Star Wars Battlefront II Review Thread

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Sargerus, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Let's see if they let the scumminess slide.
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    This'll be fun
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    Watching this thread
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    Before it comes up - no, they aren't playing with 10k credits per hero. That was for a CAPTURE event, not review copies.
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    Oh boy
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    Starting off good.
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    Time to take a stand games media. Ding them on all their microtransaction bullshit.
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    Looks like i'll be skipping another installment of Battlefront. Third times the charm?
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    Here we go! (doesn't look too hot so far)
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    Wow already starting off with strike outs.
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    This will be a fun one to watch!
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    Sitting here with popcorn.
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    Oh please be under 75 Meta in the end. I feel sorry for DICE, but screw EA.
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    Scoring a game while the review is still in progress? Highly illogical.
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    Didnt EA specifically state that getting a higher MC score for this game over the original was a priority?

    Let's see how this goes.
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    Good to see the bullshit actually being brought up in reviews.
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    Tom Marks already making a damn good name for himself.
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    Deserves to be slammed. Early reviews seem to be on board.
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    GamesRadar - 4 stars

    The story sucks and is only 4-5 hours long and the multiplayer's progression system is a convoluted mess. Yet it gets 4 out of 5 stars?
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    I wouldn't really call 7/10s slammed
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    DICE Stockholm is doomed
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    If IGN shits on your microtransaction system you are beyond repairing.
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    It was bad in 2015 too, at least this version doesn't have charge cards lol
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    I pray it gets slammed hard 1 point lower then BattleFront1 is not good enough.
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    Already a 6 and a 7? This is going to be good.
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    I will be absolutely shocked if EA Motive exists after this game. The campaign is beyond atrocious.
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    I stopped supporting EA when they destroyed the NFL 2K series. They are the Galactic Empire of gsming.
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    So apparently not only the mupltiplayer is a mess, but the singleplayer is 4 to 5 hours and boring.

    10/10 game.
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    I don't get how reviews in progress have a score now.
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    Gamespot brings up a great point, in other multiplayer games you play as a certain class to progress in that class, but with lootboxes, you keep playing games as a certain class but keep getting star cards for other classes


    tell consumers the truth without upsetting papa EA
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    Mass Effect Andromeda's metacritic is 70. Would you say that game was slammed by critics?
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    I fully expect EA to learn all the wrong lessons from this (or be willfully ignorant) if it reviews poorly.
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    It's upsetting me that this seems to be the running theme with a lot of games this generation:

    Really great core gameplay with very lackluster presentation accompanied by sketchy business practice.

    Saw it with Destiny, saw it with Tekken, saw it with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and now seeing it here.
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    Game critics
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    Seems mixed so far
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    Check cleared
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    Shame the campaign is bad. Was thinking of redboxing it but I'll pass on that.
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    What an odd time slot chosen to lift the embargo there, EA.
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    G'damit EA.
    That was the game I was the most hyped for the Holidays.

    I was a day 1 buy... You had one job.

    Now .. probably will still buy it during the Holiday period, but I'll look for a deal.
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    True, but for a AAA game of this scope and with this marketing budget and Star Wars, 6s and 7s is as low as it can realistically get from most outlets.
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    I had high hopes for the campaign :(
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    Based on everything I've seen and played these scores make sense.