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Star Wars |OT| New Canon, New Forum [NO IX SPOILERS]

Oct 25, 2017
How was the second Thrawn book? I liked the first one.
Boring. The back and forth netwee time periods was repetitive and it didn't help that Batuu was just not very interesting as a location. The villain's plot was literally taken from a GBA game.

Cool lore stuff at the end though.

Read the new comics today. AOR: Qui-Gon was pretty good. I'm glad that Qui-Gon reinforces that balance does not involve the dark side. Still not feeling this SW arc though.
Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
I know we've already covered this and beat it to death but....

I'd bet a large sum that we get a IX teaser by the end of the year. It just makes sense. Even if they're still filming, they could whip up a lil something.

It's gonna happen baby. I can feel it

Oct 27, 2017
Regarding the idea of attaching an Ep 9 trailer to Mary Poppins, I personally think that might be a bit weird. If, and it's a gigantic if, there's a trailer this December, I'd think it be put with Spider-Man.

Really tho, I don't see a trailer coming this month, I'd rather they just wait till Celebration.
Oct 26, 2017
I am now a few issues in and I am still not exactly surte whats the complete situation of the politics in the galaxy is.
The Sith are back open and in all their evil, alligned with one of the two new galactic empires, who beat the alliance. But it appears that basicly everyone is super fine with this even the few remaining Jedi, who only care about the sith? Idk, I dont think this all is very believable, espescially since not that much time has passed since the New Republic died?