State of Decay 2 won't feature microtransactions ["right now"]

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by RPGamer92, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Nice, I need to get an X1 for this game, Sea of Thieves and Skate 3
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    I read on reddit that they said only at launch...
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    TBH with the "price drop" and it being on Game Pass, I'm kinda surprised that it doesn't
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    I'm guessing at launch? This is a gamepass title, I don't see a single Microsoft published game coming out without some kind of mtx. And I'm saying this as someone who thinks Gamepass is the biggest innovation in gaming in ages. It's the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Boy, this really makes me wonder how Game Pass is feasible.

    No microtransactions and you’re selling a $29.99* game for $9.99.

    Game Pass is seriously the most consumer-friendly thing I’ve seen in quite some time. I don’t understand how it works for the business, but I ain’t the business.

    *EDITTED for accuracy.
  7. pswii60

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    It still (EDIT) has two DLC expansions on the way, so they can make additional money out of Game Pass subscribers that way. A bit like how we've just seen a Super Lucky's Tale DLC expansion launch at the same time that they game hit the service.
  8. Lappe

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    Did not know that. Well anyway, it has some form of in-game-real-money-usage, whatever the term
  9. Falchion

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    It would make no sense in this game so I'm glad.

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    Yeah, DLC will certainly help and the production couldn't be that expensive if they are selling to for 30 bucks a pop.
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    They are not selling a 39.99 game for 9.99, they are renting it to you for a month for 9.99. Big difference.
  12. tiebreaker

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    Highly doubt it, considering it launches at discounted price and being on Game Pass.
    Good for them if there is really no MT.
  13. OnionPowder

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    Good to hear. Was worried every big MS game from here on out would include them.

    Now lets see about Crackdown
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    Nice...let's hope they stick to it
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    Well that’s some good news to start the day with
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    DLC/MTX will be on these games as it makes sense.
    Sea of Thieves doesn't make sense to have DLC because they don't want to alienate userbase. MTX (pets) does make sense because it doesn't really affect the userbase like that.
    SOD2 can use DLC cuz it makes sense where MTX may not make sense.

    I'm all for making what works.
  17. ShinobiBk

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    Do we really need threads for games NOT having mtx?
  18. VirtuaRacer

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    Yep. The answer from the stream was "not right now" or something along those lines.

    Quote from wccftech: "there are no plans to add any kind of microtransactions right now"
  19. Thrill_house

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    Ugh I hope they won't add them at all. Dlc I'm ok with, mtx is a hard pass. I'm waiting for a steam release so will have time to see how things shake out I guess
  20. SuikerBrood

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    You can wait a long long time..
  21. Thrill_house

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    Its alright, I'm patient. If it doesn't then I'll pass. Plenty of games out there.
  22. OrdinaryPrime

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    I don't see how Gamepass works if this type of game doesn't have microtransactions...
  23. Perfection

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    Then can you stop with your notions of "I'll wait for the steam version" please?

    EDIT: Part of my comment was rude and for that, I apologize.
  24. jem

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    I see no issue with adding micro transactions later on in a games life, provided they don't change the game economy to do it.

    If the game is fun at launch how does adding optional microtransactions change that?
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    not sure how i like the "right now" part of that quote :/
  26. Plumpbiscuit

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    "Right now", i.e., add in a few months later after launch.
  27. Silky

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    Really? State of Decay YOSE is on Steam. I really wouldn't be too surprised to see the sequel make it over there within a years time.
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    so its the same like sea of thieves where they will add microtransactions 3 months after launch
  29. RF Switch

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    So whats the publics opinion on micro transactions today? Are they all bad still or are we still loving an approach like Overwatch and Halo 5? I still dont understand the hate
  30. BBQ_of_DOOM

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    As a point of clarification, when do the "steam release" comments for this, Thieves, etc. cross the line?
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    Sorry I didn't mean to come off like a jerk, just being honest. I do have a hatred for the win 10 store so I'm definitely biased I will admit. I just figured since state of decay vanilla and YOSE came to steam eventually this would too. I double dipped the original on xbox and steam so I figured it would be there eventually. Didn't mean to derail
  32. OrdinaryPrime

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    Paying for the chance to get something will never not be a racket to me.
  33. OG_Thrills

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    They'll wait 3 months like Sea Of Thieves.

    I think it's a very underhanded practice to wait until after reviews. I'm sure the corporate spin will have sound reasoning as to why it's not there in full at release. We already know that some will take gamers having an issue with this tactic as a slight to the game in question. It'll become a trend soon enough and MS will have to deal with the blow back.

    Just be upfront Phil.
  34. RF Switch

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    But you dont have to pay in Overwatch or Halo 5
  35. Windu

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    They will have expansions that you can buy, makes more sense than microtransactions for this type of game.
    The game is actually $30 not $40.
  36. Perfection

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    You don't and shouldn't have to apologize, my comment was rude and I don't need a Mod/Admin to tell me that.

    I imagine the game could come to Steam but I do think this is the year MS is taking their PC gaming side seriously, so they may not release it on Steam so they can court existing players to Windows 10.
  37. OrdinaryPrime

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    Someone has to pay, otherwise they wouldn't be giving these updates for 'free.'
  38. SuikerBrood

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    (Just an example, no real stats or something)
    Lets say they'd normally sell 500.000 copies + some DLC. They'd earn (not exactly, but w/e) between 1,500,000 - 2,000,000. If with gamepass 1,5 million people tried the game they would have already earned that amount. (excluding all the other games on Gamepass, that's where the calculation becomes muddy). But, they'd also earn from the DLC that those 1,5 million people will maybe buy. Your revenue could be higher without selling a single copy.
  39. Windu

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    I think people are just tired of every thread having that same comment. Its like speaking to the choir. Yes we all would prefer games to be on all platforms and storefronts. After awhile though, the comments get redundant, doesn't add anything to the discussion since its nothing new and everyone agrees.

    Best just to vote with your wallet and be done with it.

    As for actual State of Decay 2 coming to Steam? Honestly idk, Microsoft is helping fund the development of the game, but Undead Labs is an independent studio. So it might be like Killer Instinct and Quantum Break. An exclusive time period deal.

    And as for Sea of Thieves coming to steam? I doubt that would ever happen. Its a internal studio game. Similar to Forza, Gears and Halo.
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    That’s true. That’s definitely a way to make up some of that cash.
  41. Windu

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    While I dont care for them and rarely buy them I am not going to get upset when devs put them in their games. Just all depends on the implementation. You cannot have Microtransactions effect gameplay.

    Want something cosmetic? Go for it. People buying that stuff subsidize new game content for me.
  42. JINX

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  43. RF Switch

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    i am not putting down Micro transactions i think the hate is completely overblown. I played overwatch for the first time last night in a while and obtaining a loot box caused me to play the game an extra hour and i enjoyed the extra rewards for playing. I just keep getting confused as to what it is people are angry about. The extra income going to the developers is getting us free content and we get more incentive to keep playing. Win win for me
  44. Windu

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    I think with the lootbox controversy, people were spending real money on a box that had random stuff in it, so you didn't know what you were buying, that right there is just bad business. Also I think they had items in there that affected gameplay, thats a no-no.
  45. Ge0force

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    Unless Microsoft fully funds the development, it seems unlikely that the devs would agree with a lifetime Windows Store exclusivity on PC. They'd loose the majority of PC sales by doing so.
  46. kbear

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    Same here. MSRP is only $30 for a game that'll have a TON of replay value. Even better if you have Gamepass...
  47. Perfection

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    I think MS owns the IP.
  48. SuikerBrood

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    It is fully MS funded and it is an MS IP. And with gamepass there is even less reason to bring it to Steam. Why pay more if you can play the game for 10 bucks?
  49. Ge0force

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    It's not 10 bucks. It's 10 bucks a month. I can actually buy the game for 30 bucks instead of renting it on release and each time new dlc arrives.
  50. tlhm94

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    Thread title is still misleading. They aren't saying it won't have them merely at launch. They are saying they have no plans on adding them. Plans can change, but the way the title is phrased makes it sound like their current plan is to add them later.