Star Wars |OT| New Canon, New Forum [TLJ SPOILERS OK, no E9]

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    Now that we're migrated over, let's start up the discussion anew. This is an all-purpose thread for Star Wars discussion - the movies, tv shows, comics, books, video games, toys, merchandise, etc. There may be other threads for more specific purposes but this one is about the franchise in total.

    For any newcomers to the franchise, there was a reboot of the canon back in 2014. The only things that remained canon were the original six movies, The Clone Wars movie and series, and the Son of Dathomir comic. Since then the new canon has exploded in size. Here are some graphics that might help get you started.


    There are in fact a number of books not listed here as well which are junior/childrens novels. If you want a comprehensive list, check the Wookieepedia article for new canon media.

    As for the old EU...


    ...but feel free to discuss it!

    Special thanks to Wadium for the images. If anyone wants me to make further adjustments, let me know.

    NOTE: Please use the other thread to discuss rumors and spoilers for upcoming films.
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    Hi, everybody! I was JeffZero at that other place. Looking forward to chatting Far, Far, Away with y'all here for years to come.
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    Good that someone got this going, I assume we can get some cool graphics and such in the first post in the future.

    Also I claim this thread in the name of Doctor Aphra.
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    Someone page Bobby Roberts.
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    I've paged him. Don't fault him for not showing up, though. He's got a lot of creepers.
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    In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 1/2 was damn good, at least in my opinion. So sad this season is going to be short, at least, thats what IMDB's page shows. There are only 9 episodes? Maybe thats just the first half?
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    Yeah, there will be a hiatus and then the second half airs next year.
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    Very concerned about the future of Star Wars games, as long as EA has the license. I believe in Respawn and Stig, but it's their publisher that concerns me.
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    Are any of the new canon books worth reading? I read the initial batch (Tarkin, A New Dawn etc...) and didn't really care for any. Hopefully the quality picked up.
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    So like I’m pretty sure Toa TAK is working on an actual OT...

    But you lack a recommendation of the Vader comic and porg in yours so this feels like a win.

    Thrawn is really great.
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    But why isn't the OT Title "Mary SuERA"? Hmm?

    EDIT: This OT is up, this'll do. Please disregard the claim I made in the OT |OT|. :)
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    Did it make it into the last thread that Filoni confirmed that Ezra isn't Snoke?
    It's Kanan.
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    Hey everyone!
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    Welcome back, guys.

    New Star Wars Show episode in which we see Andi almost get killed.

    Also, this week's Rebel episodes were a lot better than last week's. Saw is a pretty badass character, it almost feels like he's from TCW getting mad at Rebels for being too kiddy. Dude just wants to murder the fuck out of people.
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    Hey everybody! Nice to see those of you who made it, and I'm hoping we see the others soon!
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    I am Bobby Roberts
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    Yo guys. Is the Rebels thread up?
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    I'm currently reading Inferno Squad as the next part of my canon catch-up. I'm enjoying this book a lot more than I expected. It's great seeing the perspective of rank-and-file Imperial soldiers as they fight Rebels.

    This got me thinking about Battlefront II and how we still know relatively little about the story.
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    Yes!. I am glad we're back!
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    Hi! Doing a marathon of all the films to get ready for TLJ!
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    Sorry about jumping the gun, I wasn't in the Star Wars discord so I wasn't sure if anyone was making one.
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    I imagine we'll be porting over the nice graphics and details for the first post of the OT?
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    If Toa had something worked up I'm happy to edit the opening post to put it in. I went over to the old forum to see if I could copy/paste its first post but it's just the Pablo gif lol

    If not, I'll put something together.
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    I've got some updated graphics if you need 'em.

    I can put the old Rebels OT up if you guys want, or we could just use this one.
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    A dedicated Rebels OT would be nice. Dunno how others feel about it.
  30. BDS

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    I don't feel too strongly either way about a Rebels OT, but even on The Old Forum there didn't seem to be enough Rebels viewers to keep the thread active. Splintering the Star Wars discussion between multiple threads (Main OT, Rebels OT, Battlefront OT, inevitable Last Jedi OT, etc) is tough enough as it is.
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    Yeah true...


    I really enjoyed EP3 and EP4: In name of the rebellion. The R1 connections were pretty nice.
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    I've read them ALL, and YES.

    The cream of the crop:
    Leia, Princess of Alderaan
    Lost Stars

    Honorable mentions:
    Dark Disciple
    Inferno Squad
    Rebel Rising
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    That lackluster OP hurts my soul.
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    JurassicERA got you covered fam.
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    Hello. Is this where I come to have my midi-chlorian count check?
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    Strange. The transmission seems to be in good order, but the reading's at the bottom of the chart... under two. Even Jar Jar doesn't have a midi-chlorian count that low!
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    I was laughing until the Jar Jar bit. That was a little force insensitive.
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    Ill make sure to fix up the OP later today.
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    I was hoping it didn't exist so I could repurpose my Star Wars Canon OT.
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    I had a vision of going through the entire cannon in chronological order with what little free time I have as a grad student. How bad of an idea is this and would it just be better If I only sought out the really good material?
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    This is going to be my 2019. Running through the entire canon in chronological order, ending in Ep. IX.

    Or, more likely, I die trying.
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    Will there be a general Leaks/Spoilers discussion thread again?
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    We've got an atypical 18 month gap between Solo A Solo Story and Ep 9. Plenty of time to catch up on the canon.
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    It's probably worth having one, just to ensure they don't make their way in here or Off Topic.
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    That wait is gonna suck.
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    It feels good to be home. And see familiar faces.

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    Hi Surfinn!