It appears to be the case, otherwise you need to work several 'full time job' work weeks to unlock them all. Time spent, and for some, financially. Oh the irony.
  23. adj_noun


    One can only imagine what they'll ask for to play him.

    Relevant Gif:

  24. VincentMatts

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    I can confirm that it looks absolutely amazing on the X.

    Anyone else on X? cause im getting these weird graphical glitches in the loot crate menu, im wondering if its the game or my console.
  25. shira

    Community Resetter Member

    I would not mind a mod edit to "Pride and Accomplishment"
  26. Ramjag


    I don’t see why we continually want to give an inch to these companies that are continually trying to nickel and dime us anyhow. They can certainly sell us a game without extreme grinds.
  27. They will ask for your first born, and have him transported to a desert planet.

    And that gif is amazing!
  28. Sargerus


    Will be getting around xmas. EA already said they are going to discount when TLJ launches lol
  29. Decarb


    Is the game tied to your account on PS4 or is it like any other game where you buy it on one account and then play it on any other account?
  30. Axecidentally



    Same, I've gotten those glitches too in the loot box menu. Opening lootboxes does not feel smooth either, the game hitches like crazy sometimes when you open one.
  31. VincentMatts

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    ok thx
  32. ninecubed


    Great looking OT! Will unfortunately be waiting to pick this up, not just because of the MT bullshit, but because I have a ton of good stuff to play and EA can wait.
  33. PayForYourGas


    Glad I'm getting this for basically $28 (GCU, trade in coupon, $10 pre-order certificate), this loot box thing is just out of hand, especially their (lack-of) PR.
  34. sith ewok

    sith ewok

    I am seeing those, too. Glad I'm not the only one. It was convincing me that there was something wrong with my system even though that is the *only* problem I have seen.

    Also, having played the beta on Pro and the EA Access version on the X, it certainly looks like the X is the way to go. It was a pretty big difference to me.

    I'm still excited to pick this up tonight though the cost of the heroes is ridiculous. I am a player who just doesn't typically care for playing as the heroes, so I will probably just skip them unless the costs come down considerably. About the only hero I would go crazy to unlock (Nien Nunb) isn't in this one so I'm good.
  35. I've said i'd pay $15 for specifically those two characters since Battlefront 1 so I can't really backtrack with that now.
  36. Certinfy


    Only fun I had with the first game was in private matches. With that gone I'm out and that's not even taking into account the shady crap EA are playing at.
  37. Ramjag


    Fair enough lol.
  38. I was really looking forward to this after the beta, but all the loot crate/locked heroes shite has dampened my hype a fair bit. Having to play 40 hours to unlock a hero is insane.
  39. CthulhuSars


    Great Title! The lootbox fiasco has me pissed and my stack of unplayed games is getting higher this is an easy pass for me at the moment. I don't see how loot boxes are ever going to leave games now.
  40. SaiyanRaoh


    I'll spend $5 on this on a grey market site......next year, to play the likely 2 hour single player campaign. Fuck EA
  41. MadLaughter


    So is the campaign good? do we know yet?
  42. LuisGarcia


    Can we keep the loot box sutff out of this topic please? There are plenty of topics to discuss that in.
  43. Toa TAK

    Toa TAK

    Can’t wait to finish the campaign tonight. It’s exactly as I expected it to be (unfortunately), but the story is interesting so far, based on the trial.
  44. Slightly off the beat characters like that i'd be kinda fine with because they are far beyond the bare minimum.
    also Doctor Aphra is another example of that.

    My biggest hang up is that its Luke and Vader who 90% of the fanbase would expect to play day one...
    on top of the fact other basic requirement bare minimum characters like Obi-Wan(and Anakin) aren't even in the game yet and are likely to eventually be an even longer than 40 hour grind.
  45. VincentMatts

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    Yeah i was getting paranoid too, looks like its the game.
  46. sharpforprez

    Banned Member

    My PS4 preload says it launches tonight. Release date is the 17th though?
  47. LuisGarcia


    Did you get deluxe edition?
  48. Deluxe is tonight.
  49. sharpforprez

    Banned Member

    Gotcha. Wasn't aware.
  50. True Prophecy

    True Prophecy

    I hope this thread will be safe to talk about the game when its out. I'm really looking forward to the SP. Didn't play the trail but enjoyed the beta.

    Plan on not spending money on boxes either. I honestly think DICE will push to adjust it.

    While people that pay may do better than me I'm a shit player anyway and I expect to get slaughtered each game but I have fun trying haha.

    Can not wait to see this running on my OneX