Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!

Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by SG-17, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Isro

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    Just curious, has the negative reaction or news concerning the progression / unlock or the predatory lootbox practices stopping you guys from getting this game?
  2. PanzerKraken

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    Cancelled my preorder last week
  3. Ramjag

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    Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. They should have known better than that.
  4. janusfilmsfan

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  5. nasirum

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    Yep. Cancelled mine on Friday after coming up on 10 hours in EA Access and feeling like the progression was just awfully designed.
  6. LuisGarcia

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    No I want to play the signle player and I enjoyed my time with the trial. I will trade it in a couple weeks if hero issue isn't sorted.

    Again keep lootbox discussion to the appropriate topics. People who are buyign the game want to discuss that in here.
  7. Been a huge Star Wars fan for over 35 years. Buy practically every Star Wars game since they have been making them. Bought the first, enjoyed it a ton, and recognized it's shortcomings. I defended this game (with what information I had known at the time) all weekend in an objective manner (and partially my bias love for Star Wars)... but after the events that unfolded yesterday, I did not pre-order (which I was planning to yesterday), and I am not picking this game up unless the P2W system is overhauled drastically from it's F2P model.

    I can play the first one in the interim, I have a backlog to go through, and I have yet to play Titanfall 2 which is $20 brand new right now ($16 GCU). I will be monitoring this OT however, as well as this situation as a whole, because I truly want changes to be made since DICE has crafted a REMARKABLE game here. They deserve better than this.
  8. nasirum

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    Uh, no. This is the OT. The game has lootboxes. We'll discuss them here.
  9. Barrel_Roll

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    Agreed. I believe there is another thread discussing the loot box/hero situation, no? Once the game officially launched, it would be nice for this thread to focus on gameplay and not external issues.
  10. nasirum

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    Is this a new Era rule? OTs cannot have discussion of unlock mechanics now?
  11. mjc

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    Everytime I think I'll forgive this game, something new comes out about it and I switch off again. Sucks.
  12. I cancelled
  13. Imerty

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    That's the best OT title I've ever seen. It's a shame that a really fun and well-made game is screwed because of a greedy publisher. I'll eventually buy it because I really enjoyed what I played in the beta but you can bet that I'll wait until it's 75% off at least.
  14. SG-17

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    I won't be able to pick up my copy until tomorrow afternoon. I am giving EA/DICE until then to issue a statement about how they'll fix heroes. If not I'll just keep playing Frozen Wilds and CODWW2.
  15. Ebenezer

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    Actually the loot box topics should all be merged to here so there's not a ton of topics about the same game everywhere. Sorry if you have a problem with people talking about mechanics in the game in the topic about the game.
  16. 3n3rgy

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    Yes, absolutely.

    I posted this in the Reddit thread nonsense: if I do get the game, it'll be a year from now, on sale at Gamestop, used. Then, as soon as I beat the single player campaign, I'll trade it back in. I have no need/desire to give EA the satisfaction of me purchasing or renting the game.
  17. shaneo632

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    I'm gonna rent the game for the weekend then send it back early next week. Wanna see what the campaign and MP are like but got no interest in keeping it.
  18. PanzerKraken

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    The SP is one you can probably finish in one or two sittings it sounds, the MP is and always is the biggest part of the Battlefront package. If that is neutered and ruined by it's progression and lootboxes, then it's fair game to be talked about here. EA needs to make some major changes before launch to appease the masses, it's only going to get uglier.
  19. Yep. I was definitely getting this game a few weeks ago and now I'm not at all.

    I love Star Wars, and I'm sure DICE did a pretty good job with this game. But I can't support EA's monetization. It's not okay.
  20. Megatron

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    Amazing OT title! Perfect use of the Lando quote!
  21. tarman76

    tarman76 Member

    Nah, still getting it. I won't ever pay real money to get loot boxes and I'm genuinely excited for the campaign.

    Also, my main concern was if my 6 year old son could play as Vader and he can in the arcade challenges, so no problem there.
  22. nasirum

    nasirum Member


    Again, I'll point out the progression is artificially slowed. You earn ~350 credits for a Galactic Assault match that goes until last phase (credits are only tied to game length, not skill, not in any appreciable way). A trooper pack (where you get most skill cards) is 4000 credits That's 11 games to unlock one crate. A game is about 15 minutes.

    Nearly 3 hours per crate.

    Feels real bad man.
  23. Klyka

    Klyka Member

    Looking forward to playing this again with my friend on Friday.
    Such a silly chaotic game and Kylo Ren is my bae (Mask on of course)
  24. Drewton

    Drewton Member

    How does it look on the Pro? Better than the demo?

    And how do people have it early?
  25. rras1994

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    I thought the main way of earning credits was through the challenges though, where there are daily and weekly ones? The guy who worked out the 40 hr mark, just excluded them which is starnge cus that'll be the main way of earning credits, not just grinding matches.
  26. low-G

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    Same. EA has gone too far. I haven't been one to ever not get a game due to loot crate BS, but I don't think I'd be able to enjoy this game at all the way it is. I have cancelled my preorder. I'd reconsider if all unlocks are available for bot mode, and there's more bot modes than in BF1.

    BTW, GMG gave me a full refund to payment method even though I preordered in June. It's not too late guys!
  27. Barrel_Roll

    Barrel_Roll Member

    Not a rule, just a personal preference. If people want to bring those subjects into this OT, then I’ll just have to do a lot of skimming through this thread.
  28. Isro

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    Personally I agree with you if it's similar to the case of Shadow of War, where it's a primarily a single player experience and your progression isn't strictly locked behind loot-boxes (or designed to bait user into getting them by slowing your progress in game), then yes, it can be argued that it is not part of the core mechanic. Alas, in the case of Battlefront II in its current incarnation, the progression system is directly tied to loot-boxes so it is part of the game play as it actually can dictate in game performance and balance - which is pretty controversial for an online shooter and worthy of being discussed.

    It is by design that you cannot simply delineate game play from loot box. This is new water being tested, a freemium model long favored by mobile games ported into a fully priced AAA title.

    Loot-box is game play.
  29. Mr.Deadshot

    Mr.Deadshot Member

    No, I am still very hyped. Actually my hype is reaching critical state and I am thinking about getting that 90€ version just to play a few days earlier - lol. But yeah, not giving into those practises. Not worth it. 60€ and no money for lootboxes from me.
  30. Hex

    Hex Member

    Ooooooo "predatory" lol. That is awesome.
    Anyway no, I will enjoy the hell out of it and looking forward to tonight.
    Will also look forward to the free updates.
  31. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    Challenges are one and done. The daily challenge gives you 100 credits. So, no.
  32. Death Penalty

    Death Penalty Member

    Yeah, I was really excited and enjoyed the beta a lot but I just won't support the monetization practices, especially when the numbers for unlocking the content for free are broken down so starkly. I'd play it anyway and skip the "micro"transactions, but I draw the line at games that give greater gameplay advantages to payers than free players.
  33. JHoNNy1OoO

    JHoNNy1OoO Member

    I'm getting the deluxe version for $20. I'll be playing Single Player and the arcade modes. Depending on what EA/DICE says in their next statement I'll dive into Multiplayer or immediately sell off the game for a profit.
  34. Hex

    Hex Member

    Make sure to keep your friend list stocked too because if I am not mistaken it is x2 points if playing with friend.
    At least that is what I saw on a stream yesterday.
  35. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    Battlepoints are x2 if you stick/play with your squad.

    Battlepoints don't unlock crates, just FYI. Credits do.
  36. Hex

    Hex Member

    Just curious why you would not play multiplayer if you will already have the game?
    You can level without loot boxes. You can use heroes without unlocking all of them.
    Just curious how would that be punishing them since you already own it?
  37. MMarston

    MMarston Member

    Apart from the OT title, this Robot Chicken sketch really does capture the past few days that have been leading up to the game's release.

    I am amazed (although not that surprised) that EA would manage to screw the pooch on this game right at the finish line of the marketing campaign, especially after the goodwill DICE has been building up. I mean, luckily for me, I don't feel as strongly about it than most due my playstyle preferences, but that doesn't mean they didn't do other players dirty by doing this.

    As I've said plenty of times before though, I'm pretty confident this game is going to sell like hotcakes nonetheless.
  38. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    You're just wrong mate. You can't level your classes without lootboxes. Your classes level based on how many cards you have for the class.
  39. Lost

    Lost Member

    I was definitely on the fence after the Beta.

    I was thinking it would be a nice Christmas gift.

    I refuse to touch this garbage after learning more about this stuff now.
  40. Hex

    Hex Member

    Though you do use points for calling heroes in game if I am not mistaken.
    Also you can only have two heroes in play per team at a time too.
  41. Klyka

    Klyka Member

    It's not actually with a friend but if you play with the group you spawned with which are marked yellow.
    It's also just Battlepoints, which only get you heroes/special troops to play as for that round
  42. JJShadow

    JJShadow Member

    It's so sad to see such an awesome game being brought down by EA's greedy practices. I'm still hyped and will keep my pre-order, but I'll most probably trade it back if the hero/progression system issues are not sorted in the next couple of weeks
  43. Zappy

    Zappy Member

    Been playing via EA Access. Love the game. Really like the improvements from the first game. It has far more depth.

    Can't wait for it to unlock tomorrow.

    I don't mind the progression system as I care little about the heroes anyway.
  44. nasirum

    nasirum Member

    Guys you need to understand leveling up your overall rank does NOTHING to progress your classes. Only star cards progress your class, and you must get to certain class levels to craft higher level cards.
  45. Thirty-three

    Thirty-three Member

    a few months go, I was really excited about this game. will not be purchasing now, as a direct response to the monetization of my player engagement.
  46. Mona

    Mona Member

    progression systems aren't external issues

    how'd you find it so cheap?
  47. Zappy

    Zappy Member

    Upgrading cards requires card rank for the class AND overall rank.
  48. mudai

    mudai Member

    Was a bit disappointed about the first one after I enjoyed the "beta" a lot. Only thing I was interested in the sequel was the singleplayer, but considering the state of EA wasting the devs hard work for lootboxes and other crap I won't even bother with the singleplayer, because I don't want to support EA's strategy at all (and you have to buy the full package in order to play the singleplayer, of course). What a shame.
  49. Klyka

    Klyka Member

    You also need higher overall rank to craft higher cards.
  50. ironcreed

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    In short, get ready to: