1. SchuckyDucky


    Was originally going to get it on sale at some point, mainly just to play the campaign. Now i'll wait for it to be on EA Access or find a cheap used copy.
  2. Hex


    You level without the boxes the cards affect how good you are and rank does matter.
    You have to level to 5 just to get a second card slot and 10 I believe for the third.
    You gain ranks through playing, even things you do not play will level as you go.
    You also if I am not mistaken get a crate per day just for logging in.
    Also if I am not mistaken the best items (legendary or whatever the label is in this) can't be had from paid boxes.
  3. VaporSnake


    I'm still getting it, it sucks, but I put 150+ hours into the first on PC and I'm probably going to do the same here, I really enjoyed my time in the 10 hour early access after I figured out that I was supposed to be crafting cards to level up each class.
  4. nasirum


    Nope. For assault, if you get to Assault level 5, you open a second Assault card slot.

    That is Assault ONLY.

    Same for Heavy, Officer, etc.

    Daily crate gives 125 credits and 5 scrap give or take. Trooper pack costs 4k credits. Trooper pack is the only place to get cards that level up your troopers.

    EDIT: Crafting a card is 40 scrap. Upgrading it once is 80. For reference.
  5. JHoNNy1OoO


    Because I rather not participate in the F2P mobile game economy that they introduced in a $60-$80 game? I'm not some 13 year old. I'm 34 and I remember when companies had respect for a persons time and money. The entire Multiplayer economy has zero freaking respect for every single person buying into it. Which is funny because I was just thinking about something involving the purchase of loot crates.

    By DICE/EA not implementing the crafting materials for duplicates they are essentially making people lose out on a TON of credits. How the system is currently designed you're spending 2200-4000 credits to then get a fraction of those credits back when you inevitably start getting duplicates(200 common, 400 green, 800 rare). I've watched some "unboxing" videos to get a sense of the situation and people were getting multiple duplicates before even reaching their 10th crate. After that it's at least a duplicate every other crate. Which again incentivizes you(if you want to be efficient) to just save your credits for heroes since they won't just disappear for a fraction of what you just paid and use Real Money to purchase crates. It's exceptionally dastardly.
  6. Ōkami Haundo

    Ōkami Haundo

    Really disappointed by the news about how much play it takes to unlock certain heroes. I hope they'll modify that over time. Otherwise, it seems like the campaign and multiplayer are solid fun and I can't wait to dive in! I just won't spend additional money on in-game transactions. Now I just need to finish up some other games before friday!
  7. VaporSnake


    This is plain wrong, you can simply craft cards that you haven't yet unlocked for that particular class, and just owning that card (not equipping it) will level your trooper. I went from Assault level 2 to level 12 just by crafting 10 new cards with scrap. The loot boxes aren't necessary for class level advancement.
  8. Good Lord Vader that is insane!

    I think the Jedi Grind in OG SWG was more bearable, and rewarding, than this. On second thought, it was by far more rewarding than this.
  9. Klyka


    Well, outside of the few challenges, the only way to get scrap is out of lootboxes.

    I finished the 10 hour trial and about 8 hours of that was multiplayer and I have the three card slots unlocked for the four trooper classes and the fighter craft and a second slot for mah boi Kylo, maybe for some other things I don't play as as well, I haven't checked.
  10. nasirum


    Edited my post for crafting. 40 scrap for a card, 80 to upgrade.

    I am right about Trooper pack being the only place to get cards (without crafting).

    You don't get much scrap, so don't expect to be crafting like crazy. You also don't get scrap for dupes. You get 200 credits for a duplicate starcard.
  11. janusff


    What makes this whole micro-transaction thing more frustrating is how easily EA can fix it. Just release the version reviewers are playing now? Wouldn't that be a big step in the right direction?
  12. JHoNNy1OoO


    99% of the scrap you will get from this game will come from lootboxes. I don't know what game you're playing where that isn't the case.
  13. Klyka


    I have unlocked mostly hero and starfighter lootboxes and you definitely get trooper cards out of those as well, just at a lower rate.
    Which is funny when you open a starfighter box and get an officer card, lol
  14. JigglesBunny


    Maybe? The progression system is poorly designed even beyond the loot nonsense, the loot bullshit just makes it worse. $80 is a tall price to pay and I won’t bother taking up the EA Access discount since the base Xbox One version is an absolute mess if my time with the trial is any indication.

    I might cave but we’ll see, I don’t have a pre-order as of now so I have the rest of the day to decide.
  15. Savitar


    I cancelled two months back due to this shit.
  16. JetmanJay


    Really, really want to play the campaign and the multiplayer portion that I played at E3 was fun, but pretty close to canceling and just waiting on a discounted ultimate DLC bundle later on next year.
  17. nasirum


    Seriously? That's stupid! If I open a starfighter box I want starfighter cards. That's why I was only opening fricking Trooper packs during Early Access.

    I really hope EA/Dice actually tweak progression to be reasonable because I enjoyed the base game. Just got irritated at the RNG of progression.
  18. Cass_Se


    I liked the first Battlefront despite the dlc bs and planned to get Battlefront II, maybe not at launch but definitely this year, probably before Christmas.

    No way in hell am I buying it now.
  19. D23


    Gonna Redbox this on Friday just for the campaign. Not even gonna touch the multiplayer
  20. Klyka


    Yeah I think I got a trooper card about every 3-4 boxes.
    What definitely helps though are the crafting parts you always get, that's basicaly how i unlocked all those trooper slots.
  21. MMarston


    I'm still picking it up since a) preordered on PSN so refunds are already a problem and b) I've got nothing else to play this season until RDR2. I've had the fortune of being able to play Wolfenstein II for free though thanks to a friend who lent it to me for a few days.
  22. NickHyde


    My brother is having a problem with the preload of the deluxe edition. When trying to download it, it says he already bought the game (he did) but can't see the icon in the main menu of the PS4. Any way to fix this?
  23. Mona


    EA dont want to fix it, you're asking them to take a step in the wrong direction

    this aint like a final boss game design choice that they can part with if the community has a problem with it, no, they want this, alot, and they're gonna get it regardless of what people say to them
  24. JackRandom


    totally, i was 100% on board with this game when i assumed i thought they were mimicking Overwatch's cosmetic lootbox jamboree and assumed the game had a sensible progression system.
  25. Axecidentally


    Just so you guys know, Class level goes up with unlocked cards, so, for example, avel 6 assault class measn you have unlocked enough cards for the class to reach level 6. It has nOTHING to do with the amount of time you have used the class and XP you have gained while playing it.

    Then you have your online rank, which is a general rank completely separate of Card Level. So to unlock extra card slots you need to unlock more cards for each class. eneral Online rank only enables you to use higher rarity cards. To use/upgrade some cards you will need to achieve certain online rank level + certain card level.
  26. nasirum


    Why is there even an overall rank? It's pointless.
  27. Axecidentally


    Well, it kinda lets you know how much you have played, kinda, you can't even see other players overall rank to be honest, but in any case, it's just another requirement to be able to unlock and upgrade some cards.
  28. Mona


    saying it takes play time is obfuscating part of the problem, other games can take play time to unlock stuff, but while you're unlocking that one thing, you're also unlocking other things aswell concurrently, and by the time the biggest thing is unlocked, most of the other stuff will be unlocked

    but thats not how it works in BFII,

    while you're spending tens of hours unlocking Vader, YOU ARENT ACHIEVING ANY PROGRESS TOWARD ANY OTHER UNLOCKS OR PROGRESSION, you are focusing 100% of your time and savings just to unlock that one champion, and then when hes done, YOU HAVE TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING FOR EVERY OTHER CHAMPION YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH

    if you want to buy loot boxes and upgrade your arsenal WHILE you're saving up for vader, it will take you probably twice as long to get him, you cant just saying "i have to play the game for 30 hours to get vader", its more like "i have to play for 30 hours AND give up 30 hours worth of arsenal upgrades in order to play as vader"

    unlocks in Battlefield II are CONSECUTIVE, NOT CONCURRENT
  29. JetBlackPanda


    Is there a good article or post somewhere that explains exactly what this uproar is all about? I see it takes a long time to unlock heroes? plus loot cards? just curious what is going on and I can't seem to find a good place to spell it out.

    Edit: I see the other thread. I will go read that.

  30. Fuchsia


    This is pretty much the way I feel too. I can't believe they had the guts to slow progression down as much as they did to get you to cave on loot boxes. Although there are other problems with the game, it's actually has really fun base gameplay, so it's just so sad such a fun experience is marred by toxic lootbox casino design.

    Keep voicing your concerns everyone! If we can change this game, it'll send a message to other devs/pubs that we aren't going to just bend over as games become more and more littered with this design philosophy.
  31. Zappy


    I've got quite a lot of scrap. The only limit I have to fully upgrading my assault cards right now is overall game rank....not sure scrap is a problem.
  32. Plasmids


    I just hope it’s fun I will ignore all the other crap and just play.
  33. Isro


    I believe it was added because there was an uproar that people can just buy power right the way through loot boxes. It's supposedly the developer's compromise on you have to earn that power by playing the game a bit even if you are a whale. But I don't know how that will really work in practice to stop the power imbalance.
  34. LowParry


    Correct. Unless they fix something in the next couple of months, I'll wait and see.
  35. really hoping that all the noise around loot boxes will get them to change some of those point values...the grind is absurd the way it looks to be currently
  36. Bigkurz

    User permanently banned at their own request. Member

    I’m done with EA. The only reason I’ll dabble in this game is because Sony denied my refund request a month ago (that shitty policy is a different story altogether) but i won’t spend a cent in battlefront and won’t be buying anything more from EA.

    Between this disaster and their crappy testing of the switch waters with a gimped Fifa port....they can go pound sand.
  37. Fuhgeddit


    Yeah, I've been turned off from this game. I'm passing. I haveother games anyway.
  38. Noisepurge


    Too late now, can't really change requirements midgame. Maybe when GOTY edition launches or next expansion.
  39. B00T


    Was really hyped for this but the microtransaction junk put a stop to that fast. Have it digitally on PS4 otherwise I think I'd be waiting. The early access was a ton of fun on PC, but the crate shit really puts a damper on things. Pretty bummed out over this whole debacle.
  40. I held off preordering after first reading of the P2W potential, but still planned to buy it this week post-beta. I actually took Friday off (requested it a few months back) so I could no-life the first night/day it was out. 100 percent no-buy for me now. But I'll still enjoy not working on Friday.
  41. Mona


    you know how usually if a developer/publisher wanted to make more money, they would put more content into a game to incentivize someone to give them money?

    well this is the opposite, they're taking away content in order to incentivize someone to give them money,

    its completely ass backwards
  42. sith ewok

    sith ewok

    Yes. This sums it up perfectly. If you were somehow earning towards all unlocks, the grind wouldn't be such a big issue. But as it is now, it just seems crazily long of a slog. And that isn't even mentioning that while you are saving towards each hero, you can't unlock loot boxes to progress the standard trooper classes. This is a huge issue with the progression in the game. For me personally, it won't stop me from getting the game as I just don't enjoy playing with the heroes much. But I can absolutely see that this could be a stopping point for a lot of buyers. The amount of hours you would have to dump into this if the heroes are what you are primarily after is just insane. And that whole time, you would have to neglect trooper and starship progression.
  43. Yaqza


    It's official thread so I guess I can drop it here...

  44. Love the game but ready to flag all the damn elite/good players for cheating. EA/DICE really needs to segregate the elite and not so good gamers into different matches. Sick of only getting 1000 or 2000 points match in galactic assault
  45. Nephilim


    Are the graphics better then in the Beta?
  46. Bigkurz

    User permanently banned at their own request. Member

    Inadvertent double post
  47. Love the title.

    I canceled my preorder. Might rent it to get through the campaign (completed the first 3 levels on EA Access), but I didn't find the campaign to be all that compelling, so I also may not bother.
  48. JetBlackPanda


    Yeah I’m up to speed now. Wow..
  49. Raide


    Tough one for me because beta was on Xbox and the Triall/full version is on 1X.

    Overall, it look really damn good. Some maps are certainly more impressive than others but the standard is pretty high.
  50. Thats actually a pretty cool commercial..

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