State of Decay 2 on Steam? Screenshot Proof

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Chairmanchuck, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Chairmanchuck

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    Seems State of Decay 2 might be coming to Steam and not just the Windows Store.

    The PAX East Demo seems to "imply" that it connects to Steam servers:


    Edit: Im not sure what happened and why my thread title just says "Screenshot"...
  2. Calibro

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    Hopefully. I'm interested in this game, but no way I would buy it on the crappy Windows 10 Store (which doesn't have regional pricing in addition to being the shittiest app store I've ever used).
  3. Silky

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    First game is on Steam, wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see it there.
  4. chobel

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  5. Tecnniqe

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    Like I said in that other PAX thread with the image, it's not announced officially but have been expected as the first was on Steam and they've not really said anything about it not being there so it was assumed it would come to steam a few months or so down the line after the initial Xbox/WinStore launch.
  6. Theorry

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    As expected really. But not confimed yet tho.
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    Well they want a playerbase on the PC so it makes sense.
  8. Black_Red

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    After game pass, Im not worried about games being windows store only, I would even advise against getting it there unless you really want to support the devs with the sale, since getting gamepass for 10 USD/month is such a good deal to play this game and the other games already there.
  9. Lashley

    Lashley Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    Didn't they hint or outright say it would be?

    The first is too
  10. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Playerbase will be there already. Game is crossplay with W10 and Xbox.
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    With Game Pass and Play Anywhere being Windows 10 store only and the incentive to go there, i see no reason to not have the game as a normal sell on Steam.
    At this point, the 30% royalty is no loss anymore. You don't expect to be game sales your majority revenue driver anyway anymore...
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    Well they want a playerbase on the PC so it makes sense.
  13. Delushrin

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    Yeah, this could mean we see more Microsoft titles release on Steam as people would be directly buying it as opposed to Windows 10 where people will have the incentive of GamePass and other features like Play Anywhere. It could be the best of both worlds.
  14. JaggedSac

    JaggedSac Member

    Isn't this play anywhere so pc player base is mixed with Xbox player base?
  15. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    Will Halo 6 and Forza Horizon 4 be on steam then? I don't believe so.
  16. Blacki138

    Blacki138 Member

    The devs kinda confirmed it to me at GamesCom last year. Though the answers were very vague. Good to see. Will get that version then.
  17. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    There isnt a PC playerbase really. Same as there is no Xbox playerbase.
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    Yeah that does not mean all games will come to both platforms.
    It will depend. Bur for the $40 State of Decay 2 it makes sense.
    Quantum break also launched at $40 on Steam.
  19. Tagyhag

    Tagyhag Member

    It could happen.

    Eventually Microsoft will realize that 50K sold at 0% royalty fees is worse than 500K at 30% royalty fees.
  20. bishoptl

    bishoptl Remember Member

    Excellent news.
  21. Steverulez

    Steverulez Member

    Good spot but the website has always said stay tuned on this so was always likely sooner rather than later with SOD and YOSE hitting Steam. I expect Ori 2 May get it as well
  22. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Its not really about sales. Otherwise they wont give free copies away with Play Anywhere. I think they also know they probably sell more on Steam.
    But MS is always about expanding the ecosystem.
  23. Tagyhag

    Tagyhag Member

    True that, but at this point, I do wonder just how much it's expanding on the PC side of things.
  24. 708

    708 Member

    Great news! . I'm interested in the game but there's no way I'm going to use Microsft Store. Hopefully Ori will come to Steam as well. And Microsft's first party titles. Though they're probably out of the question.
    I want Microsoft games on Steam as much as any other PC gamer. But they already know that. Any sane person knows that. It's about getting people into their ecosystem, not sales.
  25. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    I feel like if a game does not well, it will come to steam. Honestly felt that way with QB and both Halo Wars games.
  26. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Sea of Thieves from the looks of it did pretty well. But Gamepass probably helped with that also.
  27. JINX

    JINX Member

    Ori and SOD are first party titles, both IP's are owned and funded by MS.
  28. Theorry

    Theorry Member

    Then we would have seen Recore also on Steam by now i think. :)
  29. LordBaztion

    LordBaztion Member

    hopefully has crossplay
  30. 708

    708 Member

    By first party, I meant games developed by Microsoft's own studios (and Forza Horizon)
  31. Kasey

    Kasey Member

    I've always expected a Steam release after 6 months or so. Huge Steam community for the first game.
  32. Steverulez

    Steverulez Member

    HW2 never hit Steam, even though it was rumoured. Spartan Assault/Strike both did, I think.
  33. Kenzodielocke

    Kenzodielocke Member

    Well, Recore probably also cost way less than those games I mentioned.

    Either way, I think the truth is that it‘s random.
  34. W.S.

    W.S. Member

    I'm still salty Spartan Strike never hit Xbox but Spartan Assault did (which I enjoyed).

    That and Age of Empires are reverse exclusives lol.
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    Would consider waiting if not for Game Pass. Will be interesting to see if there's cross play.
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    I just don't understand why they wouldn't release on both, they will likely never be the main platform for PC gaming so why such a hard push to their store, just release on both then if you still want people to buy at your store offer incentives like game-pass, play anywhere, or release a week or two early, even cross-play though that one specifically would really suck to keep exclusive. Why not have the benefits of steams user base and their own stores fee savings.

    Same goes for EA with Origin, Epic with theirs and really anyone else on PC, just let players choose the platform they want and you want to be that platform be the better platform. Exclusive stuff sucks for literally all players regardless of if they don't mind or not.
  37. Slicer Dyster

    Slicer Dyster Member

    I really hope there's crossplay with Steam - Xbox - Win10. Killer Instinct had it and it would be amazing if SoD had it.
  38. Red Alert

    Red Alert Member

    Good. Its almost like a trend decent xbox exclusives comes to Steam while meh games doesnt. Cuphead, Killer Instinct and Quantum Break are also on Steam
  39. OG_Thrills

    OG_Thrills Member

    I thought this game was an exclusive?
  40. Ge0force

    Ge0force Member

    Since I refuse to support the Windows Store in it's current state, this is great news for me! I can only hope that the majority of PC gamers waits for the Steam release, or this may be one of the last MS published games coming to Steam.

    Someone posted a leaked document on Era a few weeks ago where Ori 2 was mentioned as a Windows Store launch exclusive, so there's hope.
  41. matimeo

    matimeo UI/UX Game Industry Veteran Verified User

    Not a dev studio owned by MS , so future steam release makes sense.
    Wonder how long xbox/win 10 store will have exclusivity and how many will use game pass to try it out rather than wait. Should be interesting metrics for MS to track.
  42. Svart

    Svart Member

    Good news. :)
  43. Abdulrahman

    Abdulrahman Member

    Makes sense because the OG SoD and the remaster are on Steam.

    But I really wonder why MS delisted Fable 3.
  44. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    MS exclusively is a death sentence on PC anyway.
  45. GameZone

    GameZone Member

    The developer never denied a Steam release. Their FAQ saids "Stay tuned".
  46. OG_Thrills

    OG_Thrills Member

    Didn't they say, live on the E3 stage, State Of Decay was an XBOX exclusive?

  47. labpleb

    labpleb Member

    Windows 10 & Xbox exclusive. So probably DX12 but DX12 does not mean it can only be released on the Windows store.

    EDIT: See 37:37 in the video you linked
  48. Praxis

    Praxis Member

    May as well wait for the Steam release then, even if it's a couple of months. I try my hardest not to use Windows store after some of the experiences I've had.
  49. OG_Thrills

    OG_Thrills Member

    Any game can be ported anywhere. I'm not disputing that at all. I was asking if XBOX introduced SOD2 as an XBOX exclusive.

    I went back and checked the E3 tapes.

    They did.
  50. labpleb

    labpleb Member

    I literally checked the video you linked! They announced it as XBOX & Windows 10 Exclusive.
    How can you claim to have checked the E3 tapes when you obviously didn't?