1. sith ewok

    sith ewok

    Has there been any discussion as to why EA removed the ability to play as non-humans from the game? I need my aliens, darn it! I never played as a human character in the first bf and can't figure out why the option isn't there for the Rebels/Resistance.
  2. Yeah uh...no.

    The economy for what amounts to 90% of the experience is fair game. The economy is vile and predatory, it needs to be discussed.
  3. LuisGarcia


    Bet you thought you were real clever posting that. Congrats
  4. LuisGarcia


    Yeah and there is like 4 other topics on the subject.
  5. Excellent OT title. Been busy lately and kind of disappointed by the loot creates.

    What's worse, loot crates or season passes?
  6. StallionDan


    That 'Free dlc' looks like stuff they just held back.
  7. And this is the main thread for the game itself. All on the table.
  8. StallionDan


    Season Passes directly give you what you pay for. Are much better.
  9. Seeing how expensive the season passes are lately, I have no issues with loot crates. However, if EA/Dice did it the Blizzard way (every character unlocked at start but not skins, etc), they there would be no issues. they way EA did it in BF 2 is a bit confusing and unfortunate.

    Bit OT but I wonder how these forums will act next year when Activision probably does this in the next COD.
  10. Loot creates, if it means the grind is artificially escalated to entice purchases. Makes the game no fun after a while with low reward payout for those who refuse to 'gamble' with real money. And I purchased the Season Pass day 1 last year.

    I was all for not 'splitting the community' with the 'free content', however, not like this. Especially when a lot of the content is unattainable in a sufficient playtime manner due to the monotonous artificial grind, to again, entice you to 'gamble'.
  11. This please. We have enough discussion going on about this. It’d be nice to have a thread where we can discuss other things concerning the game.
  12. Ōkami Haundo

    Ōkami Haundo

    Good on folks like this for doing the additional legwork. I’m still curious to see how this evolves then. More challenges are said to be on the way, and daily login crates could produce duplicates that award more credits as well.
  13. Poutine Runner 2049

    Poutine Runner 2049
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    Enjoyed the beta but cancelled my preorder after the back to back bullshit of shutting Visceral down + lootbox garbage.

    I cant support this game in good faith, as good as the gameplay may be.
  14. Charismagik


    I thought the same. Also the "dozens of us" gif haha. I couldn't care less about this loot box stuff if it gives us free maps/content as a result
  15. nasirum


    You are obsessed. Let people do what they want.
  16. Straight Edge

    Straight Edge
    Banned Member

    These loot crates are a direct result of people complaining about season passes and "splintering the community".
  17. It makes it very difficult for people like us who want do what we want and discuss something besides the loot crates, when people are just coming in here to complain about them and drown the discussion rather than visit the other topics on that specific subject.
  18. Petran


    challenges are front-loaded do-once thingies that totally net 32,400.
    yes, the same dude did the math on this too.
  19. Angel DvA

    Angel DvA
    Banned Member

    Loot crates were fine until EA pushed it farther as expected, garbage company.
  20. StallionDan


    Just means season passes shouldn't include maps.
  21. purseowner


    Incredibly excited for this, despite EA's bullshit.

  22. Season Passes also fracture the community and end a games player count that much quicker.
  23. SG-17

    Community Resettler Member OP

    The lootboxes and progression system ruin the game. That's relevant discussion for the OT.
  24. nasirum


    But what I am discussing is progression. Progression in this game is part of the game.

    "How are you guys spending your credits? Saving for heroes, or buying Trooper packs?"

    "How can I gain more credits per match?"

    "What's your favorite perk for Assault so far?"

    I feel like those questions should fit here.
  25. Uno Venova

    Uno Venova

    Thank you!
  26. Oh yeah, absolutely. But the loot box controversy is just taking over this thread. Makes it difficult to discuss the other aspects of the game when people are just coming in here and shitting all over something that we already have multiple threads established for.
  27. Gorgosh


    Hyped for the game, but have to wait till friday. Like everything on these forums the lootcrate stuff is overblown way out of proportion. If they unlocked all heroes from the beginning or after 5 hours everybody would cry that there is no content/unlocks to play for.
    I will see for myself how "pay2win" the game is, if it is out of control i sell it. But I am pretty sure I will have my fun with the game, like with the first.
  28. What if I told you, that you can still love your Star Wars, without being apologetic to EA and their atrocious MT practices?

    I figured that out real quick this weekend, after going in with a slight defense (while trying to remain as objective as I could collating information) due to my bias for the love of Star Wars. I now separated the two, and it makes me even more disappointed that they are using a beloved IP to shoehorn their insidious practices.
  29. Spartancarver



    I was defending the game after the beta since things were going to change...

    If they stay they way they are in the EA access trial, they are indefensible. This game has one of the shittiest, slimiest loot box schemes I've ever seen. Fucking heartbreaking because the underlying core gameplay is so good and such an improvement over SWBF1.

    Fuck EA. Greedy cunts.
  30. Yas


    If you want to craft a upgrade, it requires 40 crafting parts. Only way to get crafting parts is loot boxes after you have done challenges. Daily crate gives you 5 crafting parts. So basically you need 8 daily crates to craft one star card upgrade.
  31. Bakercat


  32. Darth Smurf X

    Darth Smurf X

    Love the OT title, SG-17. Hate that my hype for this title died this morning as soon as I fired up the old internet tubes.
  33. DJ Lushious

    DJ Lushious

    It's not nonsense, though. There's nothing stopping DICE from tweaking the numbers to allow for more credits/challenges/crates. For all intents and purposes, the game isn't even officially out yet. I consider EA Early Access to be a demo whose progress can carry over into the final product.

    Daily/Weekly and Double XP/Credit events are common in today's games, you've mentioned. Factor that in and DICE's ability to move the slider on credits/challenges at will and the outrage over "40 hours" starts to feel a bit thin.

    That's a good point! I didn't think anything of it until you said that.

    Now, don't get me wrong, everyone here has a right to feel positively or negatively about the model DICE/EA has employed. And their Community Support has only been pouring gasoline on the fire. I'm curious to see how DICE handles this over the next week, once the game is finally out. Then I'll reassess my stance.
  34. Mezoly


    With an OT title like this and lack of moderation, who is going to buy this game and feel welcome to discuss it here. Shouldn't the loot boxes discussion be in the other open threads?
  35. I have a question..

    If, say blizzard, did the exact same method EA/DICE is doing in terms of loot crates, would everyone still cry fowl or would they still give Overwatch the same praise they are getting today?

    I wonder if the negativity that is happening now is because of everyone hatred/disklike of EA than the actual game. If that's the case, then this loot talk should be taken to another thread.

    Sure, I suck in this game (even though I'm good at TF2) and will complain about the good players I face..but I'm still trying to get better and I have no issues with the loot crates.
  36. PanzerKraken


    And your point being? The reason we are upset and making a fuss, is to force them to make changes.

    I don't see the point of trying to downplay outrage when it is the outrage is whats needed to fix things. Yes they can fix it, but they will only do so if our voices are heard, if we just sit back and accept it, it just lets EA screw us over
  37. ViviOggi


    What's more important if you ask me is to show the other drooling publishers that this shit doesn't fly.
  38. Nobody is attacking anyone in here on a personal level, and in an OT, you can discuss and have branching conversations at any time. There does not need to be 'moderation/policing' if the TOS is being followed. The economy and reward/unlock system is a large core element of the game that is just as worthy of discussion as any other element. Anyone is also welcome to make a 'spoiler containing' single player story thread as well if they wanted to branch off like other forums have done so.
  39. ironcreed


    Pretty much. And on the bright side, perhaps the campaign and arcade mode can provide for more positive discussion. If there are any redeeming qualities, it will be there.
  40. Hobbes

    Senior Staff Writer at MP1st Verafied

    This isn't true. I've already confirmed in another thread that it isn't, and the info that said so was from a capture event weeks ago.
  41. SG-17

    Community Resettler Member OP

    ^ Hobbes, even then as far as we knew they cost 10k.

    Yeah, it's really a fucking shame.
  42. JHoNNy1OoO


    If the loot boxes weren't 100% attached to progression, you'd have a point. Sadly everything that you would need in the game comes through them.
  43. True, however, it appears to be a manipulation tactic, a 'dangling of the carrot' in their Skinner Box if you will. Put this massive 30-40hr per hero grind in, so when they knock it down a peg, it makes one go, "see, they are trying".

    They could easily have it launched in a reasonable grind/reward system. But it is designed to capture the whales, then when it slows, or community dies off, they dial it back.


  44. Sjay1994


    Anyone can.

    No one is going to disparage you for liking it.

    Problem is this games progression is actively tied to the lootboxes. It's not optional, everyone has to interact with it to even "progress".
  45. TitanicFall


    Complaining is just complaining if you don't speak with your wallet. When they are swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck they aren't going to care. People on the fence will probably watch the new Star Wars movie and then want to go out and buy this.
  46. MMarston


    I agree that there are numerous thread about the lootbox issue that make them rather redundant, and preferably narrow them down to one or two threads.

    At the same time, however, how can you not bring them up in this thread? As far as we know, they are strongly tied to the gameplay and progression mechanics. So I don't see how it's irrelevant to bring up in the OT.

    And remember, for those concerned about how this thread is being "derailed", this game's not out yet. Chances are that we're going to start delving in way more on its other aspects once that happens, but don't expect people to just shut up about microtransactions. It's still fair game.
  47. Sjay1994


    People would have cried foul.

    Just like the auction house in D3, if Blizzard fucks up they are not immune from criticism. Thing is they figured out a good way to place lootboxes in their game that didn't feel tied to progression. Battlefront has pushed that envelope.
  48. GenericBadGuy


    Since the OT is up I’d love to talk about some of the game balance quibbles I’ve had from my first 15 hours or so that have nothing to do with lootboxes or progression (I did two trials).

    1. Experience tied to score vs. Heroes - The score you earn in a match is transferred immediately into experience towards the next rank, capped at 30k per match. This runs into a problem if you want to play as a hero. Playing as a hero drastically reduces the score you earn, because if it didn’t you would just immediately earn another hero. But if you do well as a hero, the longer you go on the less experience you actually earn towards your level! And of course the less score you would have for the leaderboard, if you cared.
    2. Starfighters and Ground Assault - There is an exploit in the game currently that may not be patched for launch. Many maps of Galactic Assault have starfighters you can spawn in for aerial support/combat. Some maps have AI-controlled fodder up there for you shoot down and add to the sense of scale. What DICE overlooked was that these AI fighters grant full point kills, add to kill streaks, and are endless. So players can farm AI until very quickly at the 30k score cap and then spam heroes with their thousands of battle points. All of that aside, starfighters dominate if left unchecked, and maps have an uneven balance of fighters per side. One side may have interceptors and fighters, for example, while the other side only has fighters. Sometimes a phase of the battle only allows fighters one one side, which is bonkers. A-Wing is still brokenly OP, too.
    3. “Shoot the ATAT Objectives” - Many Galactic Assault maps feature an objective where one side escorts a giant tank or two, like ATATs, and the other side tries to destroy them. Very similar to 2015 Battlefront’s Walker Assault. The only way to damage the vehicles is to lock on with rocket launchers that are placed at strategic points. They have a range of only 100m, and take about 6 seconds to fire. It is very, very difficult to get a shot off due to your character screaming “KILL ME! KILL MEEEEEE” the second you pick one up. I️ joke, but in reality the player who picks one up gets a giant marker placed on them the entire enemy can see from anywhere. If you manage to get a shot off, you will do 3 damage to the vehicle. Three out of 100. I’ve played a lot of matches, and this may be because the game is so new it isn’t even out yet, but I️ have never seen a vehicle drop to less than half health, and when it reaches its destination that means 80% of enemy tickets remain. The only time I️ have seen them destroyed is due to them starting weakened, as it was a phase 2 objective and not phase 1.
    4. Officer Blurgg Pistol - The officer class utilized pistols as their main weapons. The Blurgg (Blarg?) pistol is the third pistol in their arsenal. If you bought the deluxe edition you start with it, but it can be unlocked with 50 kills with the previous weapon I️ believe. This pistol fires an accurate two-shot burst with high rate of fire. Good pistol. Now - get 150 kills with it and you unlock a 4-burst mode. Now it’s insane. The pistol will kill in two shots to the body where all bolts hit, and one shot to the head at any range. You can comfortably counter-snipe Specialists and get in Heavy’s faces with this weapon. Especially since Officers can buff their own health and nullify any grenades with other abilities. Enjoy this thing while it lasts.
    Just some info to mull over if you need a break from lootboxes. The game is fun, so it’s a damn shame.
  49. amodelmerol


    Playing it on EA Access right now. I think the loot boxes backlash is way overblown... But that doent take away the fact that it is grindy and crappy.

    If we want to stop companies from implementing this shitty systems, our wallet is the way to go

    Anyways, single player campaign is fun so far, better than the last game
  50. TheClaw7667


    If your seriously wondering if Blizzard would be given a pass on having pay to win elements in Overwatch you can look no further than the Diablo 3 real money auction house controversy for proof.

    No Blizzard wouldn’t be given a free pass, and this has absolutely nothing to do with EA as a company. Bf1 has micro transactions but they weren’t tied to the progression system the same why Battlefront 2 is and it didn’t take as long to unlock new weapons in the game.