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    • Star Wars Battlefront marks the first game in a 10 year deal between Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts to produce AAA games set in the Star Wars universe. This first title is a reboot of a series of multiplayer shooter games that were inspired by the Battlefield series to recreate famous battles from the Star Wars films in an online environment. The series saw two main installments in 2004 & 2005, as well as two handheld spinoffs, that went on to have strong sales and develop a following of dedicated fans over the years. Over the last decade, a third installment was teased and cancelled on three occasions, but now the series has finally returned with the original creators of the Battlefield series at the helm combined with the marketing power of Electronic Arts, a new generation of consoles, and a rejuvenated Star Wars brand backed by Disney.

    PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
    PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Origin)


    • The Battlefront Companion app provides on-the-go stat tracking, player customization, and a mobile card game called Base Command where players can earn bonus credits for use in the main game.
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    • The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass contains access to four paid DLC packs each containing 4 maps, a variety of star cards and weapons, a new game mode, and two new heroes. The pass retails for $50 while each individual DLC pack retails for $15.

    • Outer Rim: Out now. A close quarters focused pack set in the halls of Jabba's Palace and refineries of Sullust. In this pack you'll fight with or against Nien Nunb and Greedo while attempting to extract valuables in the new Extraction game mode. Outer Rim is limited to 16 players and only features small modes.
    • Bespin: June 2016: A large mode (40 players) focused pack set in the Cloud City of Bespin. You'll fight alongside Lando and Dengar while avoiding being trampled by AT-ATs.
    • Death Star: Fall 2016. Not much is known about this pack yet, only that it will take place on the Death Star and will feature two more heroes.
    • Secret Pack: Early 2017. Nothing is known about this pack's theme at all. The timing however lends one to think it may be Rogue One themed.

    • Battle of Jakku: Out now. In this free map pack you fight in the debris strewn fields of Jakku in large and small modes during the battle that set the stage for the opening sequence of Episode VII.
    • Raider Camp: Out now. This map is a Survival mode map converted to the small multiplayer modes.
    • Twilight on Hoth: Out now. This map is set on a glacier on the ice planet Hoth during, you guessed it, twilight. This map is for large modes as well as Drop Zone.
    • Survivors of Endor: Out now. This map is set in the burning forest of Endor after the shield installation is destroyed. This map is for large modes.
    • Other: Free weapons, star cards, and customization are also coming. The first three, the DLT-19X sniper rifle, the DL-18 blaster pistol, the Berserker trait card, and a Weequay Rebel skin are already available. A Bacta Bomb healing grenade card and an Ion Distruptor weapon card are coming soon.

    • Hutt Contracts are new ways to unlock weapons and equipment in Star Wars Battlefront. You pay with in-game credits to unlock a contract which then you must complete objectives in a match to gain access to the weapon or star card. This system is both for paid and free content. As of posting there are three free weapons and star cards that can be earned through Hutt Contracts in addition to the weapons and star cards included in the Outer Rim DLC.
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    Ahhh. All is as it should be, at last.
    I was cruising through my amazon orders this morning and it hit me how soon the new one is out. The PC version of this first one was $5 for complete edition so I got it on PC even though I previously had it on PS4.

    As far as I can tell, the new one doesn't seem to have walker assault (I could be wrong) so I'm glad that was one of the AI modes they added to the first one. That way even after the population dies, I can go back and give it a shot.
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    Fantastic looking ot. I really hope this game turns out to be great. Including the singleplayer campaign

    I think hoth on galactic conquest will be Walker assault
  4. Boke18

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    Can't wait for the release.
  5. MrDaravon

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    The paid DLC pack info is slightly out of date :p
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    Nice OT man. Stoked I was able to pick up the Ultimate Ed of the original game at such a great price on Origin. I clocked 10 hours but I can already tell the 2nd game is going to spoil the first one for me, heh.
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    Hello Krennic is OP plz nerf!!!
  8. Toa TAK

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    Yeah, baby. Can't wait for Battlefront II.

    Who here is getting it on the One besides me?
  9. Cronnie

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    Looking forward to Battlefront 2, just hope they have made the tweaks they needed to in regards to the microtransactions.
  10. Rygar 8Bit

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    going to be my online shooter for a while loved the beta
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    My first post here at ResetEra and it’s only fitting to make it in this thread. Nice OT and I can’t wait for BF2.
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    Its the exact same OT from before, lol.

    Eggbok and I are working on a really nice one for SWBF2.
  13. Toa TAK

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    Looking forward to what you guys make.

    After the Beta, I can safely say that BFII is going to be my go-to multiplayer game just like the last game.
  14. Gleethor

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    Looking forward to the BF2 OT.
  15. SuperEpicMan

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    It’s great to be back. This thread can be my first sub.
  16. SG-17

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    How do you like the new OT title? ;)
  17. Nicko

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    Great to see all the familiar faces! Will this ot be updated when BFII launches, or will a new one be made?
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    Eggbok and I are making a brand new one that'll be in the main section.
  19. Nicko

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    Excellent! Very much looking forward to it.

    Daniel was my favorite of the show too
  20. adj_noun

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    Looking forward to it.
  21. VonGreckler

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    Can't wait to see what you and Eggbok cook up for Battlefront 2 OT!
    Will there be a BF2ERA PS4 playgroup? Took the whole week off work for the release.
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    There is a PS4 community currently up for the old game (search BattlefrontEra) that I'll move to the new one and I'm sure that there will be plenty of other PS4 users here to play with. I've only got the 14th off to play.
  23. VonGreckler

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    Yea I didn't participate much in the old Battlefront community, but looking forward to changing that here. Thanks for the info.
  24. SuperEpicMan

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    I was really wanting to get to level 100 before the new game launches, but I just haven't been able to get back into it. Since Mario and AC are arriving tomorrow, I can't see myself getting it done.
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    Hey Boys.
  26. Ozorov

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    Its a bit annoying that one of the only issues that DICE hasn't responded to at all from the Beta is the size and color of the blaster bolts.
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    How many people getting this on PS4?
  29. SG-17

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    I am getting it in PS4 to start, then probably PC a year later.
  30. BigSoftueFF

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    Didn’t play this one but look forward to the new one after the playing the beta. Can’t wait to see the other maps and such.
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    Just realized that it's only three weeks out and I feel absolutely no hype at all.
    After the 2015 beta I literally counted the days to release, my hype was through the roof. But now? Nothing.
    Any other Battlefront veterans feeling the same?
  32. Ozorov

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    I wrote to the weapon designer at dice, lets see IF he respondes.
    You missed out!
    Nope, its not at the same level as for Battlefront 1 bit Im still very hyped. I guess we’re so hyped for Battlefront 1 since it was the first game in the reboot series, and Made by the battlefield-dudes so the expectations was very very high. And the landscape for multiplayer games now is quite different and more diverse than in 2015 (Overwatch, pubg, etc)
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    Hi! I have played Battlefront a fair amount, mainly the heroes vs villains mode. Just a casual player on PS4 but if anybody is interested I would love to play with some new people.

    Also super excited for BF2!
  34. SG-17

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    I've just been too busy to be hyped. It's not like it was in 2015 when it was 10 years since the last game. I know what's coming and I look forward to playing a lot but there are still decisions about the game (namely the blaster bolts and no Conquest) that annoy me.
  35. Darth Smurf X

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    PS4 here. And also, not that hyped. But not because I'm not excited to play it, but because I have SO MUCH to play right now. Battlefront 2015 filled a void; 2017 has been voidless.
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  37. SG-17

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    Chewie looks a lot better than the Death Star DLC.
  38. Ozorov

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    Yup! Also really like the look of Death Star II
  39. SG-17

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    Man, I've got so much work to do on the website to was all of the blasters, Star cards, heroes, and vehicles yet.
  40. The Benz

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    I’m definitely going to miss this game. The level design in the Outer Rim DLC is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s extremely impressive how they balanced gameplay while maintaining complete accuracy to the films. Hoping some of these maps find their way to the new game.
  41. SG-17

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    I never really enjoyed the Outer Rim DLC. The maps and modes were just too small for me. Bespin and Death Star on the toehr hand I loved.
  42. Ozorov

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    Do we even know all the star cards, vehicles and blasters before launch?
    I loved Outer Rim as well. Didn't like it very much when it release but it grew on me the more I played it.
  43. The Benz

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    Yeah, as a big fan of CQC I had a soft spot for Outer Rim, but I loved Bespin as well. The amount of detail in those levels is insane and hearing Billy Dee Williams reprise his role was magical. It's a shame we never got HvV on Carbonite-Freezing Chambers.
    Have to admit, I didn't like the heroes for Outer Rim either, but they grew on me quite a bit over time. Now I'm actually a bit disappointed Nien and Greedo won't be returning for BF2.
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    Yep. Outer Rim was my favorite as well. Best DLC heroes and best DLC mode imo. And Jabba's palace was such fun map to play on.
  45. Ozorov

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    I Hope that mode Will do a comeback in some Strike-Map
  46. Ozorov

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    The Galactic Assault Mapnames:
    Naboo - Theed
    Starkiller Base - Precinct 47
    Kamino - Cloning Facility
    Takodana - Maz's Castle
    Jakku - Starship Graveyard
    Yavin 4 - The Great Temple
    Death Star II - Command Center North
    Endor - Research Station
    Hoth - Outpost Delta
    Kashyyyk - Kachiro Beach
    Tatooine - Mos Eisley
  47. Unit 333

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    Outpost Delta ay? I think that's where a bunch of Twilight Company were situated during the battle of Hoth. Interesting!
  48. adj_noun

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    My favorite was probably Death Star, mostly for finally giving me some stars in my wars.
  49. jon bones

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    Looking for a new MP game, saw 2 is dropping soon.

    How are the microtransactions in it? Will it be P2W?
  50. Katsubento

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    It can be. That's what turned me off of picking it up after the beta even though I really liked the Star fighter parts.