Star Wars Battlefront II |OT| This Deal is Getting Worse all the Time!

Discussion in 'Hangouts' started by SG-17, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Barrel_Roll

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    Maybe he bought it using a different account? If it was purchased on PSN, then the icon should be on the main bar. That’s the only thing I can think of.
  2. Ghostwriter74

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    That is just wrong. Of course you make progression. You can unlock specific star cards with challenges, you can unlock better weapons with challenges, you can unlock Mods for the weapons by play with them.
  3. nasirum

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    You can unlock packs that have a class-specific card. You cannot unlock specific cards via challenges.
  4. Hex

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    Seems good.
    "I suck so I am going to flag everyone who is actually good as cheaters"
  5. Mona

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    apologies, apparently there is still some progression outside of the resource system

    didn't know that

    but the progression via resource system is the main chunk of progression and almost everything is exclusive to it
  6. nasirum

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    You unlock guns via X kills with prior gun. You unlock gun attachments via kills.

    Everything else is from lootpacks or crafting from the precious few scraps you get from lootpacks.
  7. DustyVonErich

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    It stopped me.

    And I loved the first one and even got the season pass.
  8. pelicanUK

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    So, the question is.

    Will this impact review scores and ultimately the metacritic?
  9. Xaero Gravity

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    The progression has been a bit disappointing, but I'm really enjoying the core gameplay so I'll be sticking with my pre order. Hopefully they fix it, but if they don't, I'll live and learn.
  10. Nice title SG-17
    Let's hope we can have a more uplifting one for the OT II
  11. Doof Angle

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    If they put stuff from the Ewoks cartoon into this I'm buying it. Until then I think I'll pass.
  12. Ghostwriter74

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    Right, but it is technical the same. You don't pay credits for this crates and make progression.
  13. Klyka

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    Alright, Elite Trooper Edition downloaded and going live tonight at midnight.
    Time to Pay to Win this shit into a galaxy far far away
  14. Nephilim

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    Thanks. I was overall quite disappointed by the graphical quality. Maybe i expected too much... enjoyed the gameplay immensely tough, so for me it's a buy. Microtransactions and things are not welcome, but i won't miss out a game that i enjoy only for principles. It sucks that's for sure and the heads of EA are greedy, but i think at the honest folks at Dice who work really hard to keep us entertained.
  15. Derrick01

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    I said this in the other thread but it's highly unlikely. Of course this game could be the straw that breaks their backs, but every other game before this the media has ignored how much of a problem the MTs were. Sometimes they even go out of their way to defend it by saying how little of a problem they feel they were or "I didn't feel compelled to buy anything". Of course as we've seen with this game publishers like to adjust the numbers a bit to make things easier for reviewers, no doubt to influence their review of the system.

    Then you also have the power of EA and most outlets not wanting to risk getting blacklisted by one of the top 2 publishers out there by giving their star game a 5 or 6.
  16. Ever since esports became popular, my view on good MP gamers soured big time. I just want a MP game that I can enjoy some success and not losing all the bloody time
  17. Isee

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    The line should have been: I'm Luke Skywalker you need 40hours to unlock me, that is if you stop all other loot based progression and save up every dime.
    For the rest: Yeah pretty well made PS4 add, as most of the time.
  18. Surfinn

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    Just wanted to say.. this is one of the best OT titles I've read in a long time.

    A long time.
  19. RyanW

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    So I told myself I wasn't going to play any of the SP until the full release so I can play through it all in one sitting. Well I caved and played the first 3 missions the trial offers.

    I can't really say much because I felt like it didn't offer much. It was a tutorial and a basic introduction to all of the main mechanics in the game. A pretty good way to introduce a game for a trial. You get a feel for what it has to offer and there's a pretty good narrative going on. For a Star Wars nut like me who has read a lot of the New Canon that takes place around this period I have an idea on what's going on already and am happy other people will get to see what happens post-RotJ
  20. The007JiM

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    Nice. Suscribed and watched.
    Also i'm going to join the ps4 community.
  21. mas8705

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    I was expecting something special for the OT and I was not disappointed. ^_^

    Going to wait to see this in the redbox before checking it out for a day. I'm sorry, but Battlefront 2 has done little to give me any vote of confidence that this is better than the first Battlefront. It is a shame too, but EA found a way to mess it up. Hope to be proven wrong, but it seems highly doubtful at this point.
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    thats pretty good
  23. Burdmayn

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    Holy moly, I think you may have made a mountain out of a molehill in regards to my response. I certainly don't feel that my post tried to expose or hide certain aspects of the "problem".

    As it were, your response prompted me to research how the multiplayer upgrade system works as I haven't followed it too closely. I just saw that Reddit post today and haven't followed much else until now. Here's what I found:

    - The Reddit user based their time estimates solely on credits earned from complete matches. They purposefully ignored bonuses awarded for completing challenges under the assumption that there will not be an infinite amount of challenges to complete

    - The Reddit user ignored that you get crates for logging in daily as well as for completing challenges.

    So while I thank you for your "correction" based on your interpretation of my post, I felt it important to add these corrections. Reading up on this in full has made me much less worried about unlocking new heroes. However, I'll reserve final judgement until after I play for a bit.
  24. Valahart

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  25. Surfinn

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    That was really cool.
  26. My goodness that was so good. Plays to all our nostalgia and senses, goosebumps inducing. So frustrating as a fan to see this 'loot box' fiasco put a bad taste in my mouth.

    Anyone else notice the 'loot box Tie piñata'? ;)
  27. Mona

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    that stuff wasn't for you specifically, and i wasn't trying to correct you at all

    i wanted to make a point in this thread, and i thought your post offered a good jumping off point

    sorry if i didn't make that clear

    cool that you researched this stuff, i think everyone probably should before they buy the game
  28. JHoNNy1OoO

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    A very simple explanation is that unlocking heroes and "progressing" are attached to the same currency in the game. Which is not based at all on your ability or skill or playing the objective, just on playtime in the game. So an AFK player earns roughly the same as someone actively playing the game. EA/DICE did this to control the rate at which people, who choose not to pay a single dime more over the purchase price of $60-80, progress in order to push Loot Crate purchases with Real Money. So if you are saving up to unlock a Hero you are barely progressing any of the other classes, meaning barely any unlocks or abilities/boosts. The people who choose to buy Loot Crates with Real Money though continue to progress and save up all their credits for Hero unlocks.
  29. RyanW

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    Every time I hear about a boycott in a video game I'm reminded of this image

    I'm not saying don't go for it, but don't expect anything to come of it.
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    I lol so hard at the ot title
  31. Broadbandit

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    That was awesome
  32. Surfinn

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    Another good title would have been "I am altering the deal." But yours is probably the best one :p
  33. Burdmayn

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    No worries! It's hard to make stuff like that clear via text. Anyway, it seems that "challenges" are the big "what if" here that could make the experience better. I'm curious to see just how many there are and if more will be added. Otherwise I will not be happy with the slog of primarily earning match complete credits and saving them for heroes and crates.
  34. arimanius

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    Awesome commercial. I've always liked the greatness awaits trailers.
  35. DJ Lushious

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    Yeah, the underlined is where I feel like this whole debacle has gotten far too out of hand. We'll find out more information tomorrow on launch.
  36. PanzerKraken

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    The underlined has been pointed out as nonsense over and over in this thread already. The math was already done on challenges, doing every single one gives you only half of whats needed for a hero, and to make it worse to do all challenges requires heroes that are locked already, so you still dont even get half needed till you've spent a ton of credits.

    Daily crates is not going to make much difference
  37. I loved the OG Battlefront games, but I used to play it single player, a quick 10 minutes conquest game, and it was superb.Been reading about the Arcade mode, but struggling to find info. It's a 10 v 10 team battle apparently, which is a bit low for my liking. How does it work? I assume it's not by capturing spawning points, as EA have said no conquest mode. Can you play it on any of the maps?
  38. VincentMatts

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    From what ive been seeing, the daily crates dont give you shit. Ive had it on EA access for a few days now and the daily boxes are nothing great. You won unlock anything with those.
  39. Dog

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    Looking forward to getting my X copy in the post. Game looks fun.
  40. Burdmayn

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    I feel it worth noting that the DLC plans in the OP detail added "Weekend", "Daily", and "Faction" challenges coming to the game. Time will tell, but signs are there that we'll have more ways to gain extra credits besides just the regular slog.
  41. Xaero Gravity

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    Especially with The Last Jedi coming out in a month. The mainstream gaming audience that crosses over into the mainstream Star Wars will be hungry for a Star Wars game, regardless of the worrisome progression system.
  42. PanzerKraken

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    Challenges are just more grinds, all they can do now is try to fix this by giving out big credit rewards and lowering in game costs, the damage is done.
  43. RadioToxic

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    Getting it when it's cheap enough, just for the campaign.

    Dear Shitty EA: Thanks for fucking up my second most anticipated game of the year after HZD, at least I'll save some money now.
  44. any word on when the review embargo lifts since the game releases tonight?
  45. JHoNNy1OoO

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    Luckily for you someone did the leg work. More than likely 95% of the credits you earn will be from match complete. So expect a ton of people AFK farming.
  46. AntiMacro

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    I would rather the place be about getting the truth of things, not recycling bullshit for days.

    The '40 hours of gameplay to unlock a hero' thing is a BS number made up by someone who decided - for some reason - to ignore the credits earned through challenges and daily lootbox rewards. It's not indicative of what you'll actually experience in the game, and doesn't apply to every hero anyway - just the two most expensive ones.

    I'm not saying this method of unlocking heroes is the best, or even good. I'm sure there's better ways to have solved it. What I'm saying is that we need to stop with the 'sky is falling' bullshit over intentionally misleading numbers.
  47. Uno Venova

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    Nah I will, thanks.
  48. Jawmuncher

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    Gonna rent this on Tuesdat probably to try out the campaign
  49. nasirum

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    Just a small heads up.

    I contacted EA support about Origin Access showing 8 hours played, but saying less than an hour available... they reset my time completely. Try this before you buy Deluxe edition.
  50. I’m super excited for it to unlock tonight! I have less than an hour left of trial time so I had to stop playing so that I don’t get kicked out in the middle of a match.

    Been having so much fun in this. I am still so excited that the prequel trilogy is supported. Kamino and Kashyyyk are both visually stunning and a blast to play on. They even managed to make me want to go back to Jakku after how awful the map was in the first game.